[[caption-width-right:288:The wall is solid because you can see it.]]

'''Closure''' is a Flash game by Tyler Glaiel. You can play it [[http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/480006 here]], and you definitely should. The idea behind the game is simple enough: a platformer where only illuminated areas are solid. Of course, a simple concept doesn't necessarily mean simple puzzles, [[NintendoHard and it shows]]. Featuring moving lamps, teleporting light orbs and lights that dim when approached; it should be no surprise that completing this game is harder than it seems at first.

But the thirty levels offer more than just interesting gameplay; the game is excellent proof that browser games can be seen as an art form. Dynamic music and a distinct graphical style help in creating an oppressive, dark mood. The story is told completely without dialogue: your only hints are the background drawings and writing on the walls and even then, you're left completely [[IncrediblyLamePun in the dark]] until the very last level of the game.

A full version of the game was released on Playstation 3. Unlike a human-like figure, this version has a strange 4-legged and 2-armed creature as a protagonist who changes shape depending on the chapter. First chapter includes man with a weird helmet in a mine/factory, the second features a woman in a forest and a hospital and the third one features a child in a carnival. The storyline is only hinted by the drawings as well but this time there are no writings on the wall.

[[http://store.steampowered.com/app/72000/ Now available on Steam!]]

!This game provides examples of:
* BlackoutBasement: The major mechanic of the game.
* CrateExpectations: Crates are meant to be pushed and climbed on in this game.
* CreditsMedley: In Playstation 3 version.
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: Newgrounds version only uses black and white color. Playstation 3 has some dark shades of gray in between.
* EldritchLocation: Especially in Playstation 3 version.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: Sort of. Your character has a ponytail throughout the entire game, but you only see its shadow until the final level.
* FakeDifficulty: The game doesn't tell you what different orbs or lamppost do, forcing the player to figure it out on their own. In other words, you have to die a few times before you get it.
* HopeSpot: "I've had enough."
* HollywoodDarkness: Averted. Where there's no light, there's nothing at all.
* HubLevel: In the full version, there are chapter and level select areas.
* [[spoiler:MentalWorld]]: From which you try to escape.
* NintendoHard
* RoomFullOfCrazy: Level 28. The {{Shout Out}}s to [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} other]] [[VideoGame/{{Braid}} artgames]] could be seen as [[{{Narm}} spoiling the mood a bit]]...
* ShoutOut: In the carnival area level 6, a shelf of prizes include characters from {{Snapshot}}, TheBasementCollection, and the Newgrounds tank, among others.
* SuperNotDrowningSkills: The protagonist in Playstation 3 version although it may be justified as the character is not entirely a human.
* TrialAndErrorGameplay: As stated above, some things can take a few deaths to figure out.
* VariableMix: In Playstation 3 version, the music slows down while being under water.