[[WMG: Finitevus represents/sympathises with the UnpleasableFanbase, and those who have given up on the Sonic franchise.]]
They're always saying that the franchise "needs to die".

[[WMG: Scourge is a parody of fan-created [[OriginalCharacter original characters]].]]
He's literally a recolor of Sonic with a bad boy attitude. However, his obsession with proving himself superior to Sonic show that really, he's just a self-centered brat who wants all the attention for himself. When Sonic finally defeats him, he even tells Scourge that [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech he's a pale imitation of the real Sonic and will never be superior as long as he stays selfish.]]
* Possible, but not as a parody; current head writer Ian Flynn's old Other M comic contained an uber-powerful green hedgehog named Ashrah (from the fan character of the same name), and it's speculated that Scourge is a version of that fan character.
* Jossed. I've read that piece of crap fanfic and there was no such character.

[[WMG: [[spoiler:Geoffrey killed Hershey himself.]]]]
This is actually suggested within the comic itself (Issue 224) by Sally. [[spoiler:Geoffrey]] vehemently denies it, of course, and blames the Eggman Empire. Time will tell if he's being truthful or not.
* As an add-on to this, it's possible there's still a part of him that wanted Sally and, depending on how [[spoiler:Ixis taught him magic, a subconscious order could've used that to take Hershey out.]]

[[WMG: Rotor is a Schizoid Autistic.]]
As one himself, this troper has noticed quite a few symptoms in Rotor associated with a schizoid autistic; he's socially crippled, has a near-savantish interest in mechanics, has a very flat affect in his voice, has a hard time displaying strong emotions, and most noticeably, prefers to work alone and be left behind than be on the front lines with his friends--even going so far as to be quoted "if I work on this device, I won't have to deal with anyone". Even with his supposed boyfriend Cobar in the "Mobius: X Years Later" storyline, their relationship seems to be based more on shared professional interest than actual emotional attachment, a clear sign of a schizoid personality (using shared interests or fetishes as substitutes for emotional ties in a relationship). Since autism is thought to be caused more by genetics and schizoid personality more by rearing, it's likely that Rotor was born autistic, and gained his schizoid personality due to the hell of the Great War and the separation of him from his family and herd.

[[WMG: Rotor and Tommy Turtle were an item/could've been an item.]]
Going from the above, look at Rotor's relationship with Tommy Turtle; brought into his care, shares his love of robotics and engineering, apprenticed him in exchange for helping out around the house, and the most damning evidence of all, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking they were shown naked together sleeping in the same bedroom]]. Knowing that Rotor is gay, and basing his personality off of a Schizoid Autistic as above, it's possible Tommy was his first crush, and if they didn't hit it off and consummate their relationship before Tommy's death, they likely were heading down that road, and Rotor likely has regrets for not sharing his feelings with the guy before his passing (explaining why he withdrew further into the background in-story; he was too afraid to help or be close to anyone after that, lest he lose them like he did Tommy).

[[WMG: Rutan's father is Dr. Finitevus.]]
Finitevus has white fur (and is the only echidna known to have such). Rutan's dreadlocks have white tips. Do the math.

[[WMG: Antoine is now speaking in Cajun/Creole French.]]
In RealLife, both [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cajun_French Cajun French]] and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Creole_French Creole French dialects]] sound like hybrids of French and U.S. Southern accents mixed with French words. Hanging around Bunnie all the time, Antoine could have picked up some of her Southern tone. And going by Belle's and Jacques' dialogue, they likely have that same hybrid accent.

[[WMG: Future Mogul's HeelFaceTurn is due to AndThenWhat]]
Okay, let me explain myself. For 10,000 years, Mammoth Mogul has been an AffablyEvil would-be conqueror of Mobius. Yet, 200 years later, he's a mentor for Silver. The reason? ''He managed to take over the world.'' After a few decades, however, [[VictoryIsBoring being ruler of the world got boring.]] So, he decided to abdicate and find a new purpose. Edmund doesn't trust him because {{Heel Face Turn}}s are rare.
* Alternately, Mogul was somehow involved in whatever disaster led to the [[BadFuture world's]] [[AfterTheEnd destruction]], and is now attempting to [[TheAtoner atone]] for it by preventing it from happening; Silver is being kept in the dark to prevent him from blaming Mogul and turning on him before this can be done. Edmund, meanwhile, knows the truth (due to being a Guardian), which is why he doesn't trust him, and he hasn't told Silver the truth either because he's hoping Silver will [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong fix Mogul's mess]] (and then they can get rid of him).
** Quite possible. One of the events that have been mentioned to lead up to Silver's future is the "Ixis Resurgence." The Order of Ixis was Mogul's organization, although given we literally know nothing about the event it could also have been Naugus's doing.
** Mammoth Mogul was based off of ComicBook/VandalSavage. In one time, Vandal Savage ended up screwing over the world and felt really bad about it. [[FridgeBrilliance This theory is even more fitting.]]

[[WMG: Future Mogul hasn't really changed sides, he's just manipulating Silver]]
Whatever disaster destroyed the world somehow {{DePower}}ed Mogul, which is why he appears to have aged despite being [[{{Immortality}} immortal]]. He doesn't give a damn about saving the world, he just wants his power back, so he's doing what he [[ManipulativeBastard does best]] and is getting Silver to do the hard work for him.

[[WMG: '''ALL''' the Archie originals will removed sometime after Genesis]]
* Thanks to the legal matter involving Ken Penders, it looks like all of his characters are gone from the book as of 252. While the book is making a point that the SATAM additions are still around, it's possible everything that was before Ian Flynn's time has been disposed of to avoid future legal problems.

[[WMG: Belle and Jacques weren't born cyborgs--their limbs were removed to combat their NIDS.]]
So if [[EvilTwin Buns Rabbot's]] [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything NIDS (Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome)]] began at the base of her spine, then it's entirely possible that Bunnie had contracted it, but her roboticization kept it from spreading. Continuing the AIDS/cancer metaphor, maybe Bunnie passed NIDS on to her children...resulting in the kids (a) having to have parts roboticized/amputated, or (b) being born without those limbs.

[[WMG: Some part of Geoffrey wants to fail, but he's stuck keeping his word to Ixis Naugus.]]
Geoffrey... has always been a skunk of [[WellIntentionedExtremist good intentions with questionable methods]], as well as a man of his word. Throughout the comics, he's had a good life, even got married. However, even he knew it couldn't last. As a skunk of his word, he chronologically swore allegiance to Naugus first. In truth, he could have betrayed them at ANY time, but tried putting it off as long as possible, until it appeared there would be no more threats to the Kingdom aside from Naugus himself.

[[WMG: Sonic is going to abandon the people of New Mobotropolis.]]
Given that recent turn of events, with so many of the city's population turning against Nicole and siding with Naugus, he's not in a good mood right now. At some point he's going to realize that Mina, unintentionally mind you, set a lot of this in motion. The last straw will be the public being dismissive of the [[spoiler:roboticization of Sally, who they'll think caused the problems involving Nicole out of ignorance.]]

[[WMG: Despite what we may think, the Genesis Version of Sally...]]
Became a separate person from the normal Sally. They were the same person until the CosmicRetcon was undone, when [[spoiler:Sally started to remember the normal reality.]] But while Sonic was changed back, none the worse for wear, Sally was divided into the normal version, and the "Genesis" version which has whatever memories she had in the altered reality as well partial memories of the normal version.

[[WMG: At some point, Sonic will get the 7 Super Emeralds.]]
The emeralds have been referenced in the comic in the past, and the alternate color schemes seen in Hyper Sonic were given names, and given how the comics are going as of the 230s, Sonic might get desperate enough to try it. And if he does get them, and the new form, things will not go well for any faction in the comic.
* Holy crap, if [[http://archiesonic.wikia.com/wiki/Archie_Sonic_the_Hedgehog_Issue_237_Info this is accurate]] it just might happen.

[[WMG: [[spoiler:Sally's roboticization isn't as thorough as we think.]]]]
According to this [[http://archiesonic.wikia.com/wiki/Death_Egg_Mark_2#Weapons_Of_Mass_Destruction article]] the [[spoiler:Death Egg Mk. 2's Chaos Emerald vanished when Sally inverted the roboticizer on herself. Given the equipment on that thing, a reality warper for example, that Emerald was likely fused into her body before she was changed. Also, her eyes are still blue, not red like every other roboticized character. The best case scenario is that she's playing along until the right moment.]]
* Another possibility is that [[spoiler:if she did somehow absorb the emerald, and starts collecting the rest to change back, she may change from robot to cyborg, maybe even turning into some kind of technorganic being.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler: Hershey isn't actually dead.]]]]
Geoffrey never found [[spoiler: her body]]. In a comic, that speaks volumes in and of itself.
* In Sonic Universe 37 [[spoiler:we see Drago antagonizing a female Felidae. Her face is obscured, but the exposed feet and hands suggest Hershey is undercover, something Geoffrey might not have thought of.]]

[[WMG: Lien-Da will [[spoiler:help restore Sally's free will.]]]]
In Sonic Universe 37 [[spoiler:Lien-Da looks at Mecha Sally with shock. Seeing a parallel between her situation and Sally's, and wanting to stick it to Eggman, she may help Sally back to herself and escape back to Sonic.]]
* Alternatively, [[spoiler:the Power Ring Eggman installed to power her up, while not restoring her normal free will, will instead create a new free will and she'll rebel and take over the Eggman Empire.]]

[[WMG:Geoffrey's going to have a ''massive'' HeroicBSOD following 235.]]
Given what's happened in 234, once Geoffrey finds out, he's going to realize that he set it in motion when he brought Naugus back. [[spoiler:He caused the FF, especially Bunnie, the same pain he felt when he lost his dad and wife]]. And since he distracted the Freedom Fighters who could've helped save Sally, all the grief he's caused them is going to make question if he did the right thing.
* Semi-jossed. He feels bad about what happened in 234, and sympathizes with Sonic about Sally, but that's it.
** Finally happens in the Secret Freedom Fighters arc of Sonic Universe. He has a HeelRealization when Naugus reveals his plan to brainwash the city, though Naugus [[BreakThemByTalking talks him]] out of turning on him. That said, he seems to be bordering on a HeelFaceTurn in 241 when [[spoiler: Naugus [[GrandTheftMe hijacks his body]]]].

[[WMG:The Council will be disbanded after this arc.]]
At some point, it will be revealed that Naugus was still royal wizard, or at least still a citizen of the kingdom, when he first trapped into Zone of Silence. Meaning that his earliest interaction with Geoffrey was treason. That means the whole council is guilty of treason by working with him. With all the resentment most of the Council has towards the royal family, and the manipulations between Naugus and Eggman, there will be concerns about a conspiracy against the royal family. This will force the council to disband or be arrested for treason.
* Another possibility is that somehow it will be pointed out that the council made the same mistake that King Max made: giving a position of power to an enemy who's specific knowledge could resolve a crisis. Except with the council it's even worse because despite having ''three'' people advise against it, no real reason to believe Naugus's claim to the throne, the fact the kingdom wasn't engaged in a war, and Robotnik as an example of why they shouldn't just give an unknown so much power unchecked, they still made Naugus king. The council may well resign out of guilt.

[[WMG: Silver's "traitor" is in fact Mecha Sally.]]
He's been sent back in time to stop a Freedom Fighter who is now working against the Freedom Fighters and presents a major threat to them. He's merely jumped to the conclusion that this means a traitor.
* Another possibility is that it wasn't a Freedom Fighter. What could actually have happened is that someone else caused the disaster, despite the ''attempt'' of a Freedom Fighter to stop them. The real culprit was never seen, only the Freedom Fighter, so people came to the conclusion it was a traitor.
* This [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mann5rqbON1rw2cxto1_500.jpg picture]] shows who traitor is. [[spoiler: From front of paper, Sonic is upper-left, Sally is upper-right, Antoine is lower-left and Rotor is lower-right. When you look it from backside...]]
** [[spoiler: Confirmed. While it was intended as a HeroicSacrifice, it is not judged positively in the history of Silver's future. But who the "traitor" was is lost by the time Silver came about, hence his witch hunt.]]

[[WMG: Geoffrey will suffer from RedemptionEqualsDeath.]]
He was trying to become TheAtoner when Naugus [[spoiler: [[GrandTheftMe hijacked his body]]]]. It seems likely he'll perform a HeroicSacrifice and take Naugus with him, like Tommy Turtle did to take down ADAM.
* Or he'll live but it'll be revealed he [[spoiler:still supported Naugus even after he tried to enslave the council, so Geoffrey will be rearrested for treason. If Elias still retains his pragmatic attitude, he'll just let Geoffrey rot this time around.]]

[[WMG: When Sally returns, she'll quickly begin deconstructing Naugus and Geoffrey's claims.]]
By simply reviewing the presented information and presenting counter arguments. For example, [[spoiler:Geoffrey said in his trial that Naugus told him not to warn Max about Eggman, saying he wouldn't listen. Sally could counter that that was an assumption and that Max could've listened and stopped him, or at least gotten him out of the Zone of Silence in time to stop Eggman, thereby putting some of the blame for Eggman's rebellion rightfully on Naugus, even listing what Eggman did, because he let him go. Also, Elias was believed to be dead when Max made his deal with Naugus, so there's little reason he would even be able to honor the deal. It could take a dark turn since Sally could point out that anyone on the council could've figured this out, but the fact that over half the council had resentments with the royal family in one way or another suggests an abuse of power.]]
* {{Jossed}}. The new reality makes this unnecessary. Geoffrey is out of the picture ([[ScrewedByTheLawyers likely gone for good]]), and the reality of Naugus's "rule" was fleeting when touching Nicole made him insane.

[[WMG: Under Archie's designation, the game version of Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog is Mobius Alpha.]]
They've already taken the Mobius Prime designation, and the games was where it all began.

[[WMG: Sally will not get her memories of the old Mobius back.]]
With Bunnie's memories and her marriage with Antoine restored, NICOLE has stated that there's only one charge left and two Freedom Fighters remaining: Amy and Sally. A clue with this was mentioned with Uncle Chuck: Sonic had planned to give Chuck his memories back, but Tails talked him out of it for now - it would probably be better that Uncle Chuck never knew that he was a walking tin can for ten years of his life. Sally's gone through a lot more crap than what Chuck went through and it's probably obvious that either Sonic is going to decide to spare Sally that heartbreak or something will happen to cause Amy to get back her memories instead.
* Here's a counterpoint: Sally may get her memories back by default. Remember, Amy was out of the reality when the Super Genesis Wave happened (Sonic Universe #55-58, she was fighting alongside Blaze). SU #58 tends to suggest Amy and Cream remember the old reality as it was, not the current reality. Her touching NICOLE may have no effect regardless, or would have a reverse effect of giving her memories from the new reality.
* Jossed. They get them back at the same time.

[[WMG: Ixis Naugus turning Bunnie full organic was ''not'' an accident.]]
Ponder this. Naugus claimed in Issue 232 when he restored the injured Bunnie that her becoming fully organic was an accident. I myself think this is not the case. It all was part of his plan to become a VillainWithGoodPublicity. The fact that he saved Bunnie at all would be seen as a good deed by the populace, and would endear him with the residents of New Mobotropolis. The fact that Bunnie was BroughtDownToNormal meant one less weapon against him should things go awry.

[[WMG: List of new hook-ups in the new timeline.]]
* Fan forums seem to have a liking for connecting Sally and Rotor. However, this is uncertain; comments Ian Flynn has made regarding Rotor's WordOfGay from MXYL suggest he would've been more sensitive to it if he even realized Rotor was intended to be gay in that storyline.

[[WMG: Rosemary Prower was insane.]]
In the old continuity, Robotnik launched his takeover on the day Tails was born. The events, in order:
* Her husband, Amadeus, was captured and roboticized on the same day.
* Robotnik brought him to Rosemary's side after giving birth, masking Amadeus to hide his true state. Rosemary offered Tails to Amadeus to hold him, but now a robot Amadeus only turned away, seemingly rejecting Tails and causing Rosemary to cry herself asleep.
* Robotnik launched his attack. Rosemary gave Tails to Rosie and Julayla while she looked for Amadeus.
* She was captured and brought before Robotnik, who revealed Amadeus' true state.
* Before she could be roboticized, Rosemary and Amadeus were teleported onto an alien ship, whose commander restored Amadeus to normal.
* Being taken to the alien's homeworld, her and Amadeus' pleas for aid were denied. Not only is the de-roboticizer used outlawed, thus getting the commander imprisoned for using it, but they were denied the chance to be sent home because another, extremely violent race had a grudge with an earlier race from Mobius. Thankfully, the aliens' did welcome them as guests, so they enjoyed a normal lifestyle.
So in a very brief span of time Rosemary endured childbirth, heartbreak from a seemingly uncaring father, a miltary coup d etat, seeing her husband's altered form, discovering extraterrestrial life, being told she and her husband can't go home because of the grudge(along with no aid for the people still on Mobius). All while dealing with postpartum depression, massive culture shock, and just plain wondering what's happening back home with the dictator going around. She may act stable, but she's got issues.

[[WMG: Rouge will be Knuckles' SecondLove in the new timeline.]]
* Well, with Julie-Su now RetGone, it'll probably be a first love, but yeah. It's a flip between Rouge going with Knuckles or Shadow.
** Jossed, the mandates against Archie state that none of the Sega characters are to be in relationships.

[[WMG: Charmy and Cream will become an OfficialCouple in the new timeline.]]

[[WMG: Bunnie's deroboticization was foreshadowing.]]
Nobody had any idea that Naugus could deroboticize Bunnie after accidentally crystallizing her limbs while defending the city against the monstrous red Metal Sonic model. The moment this Troper saw the successful deroboticization, I thought 'Okay. This is clearly meant to foreshadow Naugus being able to deroboticize Sally.' Especially obvious thanks to Deroboticization technology no longer existing. Although... I'm not so sure now that the rapid fire cosmic retconning has left her fleshy and sporty again.
* Another possibility is that Geoffrey would've done it while he was still in Naugus's body. The ''Secret Freedom'' arc suggested that he'd turn against Naugus if he could. Perhaps, if the story arc had continued as originally planned, Naugus would've crystallized Sally in an attempt to kill her, and Geoffrey would've made a desperate effort to restore her with whatever power was left in Naugus's dying body, perhaps a RedemptionEqualsDeath to atone for what he'd done.

[[WMG: Relic the Pika will become Knuckles' new love interest in the new timeline.]]

[[WMG: Reboot Sonic had feelings for Amy instead of Sally]]
& by Reboot Sonic, I mean the Sonic that lived in the current universe up until the point the old Sonic displaced him. While mostly done for humor, there's been more Sonamy shiptease so far than Sonally & present Sonic is gonna have a major internal clash between his new & old memories over this eventually.

[[WMG: ''Webcomic/{{Sonichu}}'' will be referenced at some point.]]
The writers certainly do love their fandom jokes, and we do know that Sega of America is aware of its existence, since they referenced it in a contest video. My guess: a CaptainErsatz of Sonichu and/or Chris that [[TakeThat is defeated effortlessly by Sonic or serves as a bumbling comic relief.]]
* Considering Ian Flynn said on his Twitter account that "Chris Chan is a deeply troubled person and needs help", it's unlikely he'd bash him in the comic. Penders probably would have done a story featuring a sympathetic portrayal of an autistic character, but as SEGA currently doesn't like the comics delving into serious issues, it's unlikely that would happen now.

[[WMG: Dark Gaia is actually the {{Reincarnation}} of Robotnik Prime in the new timeline.]]

[[WMG: Some of Robotnik Prime's personality got merged into [[MeaningfulName Julian]] Snively.]]

[[WMG: This version of Dark Gaia will be more intelligent than his video game counterpart, he will even talk.]]

[[WMG: The Source of All actually ''corrupts'' those who bathe or are otherwise exposed to it.]]
* Why else would King Acorn become more distant and prideful, and why else did Sally expect Sonic to give up fighting Robotnik/Eggman, then break up with him the way she did, and give him such frosty treatment up until #187 or #212? Even Mammoth Mogul and Naugus suffered, becoming weaker over time to the point Eggman could be a threat to them.

[[WMG: The previous Archie Sonic Continuity could eventually return.]]
* Right now, as it stands, the writing is pretty much on the wall for the Archie Sonic Continuity as it is. However, it may not have to stay that way. We don't know for a fact that anyone else in Ken Penders' family has any interest in being a writer like him, and it is likely that his Lara-Su Chronicles will fail due to factors such as the anger directed at him, and the fact that a lot of people don't like the redesigns he made to the characters. Of course, right now, it's likely too soon for the old continuity to return. Perhaps, several years from now, Archie and Sega will have cooled down from the lawsuits, maybe even see a change in management to people who don't have the hang-ups the current management does, and Ken Penders' family will decide to sell his characters back to Archie upon his death, or to recoup the losses from The Lara-Su Chronicles. Perhaps at that point, the conditions can be right to allow the old continuity to return and continue as it was.
* I hope you're right...

[[WMG: Relic the Pika is actually the {{Reincarnation}} of Julie-Su.]]
* Shh! Don't let Penders hear you...

[[WMG: The rise of the Brotherhood of Guardians was a XanatosGambit by the Fire Ants.]]
In the old reality, the echidna race distanced itself from Mobius as a whole for fear of what their advanced science might do in an unprepared world. After Dmitri's rise as Enerjak, his brother Edmund decided to have his people get rid of their excess technology to prevent future incidents. At least one person has noticed that it seems like the Fire Ants were manipulating Edmund's family; in a flashback from the [[http://thankskenpenders.tumblr.com/tagged/KtE%202/chrono Knuckles series]] we see the ant Christopheles meeting with Edmund, [[http://thankskenpenders.tumblr.com/post/107139581207/were-getting-the-story-of-how-a-fire-ant who regards his own people like how Batman regards criminals]], getting Edmund killed, and convincing his son to join him without any show of remorse for getting his dad killed. Like it was ''planned''. With the Fire Ants training the first Guardian, they solidified their control of Edmund's family, and the political influence they gained over echidna society, to somehow get the echidna race to re-join with Mobian society.

[[WMG: More Echidnas will appear in the new timeline.]]

[[WMG: The old multiverse was not destroyed.]]
Rather, Eggman's interrupting the Chaos Control at the end of ''Worlds Collide'' caused Sonic to unconsciously create a new multiverse, separate from the old multiverse. The signs of multiversal destruction (such as the Shattered World Crisis and seemingly only two Sonic-connected universes surviving [the main universe and the Sol Dimension, as well as the Boom universe being born later]) are in fact just the aftereffects of a new multiverse being born (albeit incompletely, again due to Eggman's interference). [[AndTheAdventureContinues The old multiverse still lives, but the adventures of the people who live there will continue on without us]].

[[WMG: Mobius Prime was not the [[TheEarthPrimeTheory prime universe]] of the Sonic multiverse.]]
It's the prime universe of its set of Sonic universes (essentially, every universe seen in the Archie Sonic comics up to ''Worlds Collide'', and many other worlds we haven't seen), and therefore one of the closest universes to the prime universe, but it's not itself the prime universe. Instead, the games' universe is ''the'' prime universe (or, in accordance with another WMG, the Alpha universe) of the entire Sonic multiverse. Thus, the "Genesis" universe and the post-''Worlds Collide'' universe resemble this world, rather than vice-versa. However, even the Sonic multiverse is just a small part of the omniverse (essentially every universe ever seen in fiction, every universe that was not seen in fiction, our universe, and any of the infinite possibilities for any of the above universes), so even Mobius Alpha is not ''the'' prime universe, if there even is one for the omniverse.
** Zonic probably tells everyone he works with that they are from the most important universe. In which case "Mobius-Prime" was a half truth. It is Mobius Prime in the mathematical sense: ''not'' the original, the first ''Derivative of'' the original.

[[WMG: Alternately, Mobius Prime is only the prime universe of the Archie Comics Universal Stream]]
Taking a leaf out of the book of the ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' Franchise regarding how the multiverse works, each canon Sonic work has its own Universal Stream of which the main canon of that continuity is the Prime Universe. So all canon Sonics are the Sonic Prime of their specific Universal Stream/Multivese Cluster.

[[WMG: Some of the old characters will return, but probably not forever]]
It seems likely, at least to me, that former writers whose names are not "Ken Penders" will come back as guest writers someday and write their own stories into the comics. To be honest, though, I'm only guessing this because I want [[EnsembleDarkhorse Mina Mongoose]] to come back at some point.

[[WMG: Shadow remembers the old Prime reality.]]
In Issue 167, the final part of ''25 Years Later'', [[spoiler:King Shadow reveals that he remembers the old timeline of Light Mobius, in which Sonic was King, because he is "the master of time and space".]] For evidence, he cites his use of Chaos Control, something we saw both Prime Shadow and 252 Shadow do. The logical conlusion is that Prime Shadow and 252 Shadow were at least time-sensitive, if not the "master of time". As Shadow was present when reality was altered, he likely remembers ''Worlds Collide'' as well. The reason he hasn't said anything or mentioned this in any way is that he sees the information of that timeline as being of no further use to him- being time-sensitive, he's able to keep his memories straight better than the Freedom Fighters were, and as of ''Shadow the Hedgehog'' (canon to the new reality) he's decided to put his past behind him and "never turn back again".

[[WMG:''ComicBook/SonicTheHedgehogMegaManWorldsUnite'' will cause another retcon]]
Since the last crossover caused another retcon, what will happen after this one?
* The Penders characters will return and everything will return to normal.
* Time will rewind so that this series will start at number one, overwriting every event in the series, and retelling the stories, without Penders' characters, and with better writing.
* Many minor characters will die, ''ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths'' style.

[[WMG: The retroactive effect of the Super Genesis Wave arranged it so Captain Metal indeed isn't the present Metal Metal.]]
Rather, it's the Metal Sonic Eggman [[spoiler:Nega]] built.

[[WMG: Possible other clothes in Honey The Cat's the Dreamcasters Line/Rose Collection.]]
* [[http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090716210044/sonic/images/c/c6/Amy_32.png Sports A]]
* [[http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090324073629/sonic/images/f/ff/Amy_Rose_in_Sonic_Riders.png Sports B]]
* [[http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111117214343/sonic/images/3/38/AmyLondonOlympicGames.png Gymnastics]]
* [[http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110505030912/sonic/images/d/dd/Amy_62.png Winter]]
* [[http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20150622122214/sonic/images/9/99/Amy_channel.png Rainmac]]
* [[http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110730140122/sonic/images/8/8e/Amy_cream_bathingsuit.jpg Beach Wear]]

[[WMG: The Power Gems could have withstood the timespace effects of the Super Genesis Wave.]]
* Had they [[spoiler: not all been destroyed]] and outside circumstances aside.

[[WMG: The Genesis Portals will be used to bring/re-establish the characters and plots of pre-issue 160 writers into the new world or multiverse.]]
* That is, once an "updated contract" is successfully signed with each given writer.

[[WMG: In a few years, there will eventually be a {{ComicBook/Convergence}}-style crossover that will restore the priginal multiverse.]]

[[WMG: The original Archie Sonic multiverse was the result of a Super Genesis Wave completely altering a prior Sonic multiverse.]]
* The [[ComicBook/SonicTheComic Fleetway continuity]], perhaps? The [[Anime/SonicTheHedgehogTheMovie OVA continuity]]? Or perhaps one we haven't seen before?

[[WMG: Breezie the Hedgehog is actually an android]]
* It is certainly a quite obvious WMG, to the point of RedHerring, as she was clearly a robot back in the original series. But with her redesign and the new continuity, it seems like the writers want us to think of her as a being of flesh and blood. Several points contradict that already though:
** In her business environment, she's never seen interacting with human beings, only robots that surround her
** She goes out of her way to buy at a good price Eggman's old badniks stocks, saving them from destruction
** Her fondness for Metal Sonic could be explained as she sees him as an equal, which would explain the {{Robosexual}} trope
* Of course, while her backstory of poverty might contradict that, it could be just be Eggman being clever and programming her with such a story to make her less likely to turn on him and being dedicated to the plan.

[[WMG: The goddess Aurora in the old timeline and Princess Aurora from ''Disney/SleepingBeauty'' are one and the same.]]

[[WMG: Dark Gaia will not send Dr. Robotnik flying [[spoiler:like in Sonic Unleashed]].]]

[[WMG: The pre-reboot Snively is still alive in the Egg O'War.]]
While, for the most part, Worlds Collide doesn't contradict the retcon that it was caused by the events of Sonic Generations, there is one scene in the Wily Egg that shows a cell with Snively's name on. This can't be the post-reboot Julian Snively, because we see him immediately after the crossover ends; so maybe the fact that the Wily Egg was at the center of the multiversal collapse led to a "glitch in the Matrix" that let Colin "Snively" Kintobor cross over to the new universe unscathed?
** Maybe he ended up like Sonic and Eggman, Aware of the past universe but still had his history changed by the Genesis wave and just decided to go with it.

[[WMG: Eggman Nega is a survivor of the original multiverse, and the reason he is so insane is because of its destruction]]

A personal theory of mine related to the Nega doctor. In the original multiverse, he was a inter-dimensional terrorist, annoying the hell out of Zonic. However, when the multiverse was destroyed because of Eggman, his mind went already to a deeper end, that he has been trapped somewhere, looking for a way to be cured. After all, he is an descendant from Eggman (maybe), so he knows his ancestor way of [[JokerImmunity escaping death.]]

Why he survived? Due to his connection with Eggman (whatever that may be), and because he is part of the videogames and can't be killed. Deep down, he knows that, and wants to destroy the universe with the combined powers of the Chaos and Sol emeralds.

I know Nega can't be used because of Sega, but I still like to think he still part of the comic. I mean, his creations are.

[[WMG: The VideoGame/SonicForces adaptation will be much larger in scale compared to the video game itself.]]

[[WMG: There will be a plot line referencing the previous universe]]
Maybe they could temporarily get the rights from Penders to have his characters reapear for a while.

[[WMG:Eggman was hire directly by either Archie Comics, Ken Penders, or Judge Berman to drastically alter the prime zone.]]
Why else would Eggman pull off such a cheap move of screwing up/undoing continuity that would later lead to detrimental consequences on his part, as well as everyone else?

[[WMG:The removal of Penders' characters ultimately created the source of the Shattering World Crisis.]]
Because Penders developed the majority of the Sonic come universe, with both the creation of his characters and the impact they had in the series, removing them would be the equivalent of destroying the columns that act as support beams to a long-standing temple.

[[WMG:Repairing the Prime Zone will require time-travel back to the past.]]
The post SGW world the Sonic resides in now is in-fact his home universe, just a historically/spatially impaired version of its former self. Apparently, Eggman's interference with the Super Genesis Wave must altered a specific point in the past that disrupted the current present.

[[WMG:The reason the comic ended is because Robotnik, unleashed another Genesis Wave.]]
However this time, it erased Robotnik and got rid of the worse villains. It also changed the past so things happen differently, for example Edmund never had to seal Dimtiri away, so the Guardians and the Dark Legion, never went to war, and Maria was never killed by G.U.N., and all the old characters like Rob O'Hedgehog are brought back.