[[WMG: Beings and Humans can interbreed.]]
* C'mon, Sparrow? Father an unknown sperm donor? Methinks the girly has more to her family line than just homo sapien.
** Already Jossed by [[http://erinptah.com/catperson/beings/ the FAQ]].

[[WMG: Patrick was owned by Bennett.]]
* Jossed, Patrick was owned by Miranda's father.
[[WMG: Bennett owns Cybele]]

* We know Bennett's a heavy conservative in a state like Massachusetts, and the bunny attacker's actions in the club doesn't seem very nice to the cross dressers, does it?
[[WMG: Lily is Reseda.]]
* Look more closely at her, specifically her eyes. They're the /same/ color and have the same pupil. Her hair is even the same color.
** Confirmed now.

[[WMG: Cohen is Miranda's last name]]

* The two companies whose [=CEOs=] have experimented on beings are Walker International (and we've seen Ann Walker already) and Cohen Broadcasting. Cohen is a Jewish last name, and we know that Miranda's Dad is an expy of a certain silver-haired blue-eyed fake news pundit.
** Jossed, Her name is Miranda Imani Lake. The spirit of this one could still be true if Lake is her mother's last name and Cohen is her father's.