[[WMG: Cinderella still owns the château--she had it returned to it's former glory and now she occasionally uses as a kind of vacation home (along with Prince Charming, Anastasia and the Baker) to get away from the hecticness of the castle]]

[[WMG: The anthropomorphic traits of the mice around Cinderella's house are a result of the Fairy Godmother's magic.]]
It was something she [the Fairy Godmother] set up so that the poor, practically enslaved girl wouldn't be lonely. [[FridgeBrilliance The mice made Cinderella's original dress.]] The Godmother knew that would happen; by providing sentient mice who Cinderella would [[FriendToAllLivingThings naturally befriend]], she would be enabling Cinderella to achieve a happy ending as a reward for her kindness, without having to interfere directly. Only when the stepsisters wreck this plan does the Godmother decide to intervene, since she didn't see that coming.

[[WMG: The anthropomorphic mice are the ancestors of all the mice in the various MouseWorld movies.]]
Cinderella gave clothes to the mice and taught them to talk. Given the [[ExplosiveBreeder high reproduction rate]] of mice, the descendants of these mice spread all over the Earth, probably also teaching the other mice to dress and talk. By the end of the 19th century, they had [[Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective a whole kingdom in England]], and [[WesternAnimation/AnAmericanTail communities in Russia]]. By the late 20th century, they had [[Disney/TheRescuers a global society protecting humans]], [[WesternAnimation/ChipNDaleRescueRangers as well as rogue organizations that did the same]]. One wound up in the hands of a human and [[TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles became much like one]].

[[WMG: They may even be off-world explorers from [[Anime/GoLion planet Altea]]...]]
Because why not! After all, some of them were friendly with an orphaned princess...

[[WMG: Cinderella dreamt the entire thing up starting when the fairy godmother appeared and actually committed suicide while her stepfamily was at the ball, just so she could die feeling happy for once.]]
Because the Grimm version just wasn't sad enough.

[[WMG: Why the Prince can never identify Cinderella on sight.]]
#He's legally blind. He just pretends to see, calling Cinderella beautiful and such, and has been trained so well to pretend he can see that it is as if he is not blind to all outsiders who don't know. He can also sense what people are like with a MagicEye (given by his fairy godfather).
#Considering the fact that he was being set up with meeting all the eligible bachelorettes of the land (against his will), he was probably pretty hammered by the time he was dancing with Cinderella. Luckily for the prince, the shoe was left behind.
#He's treated basically like a rockstar (look at the scene when he's surround by girls after Cinderella runs off - he doesn't get too far now, does he?) So it could have been impossible without injury for himself (even in a carriage) to have gone out without eligible maidens hounding him.
# "I'm looking for a blonde who wore a silver dress to the ball." At a time when hair bleaching, while not common, ''was'' possible, he had to use one thing he knew no girl could fake as a cover - as in, "If your foot size is bigger then 4 1/2 don't bother trying."

[[WMG: Lady Tremaine [[BlackWidow murdered]] Cinderella's father]]

* Check the release of ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep''. She may have only married Cinderella's father for his money and aristocrat status, then secretly poisoned him and made it look like an illness, similar to the Trunchbull in ''Film/{{Matilda}}''.
** One of the tie-in books confirms this (he had an allergy to cats.) No wonder she had Lucifer. She used him as part of her murder scheme. If she had been a tad bit nicer, then no Lucifer.
** It's jossed in the live-action film, however. Cinderella's father died naturally, which triggered Lady Tremaine's DespairEventHorizon (she's more symptomatic here). But that's an alternate continuity, so the theory is still open (and all but ''confirmed'' in ''Kingdom Hearts'').
* Taking this theory further, who's to say Cinderella's father was her ''first'' victim? She may have pulled the same trick on Drizella and Anastasia's father. This raises some unsettling questions of what she would have done if one of her daughters succeeded in marrying the prince...
[[WMG: There is no mistreatment]]

* [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation What if...]] The stepmother was just helping a poor orphan girl and Cinderella agreed to all her chores. The day of the ball, she decided to steal the stepsisters' belongings to make her own dress, so they punished her with [[ValuesDissonance what they considered a humane punishment]], and Cinderella later exploited the poor woman by claiming forced labour! After all, she did always say "Yes, stepmother".
** Alternatively, there could be no mistreatment because [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation Cinderella was a]] SpoiledBrat. Her father married again partially so she would have a mother figure, but Cinderella [[ElectraComplex did not want to share him]] so she mistreated her new family, but claimed the reverse whenever they disciplined her. Many novels and reconstructions from the stepsisters' point of view take this tack.
** Maybe the whole thing was a fantasy from a paranoid Ella that dreaded the day her father would re-marry to another woman...only for the revelation that the ''real'' stepfamily is/was Fairy Godmother and two kindly brothers named Jaq and Gus?

[[WMG: Cinderella is a reincarnation of [[Disney/SleepingBeauty Aurora]].]]
Lady Tremaine is either a reincarnation of Maleficent or Maleficent herself in disguise, still trying to make the girl's life miserable... which makes even more sense if you know that Eleanor Audley voiced both characters.

[[WMG: Lady Tremaine later reincarnates into [[VideoGame/Sly2BandOfThieves the Contessa]]]]
Provided that it's possible for the Fairy Godmother to open gates into other dimensions, Lady Tremaine and Drizella were given an escape clause on Cinderella's request following the third film. This clause is banishment into another universe - one populated exclusively by anthropomorphic animals - which is permanent. They took it out of spite, and were given new forms to suit their darkened hearts: black widow spiders. Tremaine then marries a rich man and kills him soon after their wedding, and joins Interpol and the Klaww Gang, becoming the Contessa as a result. It's unknown what became of Drizella, but knowing her, she most likely tried to marry Muggshot or Octavio.

[[WMG: Lady Tremaine is related to Judge Claude Frollo.]]

The main Disney page compares the two through ReusedCharacterDesign, and each does appear to be a GenderFlip of the other to some degree. Also note that several of the last names and terminology (e.g. "chateau") would indicate ''Cinderella'' takes place in a French universe. (Double points considering that Disney borrowed most if not all of its source material from Perrault's version). Finally, both Lady Tremaine and Frollo are abusive to those around them who are weak, vulnerable, and able to be controlled. ItRunsInTheFamily.

[[WMG: Lady Tremaine and Frollo are also related to Maleficent.]]

Eleanor Audley voiced both female characters, so that's a starting point. Audley also pulls off a wonderful British accent with evil undertones, just like Tony Jay. Lady Tremaine is a first- or second-degree relative to Maleficent, and part of the reason for Tremaine's own bitterness and abuse is that she doesn't have Maleficent's magical abilities. Thus, she can't have exactly the type and breadth of power she wants. She has to settle for [[spoiler: locking Cinderella in the attic when the prince comes looking for her]], which is a weak ploy almost immediately defeated thanks to sentient mice. Meanwhile, Maleficent gets to try killing her quarry. (As noted above, all this could be a result of the Fairy Godmother's interference, thus adding insult to injury for Tremaine). As for Frollo, he claims Tremaine as a relative but probably wouldn't claim Maleficent, considering his feelings on witchcraft.

[[WMG: Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora are all reincarnations of each other.]]

Two out of three of their nemeses are voiced by the same woman. Two out of three villains are evil stepmothers. All three villains are, to some degree, jealous of the princess in question's beauty (inner and outer) and use that as either a primary or secondary motive (with Maleficent, the primary motive is being snubbed at Aurora's christening). Two out of three villains have magical powers that would allow them to kill their target if they were not defeated, and the one who doesn't have powers (Lady Tremaine) has to settle for doing the best she can with mortal means and thus being humiliated in a big way.

In addition, Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty are not only the first three Disney princesses, but are also the three most passive and PrincessClassic types of the entire line, with MarySue or PuritySue personalities. Their physical appearances are quite similar, except that Snow White is the only brunette. None of them fall in love with princes who have definable personalities--heck, they don't even talk much. All three have the FriendToAllLivingThings trait, and Cinderella's animal friends are even sentient. Two out of three experience a "sleeping death" climax. It follows that...

[[WMG: Maleficent, the Evil Queen, and Lady Tremaine are all either related or reincarnations of each other.]]

They're either all bent on making the same girl's life totally miserable, or Disney ''really'' wanted practice with this whole princess story thing.

[[WMG: Lady Tremaine had magical powers once, but gave them up to live in the mortal world.]]

She certainly has the right personality for a witch, but doesn't show powers in her film. This could be of her own volition because she saw an opportunity for greater evil and power in the mortal realm, but then blew it. Or, if she's related to/a reincarnation of Maleficent and the Evil Queen, it could be that they all agreed Tremaine would be the one out of the trio who would relinquish her powers to wreak havoc in a (slightly) more realistic, mortally bound universe.

[[WMG: Elsa of ''Frozen'' is who and what Cinderella would be, had she been allowed to express strength, power, and character depth.]]

Check the similarities. Both women have a form of Ella as some portion of their name or their whole name. Both are blonde (though Cinderella was originally titian) and have blue--''ice'' blue--as a signature color. Both are orphans. Both have been "shut away" from the rest of society for one reason or another. Both have a sentient friend--or several--who in the real world would not interact (Olaf the snowman and Cinderella's mice). Both seek freedom from their restrictions but go about getting it in different ways. Elsa is obviously the stronger and more resourceful of the two. Whether she's the more intelligent is debatable, but she probably is.

Also, if any WMG about Lady Tremaine having powers is true, then Elsa could be what Cinderella would have been if she had access to magic (through herself, not the Fairy Godmother). Think about what Cinderella could've done to her evil step-"family" with ice powers. But it's possible that her Fairy Godmother felt Cinderella was too innocent, and too battered, to deal with magic responsibly, so she just intervened and fixed all of Cinderella's problems herself.

Finally, Elsa could be a reincarnation of Cinderella--that is, Cinderella with CharacterDevelopment. As an added bonus, this new version of Cinderella would have Anna in her life--the sweet, fun sister she always wanted.

[[WMG: Cinderella is a Time Lord.]]

First, because someone had to say it. More importantly, her story has transcended generations and as noted, other WMGs indicate she may be a reincarnation or at least relation of other Disney princesses. Some of the more modern Disney princesses also carry Cinderella's character traits (Tiana has her diligence, Belle has her status as an outcast and nobility in spite of that, Anna has her [[AllLovingHero All Loving Heroine]] traits). Therefore, she must exist outside of time, not only in terms of her own story but in terms of the Disney canon.

[[WMG: The reason Cinderella had to put up with their crap:]]

There was a (rather sexist) law on the books that stated that an unmarried woman could not inherit property. Widows, however, could. So, Lady Tremaine got everything and Cinderella got nothing. There may have been a stipulation saying that Cinderella could inherit a good share of her father's wealth upon marriage. Lady Tremaine, being too greedy to share even a little with her stepdaughter, saw to it that Cinderella hardly ever left the house, as even marrying a beggar would mean Cinderella could legally collect her inheritance. Fortunately for Lady Tremaine, Cinderella is not a vengeful person and decided her stepmother could keep the house, money and other properties. (This generosity probably stuck in Lady Tremaine's craw.) Cinderella, however, did insist on taking custody of Bruno the Dog and Major the Horse as she didn't feel anyone in her step-family was responsible enough to care for them.

[[WMG: The "Fairy Godmother" is Cinderella's actual mother (which makes the latter a changeling) and that's why she's so eager to help her.]]
This way the story finally starts making some sense, since traditionally the Fair Folk are not ''that much'' into charity... or baptism for that matter.

[[WMG: "Bippidi-Boppity-Boo isn't a real magic word:]]
How else could it be used to do so many things? It may be used for concentration, to get into the mood, or maybe the Fairy Godmother has a sense of humor.

[[WMG: In a [[spoiler:less fortunate timeline]], Cinderella contracted with [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Kyubey]].]]

[[http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1703451?tags=cinderella_%28disney%29 As depicted here.]]

And [[Disney/SleepingBeauty Maleficent]] is her [[spoiler:Witch form]]. [[spoiler:She likely witched out shortly after being forced to stay home from the ball]]. Now remember how Maleficent cursed Aurora [[FridgeHorror because she wasn't invited to Aurora's christening]]?

Suddenly the fairy Meriweather saying Maleficent "isn't really very happy" becomes [[TearJerker a whole]] [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds lot sadder]]...

[[WMG: Had Cinderella not possessed the other slipper...]]
* Lady Tremaine would've been executed or imprisoned for breaking the glass slipper. Think about how desperate the King was to have his son married. I doubt that he would've been lenient toward the intentional breaking of the only clue to find the woman his son agreed to marry. If anything Lady Tremaine should feel lucky despite Cinderella winning in the end.
** She'd also get into trouble for illegal slavery, domestic abuse, and maybe murder (if the WMG on her killing her husband(s) is true[[note]]this is set in the 1800s, the same period where Mary Ann Cotton poisoned her husbands and children for money, and was eventually hanged[[/note]]) if Cinderella, now shown to be ''determined'' to get as far away from her stepfamily as possible, told the Grand Duke about all that. Drizella and Anastasia would get the gallows as well. I wouldn't know what could've happened to Cinderella herself, but if she was brought to the castle to testify against her stepmother, the prince would recognize her, and they'd marry anyway.

[[WMG: The Fairy Godmother is a [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Stand]]]]
She is a manifestation of Cinderella's wishes and dreams