[[caption-width-right:350:"Earth Defense", one of the original ''Zen Pinball'' tables.]]

'''''[[http://www.zenpinball.com/ Zen Pinball]]''''' and '''''[[http://www.pinballfx.com/ Pinball FX]]''''' are a series of games for playing DigitalPinballTables by Creator/ZenStudios. Most of the games[[note]]except for ''Zen Pinball: Rollercoaster'' and ''Zen Pinball: Inferno''[[/note]] are frameworks where players can purchase and download new pinball tables over time. The games support features such as local and online multiplayer play, slow motion, mid-game saves, and online leaderboards and tournament competitions.

Despite the name differences, the games are fundamentally the same; "Pinball FX" is used for games on Microsoft systems, while "Zen Pinball" is for versions on other platforms. Most of the tables are available for both series.

The first title in the series was ''Pinball FX''. It was published by Microsoft Game Studios on XboxLiveArcade in 2007, and initially came with three tables ("Speed Machine", "Agents", and "Extreme"). Six other tables were released later as downloadable content.

In 2008, Zen released the first ''Zen Pinball'' games, ''Zen Pinball: Rollercoaster'' and ''Zen Pinball: Inferno''. They were games for [[IOSGames Apple's [=iOS=] devices]], and unlike the other titles in the series, these were standalone apps with no facility for downloading additional tables.

In 2009, Zen released ''Zen Pinball'' on the PlayStationNetwork, making it the first pinball game on the {{PlayStation 3}}. It came with four tables ("Earth Defense", "El Dorado", "Epic Quest", and "Excalibur"), with others released later. The game was subsequently released on [[AndroidGames Android devices]] as ''Zen Pinball THD'' and the Nintendo3DS as ''Zen Pinball 3D'' in 2011. A version of ''Zen Pinball'' was also released for [[IOSGames iOS devices]], with proper support for downloadable tables.

''Pinball FX 2'' was released in 2010 for the {{Xbox 360}}, then later Windows 8 in 2012, Steam in 2013, and Windows Phone will have it sometime in 2014, while ''Zen Pinball 2'' was released in 2012 for the {{PlayStation 3}} and PlayStationVita, then later WiiU and {{PlayStation 4}} in 2013. These are upgrades to the original titles, with an improved game engine and support for more features. The games are backwards compatible with the originals, allowing owners to import their tables.

Zen's pinballs tend to be LicensedPinballTables, with properties from popular ComicBook and ScienceFiction assets. Although the playfield physics are realistic, the games also feature liberal use of VideoGame-only effects, such as wandering enemies to be destroyed with balls or attention-grabbing animations over the playfield.

'''Note''': As new Works pages are created for the various Zen Pinball tables, be sure to add them here and on the DigitalPinballTables page.

!!The following pinball tables are available for the various ''Pinball FX'' and ''Zen Pinball'' games:
* ''Earth Defense''
* ''Epic Quest''
* ''Excalibur''
* ''Mars''
* The ''Marvel Pinball'' series:
** ''Marvel Pinball'', a bundle of four tables:
*** ''Blade''
*** ''Iron Man''
*** ''[[VideoGame/SpiderManZenStudios Spider-Man]]''
*** ''Wolverine''
** ''Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles'', a bundle of four tables:
*** ''[[VideoGame/TheAvengersZenStudios The Avengers]]''
*** ''Fear Itself''
*** ''The Infinity Gauntlet''
*** ''World War Hulk''
** ''Marvel Pinball: Captain America''
** ''Marvel Pinball: Civil War''
** ''Marvel Pinball: Doctor Strange''
** ''Marvel Pinball: [[Selfdemonstrating/{{Deadpool}} ME!!!]]''
** ''Marvel Pinball: Fantastic Four''
** ''Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue'', a bundle of four tables:
*** ''Ghost Rider''
*** ''Moon Knight''
*** ''Thor''
*** ''X-Men''
* ''Ms. Splosion Man''
* ''Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Tribute''
* ''Nightmare Mansion''
* ''Paranormal''
* ''Pinball FX Classic'', a bundle of four tables:
** ''Speed Machine''
** ''Xtreme''
** ''Agents''
** ''Buccaneer''
* ''Pinball FX 2 Core'', a bundle of four tables:
** ''Biolab''
** ''Pasha''
** ''Rome''
** ''Secrets of the Deep''
* ''[[VideoGame/PlantsVsZombiesPinball Plants vs. Zombies Pinball]]''
* ''Rocky and Bullwinkle''
* ''VideoGame/SorcerersLair''
* The ''Star Wars Pinball'' series:
** The ''Star Wars'' three table bundle:
*** ''Boba Fett''
*** ''Star Wars: The Clone Wars''
*** ''Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back''
** The ''Balance of the Force'' three table bundle:
*** ''Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi''
*** ''Star Wars: Starfighter Assault''
*** ''Star Wars: Darth Vader''
** The ''Heroes Within'' four table bundle:
*** ''Han Solo''
*** ''Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope''
*** ''Star Wars Pinball: Droids''
*** ''Star Wars Pinball: Masters of the Force''
* ''Street Fighter II Tribute''
* ''Super League Football'' (with the following designs)
** Zen Studios F.C.[[note]]Default design that is not mentioned by name by the table's announcer; it is only referred to by the table's name. It is a fictional team based on the developer itself.[[/note]]
** Liverpool F.C.
** Arsenal F.C.
** Real Madrid C.F.
** FC Barcelona
** Juventus
** A.S. Roma
** A.C. Milan
* ''Zen Classics'', a bundle of four tables:
** ''El Dorado''
** ''V12''
** ''Tesla''
** ''Shaman''
!! ''Zen Pinball'' and ''Pinball FX'' contain examples of:
* DigitalPinballTables
* SerialEscalation: Each table from Zen has more complex rules than the last, to where ''Super League Football'' has a campaign spanning multiple tries at the table. The budget for audio has also increased, going from in-house acting to stock voice actors to bringing actors and announcers straight from the source material.
* ShoutOut: Zen Studios loves pinball, and it shows in their borrowing of physical objects present in notable pinball machines. Some are so similar in structure that they might as well be {{Spiritual Successor}}s.
** The plunger lane in ''Tesla'' is identical in structure to that of ''Pinball/TalesOfTheArabianNights''. It also has a mini-playfield with magnetic flippers much like the Powerfield in ''Pinball/TheTwilightZone''.
** The rotating block in ''Paranormal'' is based on The Bride in ''Pinball/TheMachineBrideOfPinbot'' and is put in the same location. The mini-playfield where the backglass would normally be comes from ''Pinball/BanzaiRun''. The Chupacabra captive ball functions very similarly to the Map Room in ''Pinball/IndianaJonesStern''.
** It is admitted on the blog that ''Super League Football'' is a WholePlotReference of ''Pinball/WorldCupSoccer''.
** The outlane gates in ''VideoGame/SorcerersLair'' functions just like the right outlane gate in ''Pinball/SpaceShuttle''.
** The levitating ball in ''Paranormal'' and ''Infinity Gauntlet'' is likely based off the levitating ball in ''Pinball/PinballMagic''.
** Chomper in ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombiesPinball'', when not used as a kickback, acts similarly to the cannon in ''Pinball/Terminator2JudgmentDay'' and ''Pinball/{{ACDC}}''. Hannibal's Payback Time bazooka in ''Blade'' has the same purpose.
** The semicircular captive ball lane in ''Captain America'' may have been based on the identical one in ''Pinball/BabyPacMan'', as it's also in the same location on the playfield. The Howlers' sinkhole, with its accompanying standup target, shares its structure and location with a scoop on ''Pinball/TheLordOfTheRings'' (which is in turn based on the Catapult up-kicker in ''Pinball/MedievalMadness'').
** The split-level design with a series of parallel rollovers just above the path sending the ball down in ''Extreme'' is a shared design element with ''Pinball/BlackKnight'' and ''Pinball/BlackKnight2000''.
* SignatureStyle: Most tables have the following in common:
** Three or more flippers.
** Narrow shots or wide but steep ramps.
** Side ramps that loop back to the same upper flipper.
** Multi-level playfields.
** Modes that do not stack (once an objective is asked, all other things are disabled and worth minimal points).
** Nearly all required modes are either multiballs or {{Timed Mission}}s.
** A lot of {{Spelling Bonus}}es.
** Very strong emphasis on ramps (always at least 3, with as many as 5).
** A playfield longer and wider than a normal machine.
** At least one multiball mode required to reach a WizardMode.
** Multi-stage wizard modes that are very hard to reach.
** Generous and easy-to-obtain ball savers.
** A kickback on both outlanes, activated by lighting an insert on the outlanes and inlanes.
** {{Skill Shot}}s requiring soft plunges.
** A cap of 10x end-of-ball bonus multiplier, with an extra ball given after that. On many tables, this is the only way of obtaining an extra ball.
** Flippers at a high angle when held, leading to easy ball catches.