[[WMG: Who would really be playing the film's characters?]]
Post your theories.
* Wealthy, Successful Protagonist - George Clooney
* Free-Spirited Girl - Kate Winslet (almost too obvious)
* Disabled Guy(desperately trying for an Academy Award) - Edward Norton
* Older actress trying for a comeback - Holly Hunter
* If they don't get Kate Winslet, they probably would get Natalie Portman. I don't think they would get George Clooney (he's a little old), probably either Eric Bana or Christian Bale.
* How about George Clooney in drag for Older Actress Trying For A Comeback?
* The Incredibly Humble Human Male could only be Morgan Freeman.

[[WMG: Wealthy, Successful Protagonist is another famous pop culture icon from an unrelated series.]]
Half-assed defense of a theory that uses fantastically absurd, minor details from either series that only appear to relate to one another via a huge stretch of the imagination as evidence.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'' reference.
* Speculation that the movie actually takes place inside the mind of another character, either from the movie or from a completely disconnected franchise.
** Further speculation that Wealthy, Successful Protagonist is actually the InspirationallyDisadvantaged one and is making sense of his life the only way he can--by casting ''himself'' as the lead and his caretaker as InspirationallyDisadvantaged.