[[WMG:The country controlled by the Ministry of Information in Brazil is the capitalist state overthrown by the predecessors of the Party in Nineteen Eighty-Four.]]

[[WMG:''Brazil'' is to post-war Britain as ''1984'' is to totalitarian socialism.]]
Think about it: a mixture of decrepit nationalized industry, consumerism, general administrative incompetence, every explosion being blamed on "terrorists" (the IRA in RealLife?)

[[WMG: Or, the state in ''Brazil'' is a corporatocracy]]
Given the rampant consumerism, it could just as easily make sense that Central Services is an inept corporate monopoly that has essentially taken on the role of government, rather than a nationalized industry (in which the government takes over the role of private enterprise), and would explain Gilliam's working title of ''So That's Why The Bourgeoisie Sucks''.

(Partly inspired by a mix-up with airline seat booking which reminded this WMG's author of the administration in the film, as well as general observances on monopolies producing poor quality results).

[[WMG: "This has not been a recording" is ''not'' a SuspiciouslySpecificDenial.]]
It's some poor person working nightshift and working off a script, meant as a joke to show how stupidly inefficient the organization is. Why would they bother with a recording when they can use makework?