* John Williamson's song "The Kiwi and the Emu" depicts the pair, symbolically representing the nations of Australia and New Zealand, as having this kind relationship:
-->''So don't be fooled if you see 'em fight\\
When tempers fray on a summer's night,\\
If you pick on one, you pick on two,\\
The kiwi and the emu.''
* The Midnight Beast's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UlEv_t-fxc&feature=fvst Friends for never]]
* Music/BowlingForSoup's song "BFFF" from their album ''Sorry for Partyin'' describes the relationship to a T:
-->''You're gonna say I'm gay, when you hear me say\\
That I really truly feel this way,\\
[[NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat Not that there's anything wrong with being gay,]]\\
And sometimes we punch each other in the face,\\
Like when I hit on your mom, and got to second base,\\
Just trying to say I love you...[[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday in a heterosexual way!]]
* ''Music/{{Gorillaz}}'': Particularly in Phase 1, 2D never seemed to harbor any resentment towards Murdoc, who ran him over, put him in a coma and fractured his eyeball, ran him over ''again'' and fractured his ''other'' eyeball, knocked out his two front teeth at some point, regularly beats and insults him, and stole several of his possessions, at least one of his girlfriends, and (according to the website) most of his internal organs. 2D still once announced, "Aww, I love you, Murdoc!" in an interview, much to Murdoc's annoyance. He attempted to stand up for himself when the band re-formed, but evidently it hasn't gone very well, as he's currently being held captive by Murdoc on Plastic Beach. He did recently declare that he hates Murdoc, so he seems to be coming to his senses, either because of time spent away from Murdoc or because he's reduced his medication intake.
* Music/ThePolice. Despite catapulting each other to stardom, frontman Sting and founder Stewart Copeland could not agree on ''anything'', even coming to blows during the recording of their last album, and their clashing egos severely alienated guitarist Andy Summers. However, after [[BlatantLies permanently]] disbanding in 1986, Sting invited the other two to his wedding in 1992 and they performed an impromptu gig for the other guests. The three came together one last time in 2007-08 to play 152 shows on a worldwide tour: on opening night, Copeland wrote a disparaging review of their performance, which finished by describing how they [[Heartwarming/ThePolice fell into each other's arms laughing backstage]].
* [[Music/{{Aerosmith}} Steven Tyler and Joe Perry]]. They were actually called "The Toxic Twins" back in the day, though this may have had just as much to do with their incredible drug habits.
* Music/SimonAndGarfunkel.
* Music/JohnLennon always dished out his fair share of constructive criticism and potshots at Music/PaulMcCartney in the media post-[[Music/TheBeatles Beatles]] breakup, but he truly loved and admired Paul and said he would not want to hear fans or journalists slag him off, thinking that that was what John wanted to hear. John very often defended his friend, and he greatly praised ''Band On The Run'' when it came out. Likewise, Paul greatly admired John, and downhearted stopped sessions for his ''Tug Of War'' album for several months after learning of John's murder (he wrote "Here Today" in tribute).
* [[Music/TheRollingStones Mick Jagger and Keith Richards]].
** When asked around the turn of the century what had kept the Stones going for so long Keef replied with a smile, "Friction, baby."
* Tommy Scott and Jamie Murphy of {{Music/Space}}. Franny Griffiths as well - one interviewer described him and Jamie as practically married to each other, other interviews stated he had a BigBrotherInstinct towards Jamie, and in an interview with ''Q'' he said of Jamie, "He's a difficult little fucker. But it's not the same without him. We all buzz off him."
** Tommy and Franny are this in the current line-up, as the two oldest members and the two remaining original members. They take the piss out of each other constantly onstage (and often in interviews as well), but they're clearly friends off it.
* Noel and Liam Gallagher of Music/{{Oasis}}. Noel once said that they love each other, they just cannot stand being near each other.
* Music/RodStewart and Music/EltonJohn seem to have this kind of friendship. They exchange lighthearted swipes at each other, play practical jokes on each other, sometimes fall out at times or have major disagreements, but are truly the best of friends.
* Joey and Johnny [[Music/TheRamones Ramone]] had this relationship to a T. Johnny would make frequent anti-Semitic jokes at Joey's expense, who would in turn refuse to play any songs of Johnny's with any political content. When Johnny started dating (and later married) Joey's then-girlfriend, Joey fired back by writing "The KKK took my baby away", and got Johnny to record it before he understood the context. However, the two collaborated closely on everything, and when Johnny received word of Joey's death, he slid into a deep depression which stuck with him for pretty much the rest of his life.
* In "I Haven't Seen You In Forever" by ''Music/TheyMightBeGiants'', the narrator and his old friend are at first glad to see each other, but the two part ways after being reminded of how much they annoy each other. Ultimately, the two start to miss each other again and make amends.
* In general, guitarists will joke about bassists being useless or untalented, and bassists will joke about guitarists having an ego the size of Jupiter.