[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia is not a native speaker of English.]]
It's the only way that she can suffer from such chronic BluntMetaphorsTrauma and still have gainful employment.
* Seemingly {{Jossed}} by the ''Young Amelia Bedelia'' books, which clearly present her as an all-American girl.

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia has Asperger syndrome.]]
This mild form of autism is the other major cause of BluntMetaphorsTrauma. Other people have [[http://www.doliferight.com/blog/2008/09/15/amelia-bedelia-must-have-aspergers-syndrome/ noticed this]].

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia actually does understand the directions she's given]]
She just deliberately [[BotheringByTheBook bothers by the book]] as revenge against employers who have given ambiguous instructions and reprimanded her for following them.
* An amusing idea, but again, if you accept the ''Young Amelia Bedelia'' books as canon, it's not so. She really does just take things literally.

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia is having an affair with Mr. Rogers.]]
You don't think cookies alone are a good enough reason to keep someone like that around, do you?

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia makes even better cookies than the books imply.]]
* [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark "Mmmmmmm, that's a good cookie!"]]

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia is having an affair with [[Literature/TheMagicSchoolBus Ms. Frizzle]] ]]
* You mean to say Amelia Bedelia is a Time Lady?

[[WMG: Amelia Bedelia is a distant relative of [[{{LiveActionTV/Blackadder}} Baldrick]]]]