[[WMG: Operation Ground and Pound is actually talking about Film/{{The Avengers|2012}}.]]
* Specifically, the massive battle near the end of the film, with Loki or [[spoiler: Thanos]] being "the evil one".
[[WMG: Through the Fire and Flames is actually talking about Literature/TheHungerGames .]]
[[WMG: Every [=DragonForce=] song is about an army of ghosts who fight each other eternally [[Main/{{AfterTheEnd}} after every other living thing dies]].]]
* The ''Valley of the Damned'' is actually the Valley of Megiddo.
* The "master" referenced in a few songs is either Jesus or the Anti-Christ. Possibly, the army doesn't even know which side it's on (''Our only master with fire and fury of hell will see his bidding done'' in ''Soldiers of the Wasteland'').
* They believe that they'll rise from the dead when (''The second age is coming/It's the dawn of a new day/Judgement stands before us/The second king will rise'' in ''Revelations''). Jesus is the "second king", but he will never "rise" because he's already been defeated.
* They can fly because of the powers granted by [[Main/{{OurGhostsAreDifferent}} their undead state]]. They cannot die because, obviously, they're already dead, having been defeated during Armageddon, but they can't rest because of their absolute devotion to the idea of defeating all evil.
** I had always assumed that they were riding on dragons.
** Alternitively, they are killed and ressurected over and over again (''Screams of pain in death descending, rise again from Hell defending'' in ''Operation Ground and Pound.''

[[WMG: The narrator of Music/{{Dragonforce}}'s "Heart of a Dragon" is [[Literature/InheritanceCycle Eragon]]. (Or the song is inspired by the book.)]]
First, we'll cover the chorus:
-->Proud and so glorious\\
Standing before of us\\
Our swords will shine bright in the sky\\
When united we come\\
To the land of the sun\\
With the heart of a dragon we ride

The "we" in here is the [[spoiler: Varden.]] It is the opener for an epic battle.

Next we'll cover this stanza:
-->We are flying on wings in winter sky\\
With fire burning deep inside\\
We are warriors of endless time forever and on\\
On wings of steel an ancient flight\\
We see the powers that unite\\
The gods will now send us a sign of battle once more\\
Through the valley we ride\\
Full of glory we soar\\
Where the fights will be raging\\
For now and for more\\
When united we come\\
And divided they fall\\
Tonight you will witness it all

Most of this song is about the [[spoiler: final battle under Farthen Dur.]] The "we" in ''this'' part is Eragon and Saphira. The "valley" mentioned here is the huge valley of the Beor Mountains.

Adding to the above theory about Eragon: I believe that the song is about Inheritance. The [[spoiler:Eldunari being almost literally hearts of dragons]]

[[WMG: Dragonforce's music is powered by [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann spiral energy]]]]
They only ''pretend'' to be using computers. In reality, they're using the power of spiral energy. They haven't told anyone because they don't want to be attracting the attention of the Anti-spirals. What? They're HotBlooded enough.

[[WMG: The Music/{{Dragonforce}} song "Through the Fire and Flames" is about Armageddon. Also, "Heroes of Our Time" is about going to heaven.]]
Seriously, look up the lyrics for those songs.

This troper has a theory that Music/Dragonforce is the result of a project to build a time machine.

[[WMG: "Fury of the Storm" is about two snow clearers doing their job while listening to Music/DragonForce]]

So this guy and his buddy are clearing snow off of a road in a pickup truck, when one pops a Dragonforce album in. Proof?

"Power through the ice and snow forever more" - they're doing their job

"Here we are the chosen ones we cannot fail now" - Well, people will be pretty annoyed if they don't clear the snow.

"Killing all the mortals down the winding road" - they're too busy rocking out to notice that they ran a few people over.
** Ok, this is the greatest piece of writing I've read today.

[[WMG:''Black Winter Night'' is set in the world of ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' and tells the events after the Others have breached the Wall]]
As the world falls to the Others, the remnants of the Night's Watch fight their last hopeless battle. The song was written by one of the watchmen as an ironic comment on their "glorious" demise. The proofs include:

"Day after day as I bodies slay (...) The fallen ones and forgotten souls / Will rise up over the slain" - refers to Wights. The watchmen are fighting endless hordes of undead, and every fallen human will eventually join the Others' army.

"Rays of sunlight now are gone / Only visions of ice will remain" - The eternal night is coming and the world is slowly covered in ice and snow. Both of those happened during the period known as "The Long Night", when the Others conquered most of Westeros.

The song praises the "power of night warriors", while at that point Night's Watch consisted mostly of criminals forced into it. It also references "the almighty sword" - probably the Lightbringer, a fiery sword which was supposed to be wielded by the hero who will defeat the Others, but unfortunately "the flame has died forever" and there's no more hope. Finally "the master of all evil sign" may refer to the Great Other from the R'hlloran religion - the watchmen would be familiar with it, considering [[spoiler:Stannis' army joining them at the end of ''A Storm of Swords'']].

[[WMG: The members of DragonForce are actually HumanAliens]]
* They are warriors from a different planet, that has since been destroyed in a major conflict. Their music is their method of coping with the [[MyGreatestFailure loss and grief]]. The war had a long and elaborate history stretching centuries or even millennia, so their lyrics have diverse perspectives regarding the conflict at that moment, representing different points of view. The reason members constantly leave are because of arguments revolving around [[WhatTheHellHero tossing blame]], [[IDidWhatIHadToDo questionable justification]], and general SurvivorGuilt. The recruitment of new members is just [[TheMasquerade a facade to keep up the "band" act]].

[[WMG: ''The Sun is Dead'' is about ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'']]

[[WMG: ''Seasons'' is a sequel to ''Give Me the Night'']]
* ''Give Me the Night'' is about addiction, and ''Seasons'' is about recovering from addiction.