[[WMG: Creator/AlanMoore is [[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Sauron]], except he has shitloads of rings instead of one.]]
That's where he gets his power. The only way to kill him is to flush every single article of jewelry he has down the private toilet of the current DC ceo. Oh, and Creator/GrantMorrison is Saruman.

[[WMG:[[Series/BattlestarGalactica2003 Ron Moore]] is Alan Moore's Californian-bred clone.]]
He's got the hair, the last name, the conflicts with executives, and the stuff going on in his stories. But he's definitely gotta work on his beard.

[[WMG: ''Watchmen'' is a true story. Dan is a surrogate figure for Alan Moore himself.]]
Not my theory, but my sister's. Has its own theme tune, to the tune of "Dennis Moore".
* That's silly. Alan Moore is obviously Dr. Manhattan.
** Building on this, our earth is actually a product of Dr.M's actions post-story (where he goes off to create life), making Watchmen the backstory to how our entire existence came about.

[[WMG: Alan Moore, Michael Moore and Patrick Moore are brothers.]]
They gather for nice brotherly meetings every now and then to play the xylophone.
* Roger Moore and Mary Tyler Moore are his cousins.

[[WMG: Alan Moore is a transguy.]]
No reason.
* He grew a beard through SHEER WILLPOWER

[[WMG: Alan Moore still works with DC Comics (and mainstream comics in general), but uses pen names and actors pretending to be the writers.]]
He is in fact Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, Ed Brubaker, and Grant Morrison (eventually, a man who actually went by the name of Grant Morrison popped up and was assigned to work on Batman).
* Wait a minute. So your telling me he wrote ComicBook/FiftyTwo all by himself?
** Of course not. He had Glycon to help.
* I hate to tell you this but that smart Grant Morrison was writing comics ''before'' Alan Moore. Therefore Alan Moore is actually Grant Morrison.
** Grant Morrison was a pseudonym Rasputin used early on, before he settled on the Alan Moore identity. The Morrison side surfaces while he sleeps.
* If Alan Moore is secretly Geoff Johns, why the hell are Geoff Johns' stories so dull and samey?

[[WMG: There is a comic industry-endorsed program with the objective of training people to become future Alan Moores.]]
Since Alan Moore has sweared off doing DC and Marvel, it would be natural for the two to try and get the closest to him. Thus, they just decided to make their own. And naturally, WarrenEllis was the prime result.
** Couldn't have been a very well run program if that's the best it could do.
*** Well it certainly produced the most awesome ''Warren Ellis'' it could, if so.
** It's called ''[[Comicbook/TwoThousandAD 2000AD]]''.

[[WMG: Alan Moore is [[Literature/HarryPotter Hagrid]].]]
* Think about it. Both of them are big guys with giant beards who practice magic, for starters. The whole 'kicked out of school for being a drug dealer' thing easily could've been a Memory Charm. Seeing as he was kicked out of Hogwarts as well, he spent some time writing for various comic companies on either side of the atlantic. And if you're wondering how he did this while being Groundskeeper at Hogwarts, I have two words for you: Time Turners!

[[WMG: Those large rings Alan Moore wears are actually cybernetic fingers.]]
His real fingers are in a jar at DC's main office.
* Kinda makes you wonder...

[[WMG: Comicbook/VForVendetta is a SelfInsertFic]]
Well, almost. Alan Moore hates {{Film}}, so it's kinda hard to pin V as a straight-out AuthorAvatar. But think about it; One man, by himself(Moore) going up against an evil fascist dictatorship(DC Comics), becoming a martyr, and trampling them with the help of his FanDumb. The last bit is more HilariousInHindsight than anything, since he lacked the kind of fanbase he has today, which is comparable to V's followers.
* He doesn't hate ''film'', he hates his work, written for and perfectly suited to the comics medium, being adapted into film (incidentally, filmmakers he likes include Creator/TerryGilliam, Jean Cocteau and [[Film/LivingDeadSeries George A Romero]].) And he started ''V For Vendetta'' in ''Warrior'' in 1982, before he even did ''Swamp Thing''.

[[WMG:Alan Moore is actually engaged in a sophisticated public relations campaign to make himself appear to be difficult,moody and unpleasant in a low cost bid to attract attention to himself.]]
Think about it: Every time it seems like the public is forgetting about Alan Moore,he says or does something that turns the spotlight back on him. Every time.
Like JD Salinger,methinks.
* Except Alan's perfectly friendly and enthusiastic most of the time, happily doing the work he really loves doing and getting paid for it. Every so often people start pestering him about work he did ''thirty years ago'' for an American megacorporation and how they ripped him off, and then claim "Alan Moore is a jerk!" when he has the temerity to get pissed off at them for bringing it up again. Alan Moore doesn't care if "the public" forget him because they're the ones insisting Comicbook/TheKillingJoke is the best thing he ever wrote. He doesn't care about being accessible for Joe Q American [[WeAllLiveInAmerica and that really seems to annoy some people.]]

[[WMG: Alan Moore is the son of Glycon]]
He, however, is no longer a demigod, for he embraced true godhood much like Hercules. He's also the real messiah.

[[WMG: Alan Moore is a member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.]]
He is a character based on the works of HP Lovecraft, who created himself through a maddening paradox, and decided to remove himself and his role in the group from the Graphic Novel version of their chronicles.

[[WMG: Alan Moore and Creator/GrantMorrison are the same person... from different universes!]]
Moore is from "our" universe, Earth-1, while Morrison is from Earth-2 and was stranded here after ''ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths''. They're both mystic anarchist comic writers with bizarre personalities; the difference is that Moore is very hairy while Morrison is very bald. If you shaved Moore's hair and beard off, you'd find a slightly older Grant Morrison. This is also the source of their legendary rivalry.
* On Earth-2, the Romanovs never fell and Grigori Rasputin became an important part of the Tsardom. ThoseWackyNazis never rose to power. Hence why he [[CharacterDerailment derailed]] Magneto. Since Grant's an alternate Alan Moore, he's also an alternate Rasputin.
* Don't forget that both are chaos magicians.

[[WMG: [[ParanoiaFuel Alan Moore is standing right behind you.]]]]
Don't turn around. He really doesn't like that.

[[WMG:Alan Moore is Dracula]]
Find pictures of Vlad Tepes and say they aren't similar. Vampires originally dosen't burn on sun but only weakened so he is wearing those rings to stay strong
* Also this explains his treatment of Jonathan Harker in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

[[WMG:Alan Moore is an ancient EldritchAbomination masquerading as a human]]
And the only way to kill him is with a dagger made out of the femur bone of a saint, blessed by a hoodoo priestess, soaked in the blood of a Rabbi, and engraved with words from the Quran. And come on, that beard? Clearly tentacles!
** More evidence: His name [[SdrawkcabAlias pronounced backwards]] is "Rohm Nalaa". An EldritchAbomination name if ever I heard one. Go ahead. [[SpeakOfTheDevil Say it]] [[SchmuckBait out loud.]]

[[WMG:Alan Moore is a [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica puer magi]] [[note]]magical boy, or magical man I guess[[/note]]]]
He claims to be a magician, and it would explain a lot. One of his rings is his soul gem, his insanity comes from what he has seen, such as witches' barriers and his knowledge of the magical girl system. This would explain the dark tone of his works.