After the original ''VisualNovel/CorpseParty'' came out for the PC-98 in 1996, the series would idle until a second installment called ''New Chapter'' was released for mobile phones in 2006. During this downtime, a [[FanSequel Fan]] {{Prequel}} was developed to fill the void, drawing inspiration from two sisters mentioned in passing in the original game.

Kaori Hasegawa enjoys scaring her little sister Shiho with ghost stories, teasing her for being so frightened by such fables. However, after telling her one about a girl who met a gruesome end in a nearby school, the two suddenly find themselves stranded in a broken down, abandoned building with no apparent way out.

In 2012, a FanTranslation was released by [[ Memories of Fear]]. In addition, the original team is working on an UpdatedRerelease titled ''Corpse Party-0'', which will add four new characters to the cast. So far, only a demo has been released, which Memories of Fear has also translated.

!!This [[FanSequel Fan Prequel]] contains examples of:

* ApocalypticLog: These can be found scattered around the school, providing warnings and hints. [[spoiler:Shiho also writes one before her death.]]
* [[BigBrotherInstinct Big Sister Instinct]]
* BookEnds: Just before they get pulled into the haunted school, Kaori scares Shiho by telling her about a girl who supposedly stood up after falling from the third floor. In the C ending, [[spoiler:two schoolgirls tell a similar story about Kaori's suicide]], while in the B ending, [[spoiler:Kaori starts telling the same story to two unsuspecting students]].
* ColourCodedCharacters: Some of the spirits the girls meet are blue while others are red and fiery. [[spoiler:Shiho discovers the hard way what this means.]]
* {{Determinator}}: Shiho becomes one after [[spoiler:starting her fatal walk through the green goo. Despite the pain, she manages to make it all the way across, find shelter, and hold on long enough to write a final warning for her beloved sister]].
* DistressedDamsel: Peril seems to always find Shiho first.
* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler:Kaori in the C ending]].
* {{Doppelganger}}: [[spoiler:The evil spirits masquerade as both girls at different points.]]
* DownerEnding: [[spoiler: Ultimately, Kaori can't save Shiho. Even if she escapes, the guilt may drive her to suicide, or she may deliberately choose to drag ''others'' into the dark world by retelling the story. Even in the best ending, she states she isn't sure how long she'll be able to endure the guilt and anguish of failing to protect her sister before she breaks.]]
* EvilLaugh: The anatomical model goes 'kikikikikikikikikikiki' ''constantly''. The evil spirit also laughs a lot.
* {{Expy}}: Like Yuka before her, Shiho is the main character's adoring little sister who came to pick them up from school, only to end up [[DistressedDamsel in constant peril]] and relying upon her sibling's protection.
* [[spoiler:FinalBoss]]: In the final nightmare, Kaori and Shino can [[spoiler:confront and defeat the evil spirit, then escape together]].
* ForegoneConclusion: [[spoiler:Shiho is the author of one of the warning notes found in the original game. ''Zero'' basically reveals ''how'' she discovered the information she wrote down: the hard way.]]
* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: [[spoiler:The anatomical model reappears during the final chase sequence without his legs, making him much slower. Still don't want to get caught, though.]]
* HairDecorations: Shiho has a [[IconicItem yellow ribbon]] which she adores.
* HeroicBSOD: [[spoiler:Kaori]] suffers one upon discovering [[spoiler:Shiho's body]].
* HeroicSacrifice: During the final escape, [[spoiler:Shiho's spirit flings itself into the flames blocking her sister's path]].
* HistoryRepeats: Many of ''Zero's'' events echo what happens in the original ''Corpse Party'' game. Or what ''will'' happen, rather. On top of this, [[spoiler:the notes with feminine handwriting sound oddly like a conversation between two sisters, who mention a yellow ribbon, and one note refers to the dead girl from 2-9 as Hasegawa]].
* HopeSpot: In a sense, [[spoiler:all of the final nightmare]], as it ''looks'' an awful lot like [[spoiler:a GoldenEnding... up until the final image]].
* InvoluntaryGroupSplit: Thanks to [[spoiler:the anatomical model breaking the loose board while Kaori and Shiho are on opposite sides of it]].
* KillItWithFire: The evil spirits look like flames, and it's possible to die in the school's incinerator.
* MirrorMonster: [[spoiler:One of the mirrors does not show a reflection. Breaking the wrong mirror leads to Shiho's death.]]
* MultipleEndings: Depending on one's actions, there are nine different Bad Ends Kaori and Shiho can meet along the way, a few of which have small variations. (One has seventeen different versions depending on [[spoiler:which of the flames hits Kaori]]!) In addition, the main ending has three variations hinging on [[spoiler:how much willpower Kaori has at the end]].
** OmegaEnding: Seeing all nine bad ends unlocks 'the final nightmare', in which [[spoiler:Shiho joins her sister for the final battle and seemingly escapes with her]]...
** GoldenEnding: [[spoiler:{{Averted}}, sadly, as the final image shows Shiho's corpse, making it clear she never escaped after all.]]
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Upon confronting the evil spirit responsible for their being stranded, [[spoiler:Kaori]] verbally tears into her.
* SanityMeter: Both sisters have a Willpower meter. If this dips too low, it can lead to a bad ending.
* TheStinger: The main ending has three different versions depending on which variant you earned. The final scenario also has one [[spoiler:establishing that no, Shiho's still dead after all...]]

!!The UpdatedRerelease also contains instances of:

* AdaptationExpansion: While ''Zero'' focused solely on the Hasegawa sisters, ''0'' adds four male classmates to the mix.
* BlueWithShock: Some of the 'scared' portraits show a flush of blue between their eyes.
* BlushSticker: Masayuki gets these whenever he's laughing or excited.
* ForegoneConclusion: [[spoiler:The names of the new guys come from Name Tags found in ''Blood Covered''. This will not end well.]]
* InvoluntaryGroupSplit: Shortly after hearing how lucky they are to be together, Kaori and Hideki end up on one side of a collapsed floor, while Shiho and Masayuki are trapped on the other.
* LikeBrotherAndSister: Masayuki and Shiho are seen like this.
* PeekABangs: Hideki has these.
* PlotRelevantAgeUp: In the original ''Zero'', Shiho is fifteen years old. Here, she's seventeen, specifically to put her at the same age as three of the new characters, with two of them being her classmates.
* PointlessBandAid: Yuuya has a large bandage that completely covers one cheek.