''XS'' is a first-person shooter released by [=SCi=] and GT Interactive on December 31, 1996. While not a runaway success, the game introduced many aspects (like shielding) which were later used in games such as ''Unreal''.

The game is set in the far future during a gladiator-style blood sport. The main character was told about the event by an associate who is believed dead at the start of the game. The player has to fight through a number of rounds of free for all deathmatch-style combat, choosing a pair of weapons to use before the match begins. The battles are to the death with the corpses of the losers used as meat for fast-food burgers.


!!This VideoGame contains examples of:

* CrapsackWorld: Everything is dark and grim, bloodsport to the death seems a national pastime, and losers end up as burgers. It qualifies.
* DownerEnding: [[spoiler: After defeating all the enemies the player's associate reveals himself and murders the player, taking the prize money for himself.]]
* SoylentGreen: The final fate of those who aren't bad enough to win.