[[WMG:Action Man is associated in some way with GIJoe and/or Action Force. Dr. X is connected to Cobra.]]

Mostly because Hasbro evidently considers all their big toylines to take place in the same universe... or metaverse... or something, but there are a few other points.

''Action Force'' definitely takes place in the same universe as ''GI Joe'', and started off as a series of ''GI Joe'' redecos. Before ''Action Force'', there was ''Action Man'', the original ''GI Joe'' redeco.

Likewise, the names ''Action Man'' and ''Action Force'' are rather similar; perhaps Action Man was an early project conducted by the British Department of Defence, and when he proved successful, they expanded the project to an entire team - a force of Action Men, if you will.

Alternatively, Action Force came first, and Action Man was the top member; he was so good, in fact, that he was selected to regularly conduct surgical strikes where sending in more than two men and a dog was logistically unfeasible.

[[WMG: The AMP Factor was created from the brain fluid of Franchise/SherlockHolmes.]]
His preserved remains were found by Dr. X and Coach Grey, who found something in his blood that they refined until they had the AMP factor.

[[WMG: if there ever is an action man season 3, there will be a BettyandVeronica love triangle between Alex, Diana and Asazi]]
Given Alex' crushes on them both and asazi turning [[HeelFaceTurn good]] in the finale of the series
* What about Fidget? Make it a love trident... love fork? Love chicken foot...
** It's been hinted several times that she may be in a relationship with Rikki
** I second the previous notion simply for the term "love chicken foot".
[[WMG: The scar on Alex Mann's cheek...]]
... is from a shaving accident.