[[WMG: Bruce Lee's films including the Bruceploitation films have been secretly telling the story of his life as well as predicting his death as well as the death of his son Brandon.]]
Well its a long shot but when this troper watched his films he had a bit of an epiphany: What if there were slight notes on his life? Not enough to be noticed, but enough to tell his story in short form.
*** A scene in Big Boss has him arrested in the end. This Mirrors his numerous arrests for assault and fighting when he lived in Hong Kong.

*** Fist of Fury has had heavy uses of racial slurs between the divided groups. This Mirrors The Racism he endured both in Hong Kong due to his Half German Ancestry as well as racism in hollywood during his time on the Green Hornet. This film in particular has also revolved around the death of another famous martial arts master. Many viewers even now have sympathized with Chen Zhen's (Lee) line "How could a healthy man die!?" in regards to Lee's real life death 1 year after the movie's release. As well as the scene where Zhen finds out how Huo really died mirrors a popular rumor that Lee was poisoned.

*** Way of the Dragon has rival martial artists trying to best Lee. This mirrored most of the times that extras have picked a fight with him, simply because they wanted to see if he was more than just an actor. The attack on his character's Tang Lung's Home, though differential in methods, mirrors a real life situation where a man attacked Lee's home just to fight him. Coincidence or prediction.
*** The Original Game of death was intended to promote his patented Jeet Kune Do to the media going public, most of his lines were based off his philosophy on said concept.

*** The Revamped Game of death released in 1978 predicted Brandon's death. The "Not" Bruce Lee character was shot and killed by an assassin who sneaked a real bullet into a prop gun during the shooting scene. Which just so conveniently mirrored what happened to Brandon in 1993 10 years after his death.

** EVERYTHING Bruce said in his book is illustrated by Enter the Dragon. That movie is the most autobiographical of all because he wrote it in. "Boards don't fight back." "Be like water." "The way to win a fight is not to fight at all."

[[WMG: Creator/BruceLee is an HumanoidAbomination]]
How else can he lift that much?

[[WMG: Bruce Lee [[HeroicSacrifice died to save the universe]].]]
Badassery on par with Bruce Lee's violates the laws of physics in a way that will lead to [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt the collapse of the universe]]. This will sound familiar to fans of Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann, as it is referred to as the Spiral Nemesis in that show. Bruce knew he existed, he was aware of a Creator/ChuckNorris whose power wasn't ''quite'' on par with his own but who was [[Website/ChuckNorrisFacts inhumanly powerful in his own right]], and he was already aware that the two of them put severe strain on the universe [[Film/WayOfTheDragon when they fought]]. Then he heard a prophecy that a third person of roughly equivalent power would soon awaken. Bruce decided that, for the sake of the universe, one of them would need to die, and he couldn't ask for it to be Chuck or this third man, who would later be known as Creator/MrT. And so he went to his death willingly, so that humanity and other sapient species could continue to live.