* The Goblins' songs in ''Literature/TheHobbit''.
* Shows up a lot in ''Literature/{{Redwall}}''. ''Triss'' has three ("That's The Freebootin' Way", "'[[CardCarryingVillain Tis Nice To Be A Villain]]" and "Plunder, By Thunder").
** In ''Rakkety Tam'', the villains sing a let's-get-frenzied song, which the audio book sets to a heavy beat and bass guitar.
*** Also in ''Marlfox''. "Who be death? We be death! Dis de blade wot stop your breath!"
** And then there's [[AffablyEvil Flinky's]] many songs in ''Loamhedge''. All of them are great, but the darkest is the "[[IronicNurseryTune Vermin Lullaby]]", which was a normal lullaby at first, before it suddenly got DarkerAndEdgier in the second chorus.
-->"So hush now, lullaby, foxy close yer eyes, and you'll soon make lovely vittles, for the ants and flies". {{Squick}}.
* The ''Franchise/StarTrek'' novel ''Literature/HowMuchForJustThePlanet'', being a rather... ''different''... ''Trek'' [[RuleOfFunny story]], features "My Own Sweet Tyrannical Way", sung by [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Queen Janeka]]. Having captured Sulu, [=McCoy=], and a pair of [[FriendlyEnemy Klingons]], she launches into a high-kicking musical number about [[PunchClockVillain what a pain in the ass is it to be a barbarian queen in these crazy modern times]]... her litany of complaints include an uncomfortable ChainmailBikini, dodging KlingonPromotion attempts, keeping a rowdy barbarian horde under control, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking paying the heating bill for the ]] [[ElaborateUndergroundBase Underground Lair]]. Though in the end, she concludes it's totally WorthIt, since the [[ForTheEvulz Evulz are too much fun to give up]].
* The closest thing to one in the ''Literature/LeftBehind'' books is Nicolae Carpathia's self-indulgent national anthem "Hail Carpathia", which gets twisted by Buck Williams into TheVillainSucksSong "Fail Carpathia".
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'': "And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low..." You know [[MagnificentBastard Lord Tywin Lannister]] is badass when, in [[CrapsackWorld Westeros]] of all places, he has his own theme tune, The Rains of Castamere. It is about how, while still a young man, he wiped out Houses Reyne and Tarbeck for rebelling against the Lannisters. When it was played to another rebellious Lord they reconsidered their position. Later it is used as the signal for [[spoiler:[[NastyParty the Red Wedding]], when enemies of the Lannisters and thousands of their troops are massacred.]]
* "The Robber's Song" from the Norwegian children's book (and later play) ''When the Robbers came to Cardamum Town'' by Thorbjørn Egener is the three titular, not very villainous, robbers, Kasper, Jesper and Jonatan, singing about their nightly exploits. Due to the popularity of the book, the clever lyrics and the tune being a total EarWorm, the song is known by pretty much everyone in Norway, Denmark and Sweden:
--> We sneak around on tip-toed feet
--> when we are going robbing.
--> We only rob whate'er we need,
--> it's our way of shopping.
--> Now darkness lies across the land
--> the town is sleeping to a man,
--> and we're going robbing with bags in our hands,
--> we are Kasper and Jesper and Jonatan.
* The [[EnthrallingSiren Sirens' song]] in ''Literature/TheOdyssey'', seeing as the Sirens used it to lure sailors to their doom.
* Some of the ''Literature/CaptainFuture'' books have a few lines from the SpacePirates' anthem:
-->From Mercury to Pluto, \\
From Saturn back to Mars, \\
We’ll fight and sail and blaze our trail \\
In crimson through the stars! \\
We’ll cram our holds with plunder \\
From every world and moon...