[[WMG: One day, Attica is going to cross a line and Alcatraz is going to stop him through some means involving [[YourSoulIsMine his ownership of Attica's soul]].]]
* Attica legally signed it over to him to foil the Curators, and technically Alcatraz still owns it. Plus, the Curators prove that it is possible to harm/control someone by affecting their soul.
[[WMG: [[Anime/ReadOrDie Yomiko Readman]] will become a Lybrarian.]]
* Joker's plan to control the world through controlling the world's information supply is pretty much what the librarians of this series ''do''. Yomiko left the British Library because of this and some of the things that Joker and Gentleman did in pursuit of this. Where else could the world's official most obsessive bookworm ultimately end up with than Himalaya Smedry's secret society of ''good'' Librarians?
[[WMG: In the last book, Alcatraz is either going to kill his father, or his father is going to be killed saving him.]]
* This is mainly taken from a line in book three where Alcatraz suddenly narrates "I KILLED HIM!" while offering an explanation to who or what he killed.

* For the theory that he killed him, in book for we realize that [[spoiler: Atticus is actually doing the wrong thing by trying to give everyone Smedry powers]]. In the fifth book, I theorize that Alcatraz will be forced to kill him[[spoiler: to save the world.]]

* On the other hand, Atticus might die while saving Alcatraz from the scene with the Librarian cult trying to sacrifice Alcatraz that is never explained.

* Either one explains his insistence that he isn't a hero: It's the half crazed memoir of either a child wracked with survivors guilt, or a boy weighed down with PTSD after having killed his father; therefore disillusioned with his heroic actions.
** Assuming he isn't joking with us... again. (Bastille dies, anyone?)
[[WMG: Bastille is somehow resistant to the Breaking Talent.]]
* We know that Bastille can hit Alcatraz, when basically no one else can. Why? RuleOfFunny, obviously. Except... this is Creator/BrandonSanderson. His magic systems are legendarily interesting, coherent, and plot-relevant. So, it is likely {{Foreshadowing}}, with an explanation (to be revealed in a later book) for exactly why Bastille can hit Alcatraz.
** It could be something to do with the distinct possibility that they will end up married.
** It could also mean that Bastille is mildly AntiMagic, and might end up saving the world by being a ManOfKryptonite.