[[WMG:Daniel and Justine are in a game all along.]]
This is one way to prove if they can be redeemed.

[[WMG: The next game Daniel and Justine will face off against each other.]]
They'll have an amnesia-off. Justine will have used her resources to find out about Daniel's troubles, initially her interest was piqued by his letters, and ends up either capturing him and putting them both in one of her traps, or tries to find something similar to the orb, which Daniel delays by egging on her competitive side.
* Jossed. ''A Machine for Pigs'' is actually an indirect sequel set several decades after ''The Dark Descent'' and doesn't involve any of the original characters.

[[WMG: Daniel had the Amnesia Potion forced into him long before the start of the game.]]
This was so [[spoiler:The Baron would have another torturer with him.]]
What Daniel was before he had a potion forced into him? He was Jowee from DrawnToLife. His HeelRealization came when he started getting his memories back. Maybe sometime after the game, he got all his memories back (and his sanity with it).

[[WMG: Daniel can't pick up the candles he lights because Alexander had his servants glue all of the candles to the table.]]
Why? I have no idea. But that would explain why Daniel can't pick them up when his lantern runs out of oil.
* If he really needed that light, he could have picked up the entire table, but apparently, it's nailed to the floor too.

[[WMG: Daniel has telekinesis]]
The only time we ever see his hands are when he holds the lantern.
* He only has one hand, apparently
** [[http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120909163537/amnesia/images/thumb/1/15/Also_Everyone%27s_Girlfriend.png/630px-Also_Everyone%27s_Girlfriend.png He Does]]

[[WMG: The plot of the game is loosely based on [[Creator/HPLovecraft H.P. Lovecraft's]] ''The Case of Charles Dexter Ward'']]
Oh, there's plenty enough of differences to avoid being a ripoff, but the amount of similarities is still strong. A young, aspiring occultist seeks council from an older mystic who is decidedly more amoral and not quite human, who manipulates the younger man to become an accomplice in acts he never thought himself capable of. A massive underground tunnel complex where undead people are tortured for information, as well as monstrous guards made from dead humans are also present. The visit to another necromancer who lives in an old European castle is also mentioned in the book, as well as the possibility to travel beyond the boundaries of this world and summoning inhuman forces from the same place.

[[WMG: The rose petals falling signify Daniel regaining his memory]]
Each time the player sees the rose petals in the game, something damning or incredibly important happens to Daniel. The first instance is the note Daniel writes to himself. The other instance comes much later in the game when the player has their second interactive flashback in game, where Daniel is performing a ritual and chanting his [[MadnessMantra madness mantra]].

[[WMG: Pre-amnesia Daniel never expected to make it to Alexander.]]
Daniel more or less became a DeathSeeker after he learned the truth about his victims, but he either couldn't get up the nerve to kill himself, or felt that it wouldn't make up for his crimes. A compromise was the mind-wipe, which freed him from his feelings of guilt, and enabled him to go on the fool's errand of killing Alexander. Past Daniel fully expected Present Daniel to die horribly on his quest, as atonement for his crimes. Past Daniel must have thought that even death at the hands of Mr. Face or Mr. Tall would be preferably to living with the knowledge that he himself became a monster.

[[WMG:Alexander is [[FireEmblemElibe Nergal]].]]
Both of them are centuries-old bad guys, harvesting some kind of life-force through violent means. Their reasons for doing so are also similar (''Blazing Sword'' spoilers in Nergal's case) : Alexander wants to reunite with his "love", and so does Nergal (though he has forgotten that). Going by this logic, Agrippa is the unlucky counterpart of Athos.

[[WMG: Justine should be worried about those prisoners escaping.]]
If you take the best ending of Justine as canon, since it is the 100% completed ending then Justine is probably screwed. There are three prisoners that she captured that are capable enough to free themselves from their shackles after you "save them". There's one door blocked by a beam preventing their escape. Do you really think they couldn't escape? There's plenty of food and water in the dungeons to keep them going (the potatoes). Two of the "monsters" aren't crazy and only want to kill Justine which is plenty of reason to help the prisoners escape. One problem would be dealing with Malo who is blind, slow, hungry, and slowly being suffocated by his torture device. I'm pretty sure the prisoners can take him. The other problem is Alois who still loves Justine, but it might be possible to convince him to help. There plenty of tools the prisoners can use to make a battering ram of sorts or to dislodge rocks next to the door to create their own exit. Plus, the servants might get suspicious when they hear six men screaming in the basement. The police could easily found out that three of the six missing men dated Justine even if they didn't have DNA or any of our modern technology today. There is already suspicion that Justine kidnapped Alois. The three prisoners are in the same neighborhood as the women who probably kidnapped her three lovers. It might make people suspicious that she procured chemicals that are meant to knock people out. I know there are stories of people in that time period that got away with murders, but I don't think many of them had such damning evidence against them. It doesn’t help that Alois and Malo are semi-famous as a racquet ball player and as musician respectively. Plus, many of those murderers moved constantly and, thus, were hard to track down. On top of all of it, she isn't a baron like Alexander, and thus she couldn't even give the excuse that the men screaming in her basement were supposed to be imprisoned. Yeah, I'm 75% sure that Justine is screwed and is going to be caught.
* Perhaps that is the point? The fear of being caught keeps the 'game' interesting for her? Considering all the effort she went through for that one little 'adventure', it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case.

[[WMG: The Suitors aren't really talking, Justine is just hallucinating their voices.]]
Granted, it doesn't make much sense, but it ''would'' explain why their lips do not move while they talk, why they can talk while gasping for air, and also the weird warping sound effect surrounding their voices. Well, the first two can be explained away by programming, but given that the prisoners talk fairly normally, the latter is especially weird...

[[WMG: Daniel will act as a SpiritAdvisor to the sequel's protagonist.]]
It will go by the most interesting ending option, that Agrippa and Weyer helped him to ascend to the other plane of existence. But he still keeps some kind of connection to our world, and communicates through some kind of portal or otherworldly artifacts to help the new protagonist, who will be a relative of his, or otherwise connected to him in some manner. Basically, Daniel will be the Agrippa of the new game.
** {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: The Shadow is the [[VideoGame/{{Zork}} Grue]].]]
Like the Grue, it's an EldritchAbomination that apparently lurks in total darkness where it devours its prey. And besides the residue it leaves behind, you never actually get to see what it looks like, just like the Grue.

[[WMG: Alexander is a [[Series/DoctorWho Time Lord]].]]
Centuries before the events of Amnesia take place, Alexander's TARDIS crashed landed on Earth. (In Prussia to be exact.) His TARDIS was damaged beyond repair and spent centuries trying to rebuild it. Daniel's orb was a key element that he needed to complete it and be able to return to Gallifrey and reunite with his lover. The orb chamber where Daniel and Alexander have their final standoff is the control room to Alexander's TARDIS which is disguised as a chamber in Brennenburg.
* If that were true, why isn't Daniel brought with Alexander rather than left behind? Is it an old-model TARDIS that has to be rebuilt from scratch and blueprints every time a Time Lord needs to relocate?

[[WMG: Past traumas at and around the Castle Brennenburg will cause the area in and around Castle Brennenburg to become a GeniusLoci]]
Much like with Franchise/SilentHill, the "energy" of the area will start luring particular people. With all of the magic and torture that has occurred here, visitors will be taking on bizarre "trips", facing their worst nightmares incarnate.

[[WMG: In "The Dark Descent", the monsters are manifestations of Daniel's psyche.]]
The theory has some holes in it, some truth in the fiction and some fiction in the truth you could say. [[spoiler: Daniel hates Alexander for making him a "monster", and one of the prisoners calls Daniel a Brute, one of the zombies that appear late-game]]. However, there is some reality to the encounters with the monsters, as Alexander has his servants capture Daniel at one point to protect the Inner Sanctum. However, the servants never bother to make Daniel dead, or even put in a token effort to prevent his escape from the cells. Perhaps Alexander teleports Daniel to the cells with his power as a last-ditch effort, but can't do it again because the portal ritual must continue uninterrupted. Which leaves the question of how Daniel just gets back up after "dying" to a servant. Was it a bad trip that caused Daniel to pass out from horror, the shadow?
* The servant Grunt represents [[spoiler: the tortured victims of Daniel, desiring revenge against him and representing Daniel's desire to receive retribution for what he has done.]] Early on, residual memories or screams start to bleed through, and the grunts start manifesting. Daniel does have a journal entry about the helpers of Alexander, but the entry is rather vague on description. Some of the grunts are actually unable to attack Daniel, and will simply phase out if approached, suggesting hallucinations. The "real" grunts can also walk into dead-ends and simply vanish like they were not there.
* The Brute is likely [[spoiler: Daniel Himself, representing what he has become, just as the prisoner said to Daniel. It could be Amnesia's version of [[VideoGame/SilentHill2 Pyramid Head.]], representing Daniel's wish to be punished/executed. It is also useless to run away from a Brute because they can outrun you, much like Daniel can't undo his murders.]] The "Great Knife" on the Brute's arm is also similar to another [[VideoGame/SilentHill2 Great Knife]].
* The Brute also makes offensive appearances once Daniel finds the corpse in the morgue. [[spoiler: Possibly an indication that this was one of Daniel's murders. After the medical procedures to inoculate against the poison fungus, the avatar of Daniel makes a violent entrance.]]
* During the "Revenge" ending, [[spoiler: Daniel even states that [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory game was his purgatory]], to atone for his crimes.]]

[[WMG: Based on the [[DVDCommentary Developers Commentary]], the Servant Brute is Amnesia's [[VideoGame/SilentHill2 Pyramid Head]].]]
Like the previous WMG above. The developers mention inspiration from Franchise/SilentHill. The Brute mimics [[spoiler: Daniel]] by horrifying prisoners in the Prison (hurry to an unbreakable door to look through a window and see it.) The Brute's weapon is also as deadly as Pyramid Heads'.

The Brute shows up personally for final third of the game, but makes audio appearances in the first hub. VideoGane/SilentHill2 also has a LaserGuidedAmnesia plot that is essential to its story.

[[WMG: Oswald Mandus is Daniel's indirect relative.]]
Daniel probably never had kids or displayed romantic interest in anyone (if he had, it would have most likely been mentioned in his journals), so he couldn't have had a direct descendant. However, DummiedOut information says he had a sister named Hazel, and it's possible ''she'' had children and had Oswald as a direct descendant. Or any other siblings Daniel had.