!The Tech faction are [[Series/DoctorWho Timelords]]
Why else do they seem to get younger with each population class? They must be reborn every time they go up a class!

!Anno 2070 share the same universe with Film/{{Waterworld}}
Everybody leave America and go to Indonesia, due to the rich amount of natural resource there. The lack of advanced technology in Film/{{Waterworld}} is because everybody took it away.

!There is a disturbing amount of backdoor intrigue between everyone
Listening to the comments made by the [=NPCs=], whether it be Tori Bartok, Yana Rodriguez, or the faction leaders themselves (Except FATHER), there is some interesting things going on in the background.

Rufus Thorne compares Salman Devi to Pavlov's dog. Salman Devi says that he overheard rumors that Yana is in fact a spy tasked to take down the Eden Initiative from the inside. Someone, maybe Yana, wanted Westgate Security in 'helping' Seamus Green step down from his position as the leader of the Eden Initiative. Even Seamus Green himself says that some actions he made, though he regrets it, is necessary for the greater good. Someone, forgot who, says that the reason Devi got his job is because he programmed FATHER to give it to him. Ironically, the one that doesn't seem to sound like a manipulative schemer is the leader of the Tycoons, who sounds more like an overworked CEO than most, and Kato, who's just a tough mercenary with a strict moral code. She turned down a bounty against Tilda since she doesn't hurt civilians.

It makes you think that you're just one very powerful piece in their secret plans.