[[WMG:The Athenian stage had its equivalents of Uwe Boll or Creator/SeltzerAndFriedberg]]
Mercifully, their names and works are lost to history.
* It's unlikely that many of their works were staged, however-anyone wanting to put on a play for a public festival had to have the plot approved by an Archon first.
** To to fair, that's not that different to today, where a film has to be greenlit before it's made. There was probably some terrible plays performed. For all we know, some of the plays that have survived were the equivilent of a Boll, or Seltzer and Friedburg "work".
* Or in a twist the surviving Greek playwrights were considered [[ItWillNeverCatchOn analogously to Uwe Boll or Seltzer and Friedberg in their time]].
** Nope Creator/{{Aristotle}} says otherwise in ''Literature/{{Poetics}}''