[[WMG:The Filthy Woman owns the plague rats in 5-1.]]
She planted them there so people would get plagued and have to buy her Widow's Lotuses. The story about her son is probably a load of crap, too.
* Yeah, there's something about that woman I just don't trust...

[[WMG:The Old One is the Maiden in Black's son]]
Just hear me out here, when you finally reach the Old One, [[spoiler: the soft way she talks when she thanks you is like a mother thanking you for returning her child to her. And plus, the way she has her arms folded out like that at the very end when she faces the light (I Assume The Old one's true form) it looks like shes...hugging it. ]]

And to top it off, her goal is to make you strong enough so you can cut a path so [[spoiler: she can ''put the old one back to sleep'', not so you can defeat it, but so she can Fucking ''tuck him in''.]]
* This may actually be true. If you speak to Saint Urbain after the final area opens, he states that [[spoiler: the howling he hears sounds like a poor, hungry child, rather than a demon. The Old One may, in fact, be just that - a hungry creature with a child's mind who just plain doesn't realize the gravity of what it's doing.]]
* Notice, she apologizes for not dying when you kill her. [[spoiler: she's very well aware of just how much crap she's putting you through so she can see the old one and "tuck it back in".]]

[[WMG:The Shrine of Storms is located in the East]]
* First off, the the Shrine is an island, much like Japan.
* You can find the game's three katanas (Uchigatana, Hiltless, and Makoto) here.
* Satsuki is located here.
* The Black Skeleton enemies dual wield katanas, as well as the Black Phantom trapping Saint Urbain.

[[WMG:The old one is a/the god, but it's still too young to understand morality or how powerful he is.]]
So, the maiden in black is [[spoiler: something of a mother to the old one, why go through so much trouble to put it back to sleep? Why be so meek when attacked? Because she's trying to raise the old one to be a benevolent god. She understands that killing him might be simpler, but because he's a PhysicalGod, she wants to raise him to be look like the ideals of saint urbane, as in good and helping those in need. It's why she has both mages and the church in the nexus. The talismen shows the old one, and he preforms honest miracles, but by using demon's souls. All it understands is hunger and loneliness, so it dosen't know it's keeping its mother away by being a recluse. The maiden in black is basically part of godhood, the monumental is taking god's place while he grows up again, presumably dying by the soul arts the first time, and the player becomes god until the old one awakens as an adult, at which point it will stop causing destruction.]]

[[WMG:The Acolyte of God was intentionally trying to kill Urbain]]
''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' contains a lot of [[{{Expy}} Expies]] of ''VideoGame/DemonsSouls'' characters and the one who bears the greatest resemblance to the Acolyte is none other than Petrus. They're both affiliated with the clergy, they both have the same hairstyle, and they're both assigned to help a person of high standing (Saint Urbain in ''VideoGame/DemonsSouls'' and Princess Rhea in ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'') carry out a holy mission. And along the way, something bad happens to their charge; they fall down hole in the catacombs of some place, the crime is pinned entirely on a crook named Patches, and they both end up back in the safe place voicing immense guilt for their failure. And after you succeed in rescuing their charges, both the Acolyte and Petrus show their true colors. The Acolyte starts acting all HolierThanThou and condemns Maiden Astraea for supposedly turning to the dark side, while Petrus does the same thing and claims that Rhea is herself not worth anything and will eventually murder her himself.

So what can we conclude about the Acolyte? He tried to do the same thing to Urbain. Intentionally left him for dead and feigned guilt when he got back. Admittedly, he doesn't try anything afterwards, but that's likely because Urbain is [[BadassPreacher no slouch in combat himself]], isn't alone, and the Acolyte is himself a NonActionGuy, unlike Petrus. Now, he ''does'' attack you if you pick a fight with Urbain, but it could be because he thinks you're going after all the priests in the area, of whom he's aligned himself with.