[[WMG: Notes on Mad Scientists]]
Every book continues a Running Gag where we meet two Mad Scientists who study vampires, only one of whom will live to the next book. Candidates for the next one to show up:
* Hannibal Lecter. Because Why Not?
* As another possibility for a vampire psychiatrist, Hugo Strange. Batman's already been mentioned a few times. (Kirk Langstrom in The Bloody Red Baron, anyone?)
* {{Jossed}}; Pretorius goes it alone in book 4. There's still ''Daikaju''.

[[WMG: When we finally meet vampire elder [[Literature/FevreDream Joshua York]], he will make references to Series/GameOfThrones and Literature/WildCards]]

Less a guess than a hope. Still, more oblique references have been made.
* Maybe "aces" and "jokers" will be terms referring to higher and lower bloodlines, respectively?

[[WMG:In-universe, drinking vampire blood will become the inspiration for the Rossum Corporation from Series/{{Dollhouse}} ]]
We've already seem from Winthrop (and possibly Bond) that driving vampire blood can alter someone's personality. So in this universe imprinting will just be a matter of feeding someone vampire blood.

[[WMG:Dracula came to power because [[Series/QuantumLeap Sam Beckett]] accidentally leaps into one of Van Helsing's accomplices and [[MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight screws up]]]]
There wasn't any indication of that happening in Dr. Seward's records, but then, he's going insane (maybe a result of being Leaped into?)
* If not this, Sam Beckett will still be involved- as [[VideoGame/VampireTheMasqueradeBloodlines Beckett]] the vampire archaeologist.

[[WMG: In a future book, the Dixon brothers from ''The Walking Dead'' will be blended with ''Supernatural'''s Winchesters]]
Just as Leatherface's family became the Beverly Hillbillies

[[WMG: ''Daikaiju'' will be an alternate version of the last chapter of Newman's ''Seven Stars'']]
The latter was a cyberpunk dystopia where a new batch of Biblical plagues arose that included a "plague of Godzilla". There's your daikaiju right there, and we know the fifth book is supposed to be set in a cyberpunk setting.