[[caption-width-right:350:Where are we off to today, Pikachu?]]

A virtual pet Franchise/{{Pokemon}} game for the UsefulNotes/Nintendo64 where you befriend a wild Pikachu. Using Professor Oak's new human-to-Pokémon translation device, the Poké Helper, you guide Pikachu as he goes on adventures and plays with his Pokémon friends. Most of the game play consists of saying short phrases to Pikachu via a microphone.

[[SweetDreamsFuel It is also made of the cotton candy from your childhood]], and began a small subseries of ''Pokémon'' games geared for small children that involve Pikachu running around acting all cute: it was succeeded by ''VideoGame/PokemonChannel'' and ''VideoGame/PokeParkWii''.

!!This game exhibits examples of:
* AnInteriorDesignerIsYou: Stuff you collect in the levels can be brought back home into the room and back garden. The player doesn't really decide what goes where, but you can play with Pikachu using them.
* ABoyAndHisX
* AnimalTalk: You need the Poké Helper (or the megaphone) to communicate with Pikachu, though he can talk to other Pokémon regardless of species.
* BananaPeel: Pikachu can slip on these in the pinata game (or anytime he's careless after eating a banana).
* BerserkButton: Pikachu hates being called a rat.
* ConsoleCameo: A Nintendo 64 can be found in the bedroom.
** In the Japanese version, it seems to be able to use [[UsefulNotes/SuperNintendoEntertainmentSystem Super Famicom]] cartridges.
* ContinuityNod: Ash's outfit from the animé can be found hanging on a coat rack in the bedroom. Pikachu uses the hat to cover his eyes in Pinata Party.
** The player's mother looks just like Ash's mom, Delia.
** Who's That Pokémon, also from the animé, is a MiniGame that can be played in the bedroom.
** [[spoiler:The ending appears to be a {{homage}} to the animé episode "[[Recap/PokemonS1E39PikachusGoodbye Pikachu's Goodbye]]"]]
* CulturalTranslation: The cupcake that Pikachu steals from you was originally an onigiri.
** Also, the piñata game was originally a watermelon-splitting game with similar rules called [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suikawari suikawari]].
* DefeatMeansFriendship: Averted. You befriend Pikachu without battles or Poké Balls.
* DumbBlonde: A non-human example but he is yellow and he does need the user's help to do pretty much anything.
* ExcitedShowTitle: The title has an exclamation point at the end.
* ExtremeOmnivore: Pikachu again. Especially annoying when he grabs the megaphone out of your hands and eats it only to wince with a disgusted "Pii-yuck!". He has so little knowledge of what's edible that [[TooDumbToLive it's amazing he can survive in the wild.]]
* FishingMinigame: And you can win posters to hang on your wall if you do well enough!
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: There's an object called a 'yellow ball' that Pikachu grabs out of nowhere and flings at the user... Only it's more brown than yellow and surrounded by stink clouds. Pikapoo, anyone?
* GuideDangIt: Some of Bulbasaur's cooking ingredients. To be specific, the game told you three ingredients necessary for the recipe. The GuideDangIt? ''There were always FOUR ingredients, but the game would never tell you that.'' On the plus side, the fourth can be anything edible, but some go better in some recipes than others, making for another GuideDangIt.
** Also, some of the Pokémon names are pronounced a bit... oddly.
* HammerSpace: Where Pikachu gets his pad of paper and drawing utensils.
* HarmlessElectrocution: Hitting you with a thunderbolt is Pikachu's way of playing tag.
* ImprobableAccessoryEffect: Some of the uses for the megaphone make perfect sense. You can use it to call Pikachu when he steals the Poké Helper, call lost Poliwag over to you, or scare away the Haunter. On the other hand, you can also use its speech bubbles to... knock fruit out of trees?[[note]]You ''are'' supposed to have Pikachu use Thunderbolt or Thunder, but, GoodBadBugs strike again[[/note]].
* LightningCanDoAnything: Including turning corn on the cob into popcorn -- complete with a bag.
* LoyalAnimalCompanion
* MarketBasedTitle: The Japanese version of the game is called "Pikachu genkidechū", literally meaning "Pikachu Is [[PunBasedTitle Fine-achu]]".
* MoralDissonance: Professor Oak's order [[spoiler: to release Pikachu]] in the end seems odd considering his goals involve people building friendships with Pokémon.
* NintendoHard: The pinata game is ''extremely'' hard to win, especially the variation that has multiple rounds.
* NoNameGiven:
** The user is only ever spoken to in second person.
** You can't name the Pikachu, so you have to refer to him by his species.
* OddlyNamedSequel2ElectricBoogaloo: The game's title; it was the only game in the franchise without the prefix "Poké" in its name until ''VideoGame/PokkenTournament''[[note]]technically cheating there because all it does is add another k[[/note]] and ''VideoGame/DetectivePikachu''.
* PunBasedTitle: The game's Japanese title translates to literally "Pikachu Is Fine-achu".
* RainbowSpeak: Words Pikachu understands are in red. The word "Pikachu" itself is yellow.
* RegionalBonus: Popcorn is only obtainable in the U.S. version. This is because the Japanese version has eggplants instead of corn.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Pikachu -- and if you tell him so, he blushes, making himself even ''more'' adorable.
** And Togepi!
** And Caterpie!
** And Charmander!
** And ''[[OverlyLongGag everyone!]]''
* ShoutOut: The final mission has the player [[Franchise/MetalGear following Pikachu inside a cardboard box]].
* SugarBowl: The game takes place in an idyllic forest full of cheerful, frolicking Pokémon.
* UniversalTranslator: The Poké Helper seems to be one, at least in terms of human to Pikachu.
* VideoGameCaringPotential: Giving Pikachu compliments, getting Bulbasaur's picnic ingredients right, buying fun stuff at the shop...
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential:
** You can bully the poor little guy by encouraging him to eat garbage, yelling in his ears with a megaphone, and calling him "electric rat".
** Also, there's a graphics glitch where you can make it look like a sword is going through Pikachu.
** During the mission where you babysit for Butterfree, you can wait for the Caterpie to get hungry and just let them suffer.
** You can yell extremely vulgar things at Pikachu... through a megaphone.
-->[[TheStinger Your game was saved.\\
You can now turn the power OFF.]]