[[WMG: Franchise/CarmenSandiego is immortal looking for fun.]]
That's why she is such a FriendlyEnemy, she's just in it to have fun because she's got nothing else to do. She'll even help her enemies as long as she has someone to compete with. It explains her worldly knowledge, and stealing [[ImpossibleTheft impossible things]] just because [[LivingForeverIsAwesome she knows she won't die doing it]].
* Building upon this. She's an [[EldritchAbomination eldritch deity]] with multiple forms which are her henchmen... well the ones in charge of doing things like stealing the ozone layer that is. She's just a really bored deity that is having fun messing around with humans.

[[WMG: The "Player" is the true head of ACME and a child genius.]]
The "Player" is shown at the beginning of each episode communicating with Carmen and responding to her challenges via computer before dispatching Zack and Ivy. Assuming that everything takes place in the same universe, the "Player" is the one who is truly controlling ACME's actions, with the Chief as an AI messenger and assistant. The "Player" is in truth a boy/girl genius in the mold of [[Manga/DeathNote L]] who, because of his/her young age, had limited mobility and time, Therefore, the only way he/she could solve mysteries was by providing advice online to other detectives, using them as gophers. The Chief was created to serve as a front, but also helped to monitor crime activity through the internet. No one in ACME knows of the player's identity, so it's shown that "Player" does a good job covering it up.

[[WMG: Ivan Idea is a JustForFun/TimeLord.]]
His cap is his TARDIS.

[[WMG: If Carmen and [[Literature/WheresWaldo Waldo]] had children...]]
The children would be either:
* Completely invisible, or
* The world's greatest spies
This is assuming they manage to locate each other for longer than five minutes...
Alternatively, their child could be [[Manga/RanmaOneHalf Ryoga]]
* In [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4378356/4/Magical_Girl_Ranko_vs_Z_Fighter_Ryouga Magical Girl Ranko vs Z Fighter Ryouga]] (yes, it's a crack fic, and the sequel of the infamous [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3844604/1/Ryouga_vs_the_Road_Runner Ryouga vs the Road Runner]]), Ryoga accidentally told Ukyo that his mother is an international criminal, but then said he was joking and that [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial his mother definitely isn't the head of an international organization named V.I.L.E.]]. Wisely, Ukyo decided she didn't actually want to know.
* ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' could find the children, It's just they would have their memories wiped/stolen.
* If the franchise doesn't go extinct, there seems to be enough popularity of the pairing to lead to this becoming canon in future installments, provided someone can secure the rights to both characters.

[[WMG: Carmen stole [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alucard's]] clothes once.]]
She keeps wearing them since it amuses to no end to have managed to humiliate the greatest of vampires like that.

[[WMG: Patty Larceny's father is named Grant.]]
[[PunnyName Grant]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_larceny#Grand_larceny Larceny]]

[[WMG: Carmen Sandiego is actually a man.]]
His real name is Carlos Sandiego and he is a post-op transexual who is disgusted with his new body, so he didn't pay for it and now the police are looking for him.
* But this is THE Carmen Sandiego we're talking about! If she were conceived as a man and wanted to be a woman it would be easier, with her immense skill, to go back in time and steal her Y chromosome and replace it with another X chromosome.

[[WMG: Carmen Sandiego [[ILetYouWin wants the player to catch her]]]]
Carmen got sick of people not respecting their cultural heritage. Like they say, you don't know what you've got until it's gone, so she steals stuff and challenges people to catch her in order to get it back, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way. ACME knows this, but of course stealing it not just the sort of thing you can ignore, so they all just roll their eyes and say, "HereWeGoAgain..."
** Treasures of Knowledge almost makes this canon.

[[WMG: In the Facebook's Carmen Sandiego's final special mission: you will be traveling in time to find Carmen Sandiego.]]
* Outta of Time is the name for the final arc. Carmen kidnapped Dr. Tyhme (a pun on time) and Ivan Idea (AMCE's smart genius machinist of a kid). The reason they didn't know that Carmen put them in a trace to ask them questions about time (Dr. Thyme) and to built the machine itself (Ivan Machine.). This will be turn out a Chronoskimmer, a time machine. Though you are able to recover it -- the Chief explains even if it's a prototype, it's going to real easy for anyone to copy it and that means Carmen and her cohorts in crime have a new hobby -- time crime. This unlocks door number #2 and it's going to where the time machines crime folders are located.

[[WMG: Chase Devineaux (from ''Word Detective'', ''Math Detective'', and ''[=ThinkQuick=] Challenge'') is [[WesternAnimation/WhereOnEarthIsCarmenSandiego Zack and Ivy]]'s father.]]
[[LukeIAmYourFather And Carmen is their mother.]]

[[WMG: Carmen is WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer all grown up.]]
* Carmen Sandiego sounds a little like a code name (maybe even a LineOfSightName if you happen to like Bizet and live in Southern California.) Both of them travel for the thrill of the adventure (it merely scaled up and Dora got older.) Constantly trying to prevent Swiper from stealing things finally caused her to snap and she finally joined the dark side.

[[WMG: If Carmen ever went to the Literature/HarryPotter universe...]]
She'd steal every last bit of dark magic, including everyone's ability to perform it, and find a way to eliminate it permanently. Carmen [[EvenEvilHasStandards does NOT like people who kill and torture.]]

[[WMG: V.I.L.E.'s existence is a net good.]]
Carmen may have standards, but that doesn't necessarily mean her minions do. Some of them may have been violent thugs if left to their own devices. By directing their activities toward MonumentalTheft (which ACME regularly sets right), she's keeping them away from more dangerous crimes.

[[WMG: Kneemoi started as a mad anthropologist.]]
However, she's lost sight of the end in her chosen means.

[[WMG: Carmen's closest friend in her childhood was [[Literature/MagicSchoolBus Valerie Frizzle]].]]
Maybe when they were little, Valerie was that weird kid in class who got picked on a lot for her eccentricity before Carmen the mysterious AloofDarkHairedGirl came along, who couldn't stand seeing her like that (and their ApatheticTeacher wasn't helping). Early on they find that they share a love of [[TheWorldIsJustAwesome learning about the world and all the wonderful things in it]] - again, with an ApatheticTeacher they may have been intellectually frustrated. Carmen tends to be more interested in anthropologic stuff in exotic places (e.g., cultural sites) while Valerie prefers to find out about nature and how something works, but there's plenty of overlap between the two (e.g., how could the Moai statues on Easter Island get to where they are now? Will you look at how majestic the Great Barrier Reef is!).

Their first adventures were of Carmen sneaking away and dragging Valerie along with her - this might expose Valerie to how interesting other people can be via cultural artifacts (if she's been picked on, she might have been adverse to social contact), while Valerie may act as a conscious for Carmen, who tends to disregard rules and might have turned out to be a straightforward villainess instead of the [[GentlemanThief Gentlewoman Thief]] we know her as now. Through their worldwide travels (all hidden from the regular Powers That Be thanks to Carmen's legendary stealth abilities) they also form contacts with a ''wide'' variety of people who help them later in life - this is more obviously helpful for Valerie's backstory as the ''Literature/MagicSchoolBus'' episodes show her social network to be quite widely cast, but Carmen would also benefit from such a network as well in order to keep her activites on the down-low.

Their childhood experiences can help to inform their present career choices. For Valerie, she became a teacher to nurture nascent inquisitive minds - she knows how aggravating being bored at school can be thanks to her ApatheticTeacher. Going out with the bus to do ''really'' hands-on and up-close approaches to learning is about the most effective way to get kids to learn. For Carmen, perhaps at Valerie's encouragement that she can make the world a better place, she goes to work for ACME and uses her skills to become the best detective they've ever had, but the combination of bureaucratic rigidity (to which she's never been fond of rules anyway) and lack of challenge ''because'' she's so good drives her away from ACME and into founding V.I.L.E.

Whether they keep in contact today can go either way. If yes, then Carmen's status as the world's most wanted thief is going to keep their opportunities to stay in touch limited (though with a magic bus at her disposal, Valerie will still be able to, say, meet up for coffee in Paris on the weekend). If no, then it's possible Carmen's turn to crime was the breaking point where they fell out (and lots of drama ensued).

[[WMG: Carmen is a sociopath.]]
She started out as an ACME agent who was absolutely brilliant, but who switched sides because she decided that catching crooks was way too easy. One of the traits of sociopathy is being easily bored and requiring stimulation, often in greater amounts to alleviate the boredom. And while Carmen steals and doesn't kill, it's obvious that she really doesn't care what effects her thefts have/might have.
*While you reasoning is solid, I have an argument of my own: Sociopathy is largely defined by lack of ability to care about or relate to others. Let's take a look at the series where Carmen gets the most characterization: Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? While she still does steal things in the series, because that's a staple trait of her character, and she does it for the thrill of it, she seems to go to great pains to ensure that her actions do not physically hurt other people. For example, she does not use explosives. Whether or not she only cares about preserving the landmarks is debatable, but there's my reasoning on the matter. Another point is her relationship with Zack and Ivy in that series. On the surface, it appears to be an average younger hero/ older villain relationship. But then we watch the episode, "The Rules of the Game". At one point in the episode, Ivy is about to fall off a ledge. How does Carmen react to this? By reaching out to Ivy and insisting she (Ivy) take her(Carmen) hand, and there are many other instances where Carmen attempts to save or help Zack and Ivy. This shows that while Carmen regularly acts in ways that blatantly break many laws for the heck of it, she is capable of relating to and caring about other people. If Carmen does have some form of mental illness, in this troper's mind, she's more likely to have borderline personality disorder, or something similar.

[[WMG: Carmen has a summer home in [[Wiki/SCPFoundation the Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace]]]]

[[WMG: Agent 13 of ''Word Detective'' and Agent 9 of ''Math Detective'' are the same character.]]
You got a promotion for thwarting Carmen in ''Word Detective''.