[[WMG:The ship taking Convolvulus to Rome never made it.]]
Convolvulus' discord-sowing [[GoneHorriblyRight went horribly right]], and in the ensuing chaos the ship was either damaged or caught in a storm, and went down with all hands, [[DeathByIrony including Convolvulus]].

[[WMG:Dubbelosix's specialty was a life-prolongation[=/=]eternal youth potion.]]
Unfortunately, it only works on houseflies.

[[WMG:The brew they drink regularly for strength in battle may have basis in truth.]]
* Swedish professor Samuel Ödman suspected the Berserkergang rage of ancient nordic warriors was achieved with the help of brews created by Siberian shamans using Amanita muscaria mushrooms whose active ingredient is Muscimol.
** These are large mushrooms with red caps and white spots on the caps, very similar to the ones which give Mario his more powerful form as well.
** Unfortunately this theory has long since been {{Jossed}} by further research into the hypothesis. First of all, Amanita Muscaria doesn't have the effect described in the old stories. Secondly, no historical source mentions consumption of any kind of substance; the Berserks achieved battle trance by chanting, shouting, banging their shields and other hypnotic techniques.

[[WMG:Getafix secretly wants the Gauls to be part of Roman Empire]]
Note also that both Gauls and the Romans use the normal font, and Asterix and Obelix never have any problems with understanding Romans. They speak Latin. It reaches its peak when they outright admit in the Olympic Games that they're Romans. They benefit from a lot of Roman infrastructure (roads, bridges, entertainment). Many Gauls claim that Caesar is actually the greatest leader of their age - see the ''Laurel Wreath'' for instance. The only reason why Getafix uses the magic potion is to keep Caesar in check.

[[WMG:Astérix and Son was going to be the series finale.]]
You can't get any more closure than Caesar and the Gauls sharing the [[OnceAnEpisode banquet.]]

[[WMG:The finale will be Astérix and the Ides of March.]]
Getafix is the soothsayer.

[[WMG: Asterix and Tintin take place in the same universe.]]
More specifically, Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, Dogmatix and Cacofonix are the ancestors of Tintin, Haddock, Calculus, Snowy and Castafiore. Also, the Thompsons appearing in "Asterix in Belgium" are the ancestors of the real Thompsons. Both universes contain aliens, which strengthens the theory, and Asterix appears at a parade in "Tintin and the Picaros". This is someone in a large Asterix costume... but it could be the real Asterix immortalized by magic potion...
* So in ''Flight 714'', Pulau Pulau Bompa's magma chamber was perilously close to a [[{{Pun}} Nagma chamber]]?

[[WMG: Several Gallic druids know the recipe to the magic potion.]]
As Getafix has stated, druids can only trust each other with their magic recipes. So why hasn't he given the magic potion recipe to all of his colleagues? The answer is: He has, or at least he has offered to. But they choose not to make it, because the majority of Gaul's population are satisfied with the Romans' rule. This has been confirmed in several stories. They have no interest in starting a new war to get rid of the Romans, whereas the village only uses it in self-defense.

[[WMG: Asterix is set in an AlternateHistory where Julius Caesar was never assassinated.]]
Hence why he and Obelix can have so many adventures in such a seemingly short space of time.

[[WMG: In the final story Asterix finds out Caesar will be assassinated and tries to save him.]]
But Caesar decides to accept his fate with dignity. At the end the Gauls hold a banquet as per usual, only this time it's in Caesar's memory.