[[WMG: Paradise City is Pacific City from ''{{WMG/Crackdown}}'' before it separated from the mainland, as well as Oceania from ''WMG/ExtremeG 3'' and Big Blue from ''VideoGame/FZero GX'']]
Think about it for a second. Paradise City is overrun with street racers. Law enforcement is non-existent. Criminals of all types are likely using the racers to take control of the streets. The three urban districts will eventually become the main districts of Pacific City: Harbor Town will become The Den, run by [[TheMafiya The Volk]]; Palm Bay Heights will become La Mugre, home to [[TheCartel Los Muertos]]; and downtown will become The Corridor, run by the [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Shai-Gen Corporation]]. Criterion, the developers of the ''Burnout'' series neglects to show us [[ViceCity the dark side]] of Paradise. Crime will take over, and only [[MegaCorp The Agency]] will be able to set things right. The other two districts of Paradise City will remain attached to the mainland, leaving only the urban sectors to become Pacific City. Some time a few hundred years later, it's been carried so far out to sea that the mainland is no longer visible. The city is then converted into a tourist attraction, becoming Oceania, as seen in ''WMG/ExtremeG 3''. A couple hundred years after that, it will be converted into an ocean based industrial complex, becoming Big Blue, as seen in ''VideoGame/FZero GX''.
** But then, what about Big Surf Island? What happens to it, hm?

[[WMG: The Events in Paradise City aren't races, but gang activity carried out by the racers]]As a corollary to the above, every event in Paradise City could be seen as a gang activity. Marked Man is smuggling, whether of goods like illicit drugs and arms, or of personnel, like delivering them to extort, racketeer or rob, or to retrieve from a robbery gone bad. Races are competitions to get personnel to a location first to extort, racketeer or rob. Road Rages are turf wars, establishing a gang's control of territory. Burning Routes are gangs testing racers to see if they're any good on the gang's smuggling routes. Stunt Runs are likely just racers showing off their stunt driving skill, but the gangs likely watch these to find the best drivers to carry their goods.

[[WMG: In line with the above, Atomica is the leader me the whole thing.]]
Go figure.

[[WMG: ''Burnout Paradise'' and ''SSX3'' are in the same universe.]] The mountain seen in SSX3 is White Mountain, set in the far north west of Paradise City. The events of SSX3 take place on the other side of the mountain, though, thus seperating the snowboarding madness on the mountain from the vehicular chaos in the city. If Paradise keeps growing though, as in Big Surf Island, the two just might collide, and snowboarders might wind up dodging traffic down the mountain, while ''Burnout'' drivers try to mow them down. There's an idea for a game...mwahaha.
* DJ Atomika's presence and a reference to "the SSX snowboarders" by DJ Stryker in ''Takedown'' (they apparently stay at the Hotel Grand in Takedown's incarnation of Europe) mean this is far more than likely.

[[WMG: Paradise City is actually a gigantic crash test environment.]] The city was built by an association of car manufacturers as a gigantic lab to test prototypes. The humans control the cars at a distance, and the manufacturers let the general public play with them for a fee. A competitive system of licences and rewards encourages peoples to be reckless, facilitating the performance and security tests. The town is probably also used by architects, urbanists and the likes to study ways to improve traffic management.
** Paradise City was the first example of such an environment. A second city began construction but was abandoned.... until a few TV execs found out about it. They started building it again as a location for an extreme reality/game show. And thus we have the game Videogame/SplitSecond.
*** That explains the ending of that game.
** This is all funded by live broadcasts of all the events. Later, after being laid off because they weren't needed anymore or it just wasn't cost effective, many of the idea men behind Paradise City went on to found [[VisualNovel/NewDanganRonpaV3 Team Danganronpa]], because why not.

[[WMG: The cars in these games are Cars from Creator/{{Pixar}}'s ''WesternAnimation/{{Cars}}'']]
Think about it, there's nobody driving them. As far as we can tell, the whole world is made out of cars that drive themselves around. The ones participating are part of a Film/DeathRace-like suicide challenge being filmed for the amusement of the rest of the Cars world.
* Then why do these cars look so much better?

[[WMG: Alternate to the above: Paradise City is a prison in the WesternAnimation/{{Cars}} world]]
You can drive around Paradise City all day, from Big Surf Island out to White Mountain, yet there are no roads that lead out of the area. The player cars are alpha prisoners, the ones that call the shots among the lesser inmates. The ingame activities can be explained through several prison events. Road Rage is a prison riot. Marked Man is an attempt at an assassination. Races are small scale brawls. Stunt Runs are prisoners showing off to intimidate rivals. Showtime is a one-inmate rampage. The two (initial) player police vehicles are still inmates; crooked cops who are serving their time behind bars. Non-PC police cars, and the police cars in the Cops n' Robbers DLC, are the actual guards, attempting to keep order in the prison. The Cops n' Robbers multiplayer game is the guards trying to keep contraband out of the inmate population.

[[WMG: As yet another alternative, all cars in Paradise City are {{Transformers}}]]
That explains why there's nobody driving them (they are robots in disguise), why they can rocket boost and regenerate their boost supply (they use energon-powered thrusters), and most of all, how they can regenerate themselves after they crash (they merely retransform to their originary shape).
* To expand on this: the player is a Decepticon, your opponents are Autobots, and traffic is neutral Cybertronian refugees from Cybertron after it was destroy in ''Headmasters''.

[[WMG: Crash drivers are suicide-bomber terrorists.]]
Cars primed to explode multiple times, either by manual activation or passing certain checkpoints (i.e. icons), all with the goal to cause as much damage as possible to fellow drivers in NoOneCouldSurviveThat tier collisions, and keeping track of it all by how much fiscal harm it will cost society as a whole? Sure sounds like terrorist activity to me.
* Alternatively, the cars are remote-controlled from a safe distance.

[[WMG: The franchise is set in the post-apocalyptic near-future.]]
Sentient satellite navigation systems have taken over the world and reduced humanity's population down to a few thousand resistance fighters. Some of the resistance fighters act as radio [=DJ=]s, egging the vehicles to crash into each other. Others go out at night under cover of darkness and set up flimsy ramps to make the streets more dangerous and crash-prone. Still braver warriors capture and disable the cars, then race against the machines, running them off the road while trying to survive themselves. The sat-navs, however, still respond almost Pavlovian way to human temptations such as fame and money, which the humans take advantage of to distract the machines while trying desperately to find a way to finish them off once and for all.

[[WMG: ''Burnout 3'' is actually actors in a movie.]]
If you look closely at the Civillian cars in ''Burnout 3'', even they have Nomex suits and Helmets on, from this, we can assume that Burnout 3 is actually an upcoming movie in the in-game universe, being filmed. DJ Stryker is the narrator of the film.

[[WMG: People actually die in the ''Burnout'' series.]]
The suits and helmets may actually be a glitch, ''Burnout'' could actually be highly illegal street racing, and hundreds, if not thousands of people die in the races. Including the drivers themselves. The construction workers don't care, the Police don't care, only the Paramedics and Firefighters care, therefore, the towns in ''Burnout 3'' are Morally corrupt anarchies. This also counts for {{Fridge Horror}}.

[[WMG: Crash FM is a pirate station.]]
This is especially evident in ''Burnout 3'', in which interference can be heard frequently. This is most likely the driver the player is playing as switching stations, as Crash FM has to change channels often to avoid having their location be triangulated by the Interpol. Starting with Revenge, the signals were encoded enough that the Interpol could no longer triangulate their position. At the same time, though, DJ Stryker was fired after many called in complaining about how annyoing he was.

[[WMG: The "sanctioning body" is actually a massive criminal/terrorist organization.]]
Known as the "Burnout Racing Series", all of the events in all of the games are some form of gang activity/terrorist attack:

* ''Burnout'' (the first game) represents the beginnings of the BRS, with a miniscule driver of roster and only four cars that could have been stolen. The boost system was very rudimentary, and the police took alot more notice.
* ''2: Point of Impact'' represents when the BRS started becoming more dangerous, with terrorist bombings at busy intersections. The police started actively chasing, arresting, and in some cases, killing Burners.
* ''3: Takedown'' represents the turning point of the BRS. The organization was able to get a pirate radio station called "Crash FM" up and running (see above theory), drivers were given free reign to wreck each other, the boost system was greatly improved, and the events became so utterly brutal, police departments stopped trying. Most people now fear going out on the road, but those who do know they may be the next to be caught in the crossfire of a Road Rage or a Crash event.
* ''Revenge'' represents the zenith of the brutality of the BRS. For one thing, all of the cars used by Burners were given titanium-reinforced front ends, allowing them to ram into small vehicles travelling in the same direction. Rush hour became a mass genocide in many locales, and the Crash events started to resemble terrorist bombings in the Middle East.
* ''Legends'' represents the police modifying their cars to be able to keep up with Burners.
* ''Dominator'' represents the BRS undergoing budget issues, so they briefly return to the older ways, with the older boost system, the unreinforced front ends, and Burnouts.
* ''Paradise'' represents the ultimate form of the BRS, with Burners set loose on Paradise City to race and terrorize the populace. The PCPD eventually starts an extermination campaign, bringing an end to the BRS' presence in Paradise City.
* ''CRASH!'' is not canon.