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[[WMG:Pinoko's fictional backstory in "Pinoko's Mystery" is her ''real'' backstory.]]
In other words "Pinoko" is really Miya, the time-bomb mechanic's kid who nearly died in a freak explosion. Her mom took her to Black Jack, who lied and said that Miya died on the operating table. After her mom left, Black Jack rebuilt Miya; when Miya regained consciousness, [[FakeMemories he took advantage of her amnesia by lying about her origins]], and renamed her Pinoko. [[PoisonOakEpilepticTrees Creepy,]] but makes more sense than the [[BreakingTheFourthWall Fourth Wall]] {{Ass Pull}} the story ended with. It also explains why Pinoko's psychic powers "disappeared"--she never had any to begin with.

[[WMG:''Black Jack'' and ''Series/TheXFiles'' take place in the same universe.]]
LikeRealityUnlessNoted? Check. Paranormal phenomena? Check. [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Corrupt]] [[CorruptPolitician authority]] [[CrapsackWorld figures?]] Triple check!

[[WMG: Black Jack has the [[VideoGame/TraumaCenter Healing Touch]].]]
How else would he be able to perform such crazy operations? Doctors have noted how quickly he operates, as well; maybe he even has the same Healing Touch as Derek?