[[WMG:KOKOR is still a round]]

He really is just hiding.

[[WMG:Phil somewhat made Cartoon Death Zone]]

He may have Endded Bonus Stage, But somewhat it start the Webcomic CartoonDeathZone.

[[WMG:Joel suffers from [[TheSociopath Antisocial Personality Disorder.]] ]]

He actually fulfills many of the requirements for the diagnosis.

-[[LackofEmpathy He shows no apparent concern for anyone around him.]]

-[[ManipulativeBastard He can be very manipulative and charismatic.]]

-He rarely displays any credible emotion. And when he does, they're very shallow and self-centered.

-Lives a parasitic lifestyle (mooching off of Phil)

-Acts on poorly planned out whims

-And has TERRIBLE impulse control if his penchant for wanton murder and cheating on June are any indication.