A point-and-click adventure game developed by Pendulo Studios.

In New York City, homeless people seem to be vanishing left and right, only to be found immolated. Yet a strange "Y" shaped scar appears on seemingly unrelated people. The police are not giving much attention, so it is up to millionaire Henry White and his friend Cooper to begin to investigate these events. But that's only the start.

Later on, a man with a "Y" shaped scar named "John Yesterday" wakes up, after having apparently attempted suicide and being saved. What exactly did Henry White hire him for, and what is happening to these people? Find out in this adventure game released for PC and phones.

Visit the game's [[http://www.yesterday-game.com/ official site]].

'''This page contains enough spoilers to last [[{{Pun}} a lifetime]]. Be cautious!'''

'''Yesterday provides examples of''':

* AlchemyIsMagic: Well, it does grant you Immortality.
* AmnesiacHero: John, complete with a DarkAndTroubledPast, amazing fighting skills and a beautiful sidekick.
* AmnesiacsAreInnocent: John Yesterday is fairly sweet-natured and romantic if somewhat morose due to his amnesia...but this trope comes fully into effect when you consider his past lives as the demented Choke and the murderous Satanic cultist Miguel. Possibly a JustifiedTrope considering even Miguel [[EvenEvilHasStandards had problems with the cult sacrificing a child]].
* ArtStyleDissonance: The art is pretty, but much too cartoony for a horror game.
* BuriedAlive: The fate of either John or Henry
* BittersweetEnding: In Johns and Coopers endings, John and Pauline are both immortal, implied to happily live with each other forever. However, they will see each other [[WhoWantstoLiveForever die of old age again and again.]]
* ColdBloodedTorture: According to himself, Henry has killed John about 50 times in cruel and sadistic ways. He also mentions that John could do the same.
* {{Cult}}
* FateWorseThanDeath
* GuideDangIt: Zig-zagged. While there are moments that may be a little difficult for a player to figure out, if you play with items enough, eventually the game will give you a hint. However, some of these hints when you view them in order may seem out of context. Eg, the game tells you you need something that uses batteries, when the next hint does not tell you what you need them for.
* HeelFaceTurn: Cooper in one of the endings
* DrivenToMadness: Played for Drama with Boris, who went mad from losing his son.
* DepravedBisexual: Implied for Henry, with emphasis on "depraved".
* HollywoodNerd: Henry White appears this way at the start of the game.
* ICantUseTheseThingsTogether: Doesn't outright say it, but yes, the game does give you a "no" symbol if you can't use items together.
* JerkJock: Cooper is a refreshing aversion. Until you realize what exactly has happened after he rescued Henry White from a cult...
* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Henry. He's a sociopath and murder, but he did spend his youth helping the homeless, right? Well, no, he burned and tortured them. But at least he's always been a good friend to Cooper, his HeterosexualLifepartner with quite some HoYay. Well, until he shoots him with neither hesitation nor remorse.
* {{Leitmotif}}: Henry has a haunting tune that he whistles frequently.
* PoliceAreUseless: The police do not give much attention to the events.
* ReverseWhodunnit: You're told who the bad guys are in the prologue, the twist is why they do what they do.
* RoomFullOfCrazy: The very first scene in the game, shows walls painted with red color, possibly blood, multiple satanic symbols, and photos of multiple persons, with notes as "Torture" and "Dead?" Oh, and did we mention the flashes of screaming faces and their respective screams.
* ShoutOut: Later in the game, when Henry drinks the immortality elixir, he brings the elaborate cup they made John drink. John says "[[IndianaJonesAndTheLastCrusade A simple carpenter's cup will do.]]"
* StartOfDarkness: [[spoiler: Henry and Cooper]]
* SdrawkcabName: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frida_Kahlo Olhak Adirf]].
* SmartPeoplePlayChess: How does Henry avoid getting executed by a cult? Argues that because he is smart, they shouldn't kill him. How do they test his intelligence? Why... ask him what moves he should make in Chess. Justified in that Henry was specifically ''asked'' if he played chess before.
* SpoiledSweet: Henry White...or not.
* {{Unwinnable}}: Averted - It is impossible to get a game over.
* WhoWantsToLiveForever
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Henry's tendency towards this is used to try and turn [[spoiler:Cooper and Dr. Yesterday]] against him. Henry shoots them both before it can really happen.