Daylight is a visual novel made by Senz in 2008. At first glance it may seems a boy's love game but the shounen-ai hints are very light in the game. A manga adaption of the game was made in the same year by Akira Sakamoto.

The plot stars Uluca Rufen, called Luca by his friends. At the beginning of the new school term Luca find himself trasferred from his single room to a 2 person room in his dormitory. His new roomate is a gloomy senior named Eusmylus C. R. Wintertherioum (shortened as Eus). Soons after he is nominated the Morning Messenger of the Night Festival that will happen in two months. Not only will he have to deal with this role (considered very important), but thanks to his friend Mei, while trying to solve the seven mysteries of the Academy, he will be deeply involved with the secrets of the "Legend" very despised by him.....

!!This game features examples of:
* AnOddPlaceToSleep: Luca tends to find Eus sleeping anywhere
* BigEater: Eus is always hungry but especially likes sweets
* CloudCuckooLander: Eus
* DeadpanSnarker: Definetely Luca especially towards Eus
* {{Determinator}}: [[spoiler: Luca when he finds out that he is the sacrifice for Eus and tries to find a way to avert his destiny]]
* [[spoiler:GenerationXerox]]: [[spoiler:Luca is very similiar to his ancestor Rufen, the first king of Chernia, as many characters denote in the story]]
* GoldenEnding: [[spoiler:Eus' ending is this. Luca is able to free himself from being the Sacrifice, the Night Dwellers don't need anymore to eat others humans and Eus can finally see the promised "daylight"]]
* {{Keet}}: Mei initially
* [[spoiler:OurMonstersAreDifferent]]: [[spoiler: The Night Dwellers eats other humans because of their "light", something they do not have. They share some characteristics with vampires such as weakness to sunlight and being more strong and durable]]
* SingleMindedTwins: the two twins both named Minmi definitely are this trope at first appearance but there is more to it......
* TheWoobie: Eus [[spoiler: thanks to always having to repeat the contract made with Rufen by eating his descendants every 100 years so he can have the light necessary to stop the hunger of the Night Dwellers]]
* {{Yandere}}: [[spoiler:Mei in his bad ending]]