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''[=RuneScape=]'' is a browser-based MedievalEuropeanFantasy {{MMORPG}} by the UK-based developer Creator/JagexGamesStudio that runs on a {{Freemium}} subscription model. The free version of the game is self-contained and can be played on its own, but subscribers gain access to separate Member servers with more content in exchange for a monthly fee. The game holds the official Guinness world record for largest free MMORPG.

Gameplay primarily involves quests, combat (both PlayerVersusPlayer and PlayerVersusEnvironment), and LevelGrinding, along with a variety of side activities like CaptureTheFlag. ''[=RuneScape=]'' is somewhat uncommon among [=MMORPGs=] in that its quests are more elaborate than your basic TwentyBearAsses {{Fetch Quest}}s, instead focusing more on plot, puzzles, problem-solving, and {{Boss Battle}}s. New content, usually (but not always) members-only, is released on a weekly basis.

The game was originally released in January 2001 in what would now be considered a very primitive form. The full world was ''much'' smaller, containing only a few small cities. There were only six quests, one server, and two developers. It gradually expanded until 2004, when the whole game was overhauled completely: such large changes were made to the game engine, the graphics, the basic game mechanics, and the content that the developers saw fit to call it "[=RuneScape=] 2" and retire the previous game as "[=RuneScape Classic=]". The Classic version is still playable today, although access is restricted to subscribing members. Then, in July of 2013, Jagex released Runescape 3, which added a new [=HTML5=] client with improved graphics[[note]]which fizzled due to browsers not adding [=HTML5=] support like Jagex had hoped[[/note]], as well as improved audio and a new, customizable interface and kicking off the first in a series of game-wide World Events. Jagex later rereleased Runescape 2, circa 2007, as Old School Runescape, with its own small dev team and player polled updates.

It has a series of ExpandedUniverse novels: ''Betrayal at Falador'' (2008), ''Return to Canifis'' (2011) and ''Legacy of Blood'' (2012), all written by T.S. Church. It has also spawned three [[GaidenGame Gaiden Games]]: "Armies of Gielinor", a multiplayer TurnBasedTactics game set during the God Wars, released through Website/FunOrb, "Chronicle: [=RuneScape=] Legends" a CollectibleCardGame, and "[=RuneScape=] Idle Adventures", an IdleGame.

''[=RuneScape=]'''s official site can be found at http://www.runescape.com/.

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