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[[caption-width-right:320:Words fail to describe this game.]]

-->'''Creator/DanielRemar:''' [[{{Tagline}} Don't ask why. Ask why not.]]

-->'''Ludosity:''' It's pretty much impossible to describe this game. Here's a quote from one player:\\
'''[=M3nTo5=]:''' At first I was wtf. But then I was wtf.

An arcade game by Creator/DanielRemar.

You're a garden gnome. You hate Christmas, and you hate Christmas elves. You have a rope, wheels, and a remote. So what do you do?

You install the wheels below your house, modify the remote to control them, and tie yourself to the chimney with the rope. Then, you proceed to swing around to shake the elves off, supported by your trusty cat, a princess and [[StuffBlowingUp lots of explosions]].

The game's old download version and trailer can be found [[http://www.remar.se/daniel/ggc.php here]]. The Flash UpdatedRerelease can be played [[http://ludosity.com/library/garden-gnome-carnage/ here]]. An Xbox Live Arcade version is available [[http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Garden-Gnome-Carnage/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802585506c1 here]]. A spin-off-game called ''Videogame/HyperPrincessPitch'' (heavily inspired by ''Operation Carnage'' in means of gameplay) has been released at the beginning of December 2011.

!!'''This game provides examples of the following tropes:'''
* AirborneMook: Sleighs.
%%* AnAssKickingChristmas
* AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent: The minigame is even initiated by a voice saying this.
* BadassSanta: According to ''VideoGame/HyperPrincessPitch'' at least, he is [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot also a mecha]].
* BuildingSwing: Sort of, without the detaching and reattaching part. You properly do this in the (unfinished) SpiritualSequel ''Bear Miner'', but with a [[ImpossiblyCoolWeapon chain-axe]], and a bear instead of a house.
* ButtonMashing: You can shake elves off by rapidly pressing Left and Right. This was much easier in the Game Maker version, arguably even an easier way of dealing with them than hitting them with your gnome.
* ChristmasElves: Your enemies.
* CoolShades: The gnome sports them.
* DeathFromAbove: Airstrikes.
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* ExcusePlot: PlayedForLaughs.
* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: Princess Pitch bakes airstrikes for you and collects gold bricks in a minigame.
* GrievousHarmWithABody: You can knock down sleighs with elves, or knock sleighs ([[MadeOfExplodium which then explode]]) into hordes of elves. It's the main way to achieve hit combos, which in turn give you Whopees.
* TheGrinch: The Garden Gnome. ''Why'' he hates Christmas is unclear, but it's apparently a pretty harsh hatred.
* HelpfulMook: Sparkling sleighs still act like other sleighs and try to land on your roof, but they also drop blue bricks on defeat, which cause a huge explosion and split into golden bricks.
* ICanSeeMyHouseFromHere: Uttered by elves launched into the air.
* JoinedYourParty: "Rheinforsements have arrhived!"
* KindHeartedCatLover: Most likely averted. The garden gnome and his cat seem to be long-time partners in battle, but the gnome, like Princess Pitch, is a VillainProtagonist of some sort.
* KungFuProofMook: The elves disguised as gifts cannot be defeated just by hitting them. They'll just keep getting up again until you knock them off the screen. You cannot shake them off either.
* MadeOfExplodium: The bricks you can chuck at the elves. Golden bricks explode harder, blue (Sapphire?) bricks explode into ''more'' golden bricks, and you don't want to know what grey bricks do. Oh, did we mention that you can shake every single brick in the building at once if you feel desperate?
* MediumBlending: Pixel art graphics... and [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment unexplained]] Christmas hat-clad photographical heads.
%%* MultiMookMelee
* OneHitPointWonder:
** When a single elf reaches the chimney, it's game over. No questions asked.
** On the other hand, elves (except gift-clad ones, who have to be knocked off screen to be defeated) by a single hit or explosion.
* PinballScoring: About 200000 points are a pretty normal score. Not caused by added zeroes, though, but just a result of the massive amount of {{Mooks}} you defeat.
* SavingChristmas: Inverted.
* ShoutOut:
** The guy who pops out of the corner of the screen and yells "WHOOPEE!" whenever you get a big enough combo recalls [[Franchise/MortalKombat Dan "Toasty" Forden.]]
** When you are out of airstrikes and bounce the cat three times in the air, Princess Pitch appears at the window with an airstrike and says this:
--> '''Pitch:''' [[VideoGame/SuperMario64 Please come to the window. I baked an airstrike for you. Pitch.]]
** Additionally, Pitch is quite clearly a parody of Princess Toadstool (AKA Peach) from the ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'' games.
* SmartBomb: Airstrikes and the Brickopalypse serve this purpose, though they don't auto-hit enemies. The Whopee strike, however, does...
* StuffBlowingUp: Bricks. And sleighs. And parachute bricks. And chimneys. But mainly bricks.
* UpdatedRerelease: The game was initially made in GameMaker and released on Creator/DanielRemar's website. It was later remade as a Flash version, with re-balanced gameplay (elves are easier to hit, but harder to shake off) and some new extras.
* VariableLengthChain: The rope holding the garden gnome.
* [[WidgetSeries Weird Swedish Thing]]: The premise: You're a garden gnome tied to a building on wheels, and you're trying to hold off elves from dropping Christmas presents into the chimney (because gnomes hate holidays) by swinging into them and dropping bricks on them, in addition to the occasional air strike. And the bricks [[MadeOfExplodium explode]]. Oh, and this game was made by Creator/DanielRemar (of ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}'' and ''VideoGame/HeroCore'' fame).
* ZergRush: The elves' only tactic is to swarm the building in increasing large numbers and sometimes from above.