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[[WMG: Warren and Mary [=McGuiness=] divorced because of Project Batman Beyond]]

[[WordOfGod Bruce Timm]] stated that [[spoiler:the whole LukeIAmYourFather between Bruce and Terry]] was [[ThrowItIn sparked]] when he realized that Terry and Matt's hair color (black) was highly improbable, if not impossible, with his given parents (sandy brunette and redhead). Now, what are the odds that a reasonably intelligent man who probably knows a thing or two about genetics, such as Warren, might think the same thing?

He was completely in the dark about Waller's Project Batman Beyond. How much do you want to bet that he might [[ChocolateBaby attribute it to long-term infidelity]] instead? The odds are high.

Furthermore, when describing the project to Terry, Waller said that she specifically looked for a couple with "psychological profiles nearly identical to that of Bruce's parents." The Thomas and Martha Wayne that we all know and love would never get a divorce without some kind of powerful outside influence.

[[WMG: Bruce deduced the events of "Epilogue" before ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'' even began.]]
Bruce figured out that [[spoiler:Terry Mc Ginnis was his son]] before WesternAnimation/{{Batman Beyond}} even began.

Think about it: [[spoiler:Warren [=McGinnis=]]] worked for Bruce's company, where presumably Bruce was running personal background checks on all his employees. Even if [[spoiler:Terry and Matt's lineage]] didn't become apparent then, it's probable that Bruce came across [[spoiler:Project Batman Beyond while keeping an eye on/investigating Cadmus]]. The reason he was so angry about Terry taking the Bat-suit and becoming Batman was that he wanted to stick it to [[spoiler:Cadmus for taking his genetic material and interfering without his permission.]].
* Or he was against the idea of inflicting that sort of life upon Terry at all
* Alternatively, after the events of 'The Once and Future Thing', Bruce saw a future where another Batman followed him. Bruce began investigating possibilities for this future Batman. [[spoiler:Either he gave up on the search for a few decades until he ran aforementioned background check on Warren [=McGinnis=], or this glimpse into the future was what prompted him to start investigating Cadmus.]]
** The main problem is that Project Batman Beyond only began long ''after'' Cadmus as an organization had been shelved.
** Perhaps Bruce figured it out later in the series. [[spoiler:Checking Terry's background before handing him the mantle planted some suspicions, and the Cadmus tech in Return of the Joker lead him to investigate what other legacies they left.]]

[[WMG: Hal Jordan does not exist in this Universe.]]
He appeared as a time anomaly in "Once and Future Thing part 2" in JLU, but no other mention of him was ever made. The JL in this universe has a different Green Lantern. And Kyle Rayner has Hal's ''exact'' origin story. Hal Jordan never truly existed in the DCAU; he just came in from an alternate timeline thing.
* Actually, in the Superman episode "In Brightest Day", Kyle Rayner crashes onto an Air Force Base next to a plane marked "Colonel Hal Jordan." It's logical to assume that while he exists, he never became a Green Lantern.
** Its possible he's already a Green Lantern, briefly after Kyle Rayner temporarily resigned and before John Stewart returned from space. This came from the [[http://web.archive.org/weggggggggggggb/20051225185444/http://welcome.to/sector2814 now-defunct fansite]].
** WordOfGod has confirmed that ''Batman: The Brave and the Bold'' could be interpreted as Earth-2 to the DCAU's Earth 1/New Earth. Perhaps Hal came from there and only exists on that Earth ala pre-Crisis Alan Scott.
** In my Headcanon, Hal's living it up as a BadassNormal pilot-for-hire, still looking for adventure wherever he can find it (even without powers).

[[WMG: Hal Jordan does exist in this Universe.]]

When Hal appears briefly in "Once and Future Thing part 2", Rex Stewart doesn't disappear from existence. The reasoning is explainable when one remembers that time when John Stewart tried to transfer zones with the Green Lantern corps. The time shift shows (briefly) a reality where John swapped jurisdiction due to starting a new life with Shayera, perhaps patrolling Zur-Eh-Narr. Since Kyle Rayner was not patrolled in any particular zone due to still being in training and Earth needed a Green Lantern, the switch was made to switch John and Hal. Hal Jordan could just be patrolling a different zone in the universe and still exist in the DCAU. Perhaps that crisis Shining Knight made reference to when Eiling was fighting non-super powered beings was Superman helping a planet in Hal's jurisdiction.
* My theory is that Hal never became a Lantern and the time lapse made it so he became a Lantern and John didn't.
** It's plausable that Hal was never a Lantern and instead was the BadassNormal pilot for hire eluded to above but wouldn't a time lapse mean that John never hooks up with Shayera (it is not likely that John met Hawkgirl prior to being a Green Lantern). That would mean that Warhawk either disappears entirely or physically looks different due to having a different Green Lantern dad, which didn't happen when John became Hal.
[[WMG:The Joker dies at the end of ''Mask of the Phantasm''.]]
While the movie was produced between seasons, as I recall there's no reason to suppose that the movie couldn't serve as a epilogue to the original series, and it'd be tough to explain how the Joker escaped from the Phantasm in the end. Come the New Batman Adventures, and we have a Joker that looks radically different,even when compared with the other redesigns. The explanation? When the real Joker died, a distraught Harley Quinn convinced Poison Ivy, against her better judgment, to create a plant based impostor Joker. In other words, the Joker with no eyes isn't the real deal, and only exists because Harley couldn't let go. It's possible that the Joker seen in Return of the Joker is the original, somehow brought back from the dead, because he does have eyes and not dots, though its unclear who could have resurrected the Joker-Ra's Al Ghul perhaps?
* A pretty cool idea, though it doesn't explain how the Joker is in his black-eyed form in the flashbacks of ''Mad Love''.
* The flashbacks are Harley's misleading memories, it's her delusions which place the wrong Joker in the time period in question. The events are presumably accurate, but the imagery isn't.
* According to word of god Harley was in a relationship with Ivy when the joker throws her out for long enough times. I say she would become just as obsessive over Ivy.
* Jossed by the events of WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyondReturnOfTheJoker [[spoiler:and the episode "Epilogue."]]

[[WMG:The Joker does not approve of the JL(U) Batsuit.]]
In the ''Return of the Joker'' film, Mistah J criticizes Terry's Batsuit, one of the faults he finds with it being that the "Ears are too long." . However, the original Batman is shown in ''Justice League'' and in ''Justice League Unlimited'' to be wearing a suit with ears that are just as long as the ones of the future high-tech suit. Evidently, Bruce made this new suit sometime after the final episode of ''The New Batman Adventures'', and Joker disliked the change.

[[WMG: Curare is the DCAU version of Cassandra Cain]]

In "The Savage Time" alternate history, a little girl matching Cassie's description is clearly seen among [[LaResistance Batman's band of followers]] which also included Dick, Barbara, and Tim. So Cassie exists within the DCAU. Yet she never becomes Batgirl. So what happened to her?

Now consider that Curare is a super-lethal assassin who displays an uncanny ability to read opponents' movements and never speaks...

[[WMG:Ivy is the "[[ScienceBabies father]]" of Harley's kids]]
Given that Ivy is a MadScientist and (as far as I can remember) plants (Her hat) have both male and female parts...
* Making fake kids? [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything She's done it before...]]
** You have just given me some [[GirlOnGirlIsHot very]] [[{{Hermaphrodite}} WEIRD]] [[FetishFuel ideas...]]

[[WMG:Alternately... ComicBook/TheCreeper is the father of Harley's kids.]]
The Creeper has it for Harley as bad as she had for Joker and unlike the Joker he can be sane( and normal looking) while on his meds.

[[WMG:''Static Shock'' originally took place in a separate universe.]]
Hence Virgil's first-season comments about Clark Kent being Superman, etc. But early on, Dwayne [=McCall=], a RealityWarper and comic book geek, merged the Staticverse with the DCAU, making everyone forget the seperate reality's history. From their point of view, the [=JL=] had ''always'' been real.
* Alternatively, Dwayne ''created'' the DCAU, and before him, there was only the comics and the Animated Dakotaverse. He altered reality to be like his comics, only slightly more lighthearted and fit to his tastes, things changed a bit to match the Dakotaverse's pre-existing social and geographical conditions, and the DCAU was born. Nothing that happened in the DCAU before season two of Static actually occured from the point of view of someone from out-of-universe, but the perception of timeflow with regards to cosmic retcons that alter the past and future relative to ComicBookTime and external retcons is always confusing.
** Or you could just use Milestone Forever's explanation and say that Dharma did it.

[[WMG: The DCAU had a Crisis:]]
The DCAU had its own reality-warping Crisis, and its effects included some of the New Batman Adventures redesigns, like the Penguin gaining fingers. It also integrated the animated Dakotaverse from Static Shock (because a TimeCrash don't have to have contemporaneous events, obviously), gave Tim Drake Jason Todd's backstory while simultaneously retconning the latter out of existence, and perhaps [[CosmicRetcon cosmically retconned]] Barry Allen ''out'' of the Flash legacy rather than killing him, making Wally the "first" modern Flash.

[[WMG: The Joker's revamped look is him "without makeup".]]
Few have said the Joker in The New Batman Adventures looks different because the red lips and green hair are just added on. In other words, every thing, but the white skin is make up.
* Still, does not explain the eyes....
* Contact lenses anyone?

[[WMG: The Joker is the Dee Dee twins' Grandfather.]]
Some have said that before the Joker's death, him and Harley had a son, or were sexually involved before his death, and Harley was pregnant during the time.
* Explicitly {{Jossed}} by WordOfGod.
* True, but ever heard of [[{{Fanon}} Personal Canon]]?
** You mean wishful thinking on the part of the fans?

[[WMG: Lex Luthor is an adult Caillou, just with a new name.]]
Hey, both are bald and evil. Luthor is smart however.
* An adult who?
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caillou This little guy.]] And that's all kinds of messed up.

[[WMG: Batman doesn't dodge bullets.]]
[[BulletDodgesYou Bullets dodge Batman]]

[[WMG: As soon as the Justice League inducted Terry, they forced him to sing "Am I Blue" for his initiation.]]
Because I refuse to believe that Batman's darkest secret has become the stuff of legend among superheroes. However, they may have waited until he knew Terry was Bruce's son before they did it.

[[WMG: Explanitions for some of the revamped looks of villains]]
Okay, here are some of MY explanations for the villains of New Batman Adventures revamped looks,
* Joker: See above theory
* Ivy: Maybe one of her plants bit her, and bleached her skin white...
** One of the comics explains that the newer Ivy is just a plant clone made while the real Ivy stopped her life of crime and hid away.
* Riddler: New outfit, and shaved head. After all, in "Riddler's Reform", he DID burn his clothes.
* Scarecrow: New and creepier outfit.
** That or he [[DealWithTheDevil cut a deal]] with [[{{Satan}} Neron]] and got a new look out of it. Even the writers supposedly said that they don't think Scarecrow is really alive any more.
** Perhaps the noose around his neck is exactly what happened to him, and somehow Crane [[LikeABadassOutOfHell came back.]]
*** It is quite possible that this Scarecrow is an entirely different person all together.
* Mad Hatter: New outfit, and hair is graying.
** So how did he suddenly become half as tall as his BTAS self?
*** AWizardDidIt.
*** Stress and his lifestyle are withering him. Tetch wasn't a young man when we first met him, and he seems to have a hunch in his back after the revamp. He didn't shrink, just lost weight from the stress of his deteriorating mental state, and his back developed the hunch due to injuries from being thrashed by Batman and the cops, meaning he's lost a few inches height-wise.
* Scarface: New puppet, with larger head. For the Ventriloquist, he is losing hair because he is old.
** Or he's losing his hair because of the stress.
* Catwoman: There is a canon explanation for her revamp.
* Killer Croc: New skin tone is because he shedded, and went through "puberty" for the new voice.
** Alternative: Hush showed up and injected him with that mutagen off screen.
* Penguin: Once he went legit and started actually saving money instead of just stealing and losing it, Cobblepot got some plastic surgery.
* Two Face: The operation to restore his face at the end of Second Chance was successful, but the couldn't fix his mind, and he eventually re-scarred his face, leading to the slightly smoother and more skeletal look.
** So, basically, Bruce Timm's Batman Black & White story "Two of a Kind" is DCAU Canon?
[[WMG: The DCAU takes place in Earth-12 of the [[ComicBook/FiftyTwo 52 Multiverse]]]]
WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond is supposed to take place in Earth-12, by extension the rest of the DCAU sould too

[[WMG: Orin West from ''WesternAnimation/TheZetaProject'' is related directly to Wally West from the DCAU.]]
He has red hair, brown eyes, a childish and light hearted personality, his last name is West, and he's into crimefighting. Yes, the NSA are WellIntentionedExtremists, but he himself has never done anything morally questionable on screen. His most notable personality traits are blind loyalty, optimism and an inferiority complex - he's the son (grandson?) of a founding member of the JusticeLeague who has no superpowers. Why do YOU think he was straining so hard to prove himself at every opportunity? Everything he does makes more sense if he's related to Wally West. There's also the meta fact that WesternAnimation/TheZetaProject was created before the JusticeLeague was, and the character designs are eeriely similar, with the only notable differences being a slight hairstyle change and Orin having orange-brown eyes. It could've been done on purpose to hint at this. The questions I have now are why he has no superhuman abilitie and who his mother was. (Is? Was? He never once contacts his family, which is weird because even the other Agents do that. Family falling out, maybe?)
* Agent West is voiced by MichaelRosenbaum, the same as the Flash. There's no way that's a coincidence

[[WMG: Warhawk will, at some point, do something ''very'' important.]]
Granted, this is not all ''that'' much of a wild mass guess, considering that he is part of the Justice League, but there is something odd about Bouncing Boy's reaction to John Stewart being that a) Stewart is famous b) Stewart is the father of someone, to the point that he forgets that mentioning that could screw up the timesteam. Considering all the other things Chuck could have been fanboying about, and that we know that Warhawk is John Stewart's son...

[[WMG: Superman and Lashina's son would replace Darkseid as the ruler of Apokolips.]]
I'm sure it's old news anyway, but yep, Kal-El knocked up the leader of the Female Furies in the STAS "Legacy" and their son would grow up to be the ruler of Apokolips.

[[WMG: Toyman got Darci from the future.]]
Remeber, by Batman Beyond it IS possible to have a human-like robot. And Toyman can time travel. Sooo...
* Or better yet, Toyman is from the future!

[[WMG: Synthoids were created from studying HARDAC.]]
This would explain alot, as many of the synthoids in BTAS were not very human like, but by the BB era, the technology was just right.

[[WMG: The Black and White sequences in Epilogue are what might've happened if he hadn't made peace with his parentage]]

I watched it and thought it was strange how he had broken up with Dana but then at the end of the episode, he apparently had a date with her and had an engagement ring. Also, him quitting the Justice League, but then Clark asks him for help on a case. Then it hit me, these are visions Terry is having of what he thinks his life will be like in the near future. Even his big fight with Bruce at the beginning might have been a product of him wanting to confront Bruce (and leave him in pain as he had dropped his medicine and had heart pains).
** Confirmed by WordOfGod.

[[WMG: Rifled barrels were never discovered in the DCAU]]

Seriously, this would explain so, so, so many things....

[[WMG: Andrea Beaumont Phantasm became the dark opposite of Batman]]

After ''Mask of the Phantasm'', she was only seen once in the entire DCAU, as an assassin, ready to kill Terry's parents for Project WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond. She either A. was an assassin working for money (teleporting would be a very useful trait), Batman, if he was willing to kill, or fell into a grey area betwen good and evil, not knowing what to do, but never being good enough to be become a Justice. Batman never took her out, since it would mean making him face his feelings over her, and admit a very big failure on his part.

[[WMG:[[WesternAnimation/LegionOfSuperHeroes Brainiac 5]] is [[WesternAnimation/StaticShock Gear's]] decedent.]]
He's the only blond possessed for a great length of time by Brainiac in the DCAU that I know of. Maybe Brainiac's biological decedents contain DNA from anyone that it possessed for more than 24 hours.

[[WMG: The ScizoTech of BatmantheAnimated series is because [[ReedRichardsisUseless Lex Luthor is not useless]].]]

The varied tech level is because of the existence of Star Labs, Lex Luther, Bruce Wayne, and other super geniuses bumping up the DCAU's tech development. It looks like it is the 1940-50's because it actually IS the 1940-50's. Advanced robotics, computers, lasers, all discovered and rapidly changing the world. We do know that the tech level by Justice League has far surpassed ours, because the pilot had NASA landing on the Mars. The ScizoTech of it all is just from some fields advancing faster than others, and taking awhile for it be sold to the public at large. Gotham was also significantly poorer than Metropolis, so the advancement hadn't reached it as fast.

[[WMG: The Mad Bomber and Toyman are the same person.]]

The Mad Bomber from the Gray Ghost episode of BTAS later became Toyman from Superman. Both are small men with high voices. As villains both use weaponized toys. Toyman's face is never seen, while the Mad Bomber is a one-shot villain, never seen again after his first appearance. Theory is that after being defeated by Batman and Gray Ghost, he returned to Metropolis to avenge his father's death, adopting the identity of Toyman.

While their (real) names are different, this can be explained by Toyman growing up in foster care, at least one of those names is fake.
** The Mad Bomber's is more likely to be an alias cooked up by a toy-themed villain, considering that it's [[IncrediblyLamePun Teddy.]]

[[WMG: The Flash that appears in ''Speed Demons'' is Barry Allen.]]
The Flash we see in Justice League is Wally West, but the Flash who races Superman in ''SupermanTheAnimatedSeries'' has a different, slightly more mature voice, and his identity is never revealed.