->''"I've built an amazing machine! It'll summon Heroes from other universes!"''
-->-- '''Nanus''' explaining the premise of the game.

In the world of Mamatoto, all countries have moving castles. Because their fortresses can move the countries constantly grapple for territory. Mamatoto is the last castle of Nanus' nation, and all his life they have been fleeing from bigger countries. Nanus dreams of a world where all the countries would be united, with an end to the constant fighting.

To this end, he uses the evil-looking Mamatoto castle, as well as his inventions, to conquer the world. To do this he invented a device that will allow him to summon soldiers from another dimension by utilizing summon ore. Because he seeks to unite the world as quickly and with the least killing possible, he aims to improve his army to the point where he has such overpowering numbers that his enemies would be forced to surrender. The game follows him building up his army by venturing through the Cross Cave seeking the summon ore that will fuel his machine and summon great heroes from other dimensions.

Widenyo is a [[VideoGameRemake widescreen remake]] of Mamanyonyo a MassiveMultiplayerCrossover StrategyRPG game featuring characters from past {{Alicesoft}} games including the Rance, Toushin Toshi and Dai series. The game is part of the Alicesoft 2010 collection and it has received a [[FanTranslation fan-translation]] which can be found [[http://www.mediafire.com/download/zk53qqissu7137c/widenyo_eng_v1.1.7z here]].

!!Widenyo provides examples of:

* AlternateContinuity: Shows up with the summoned characters from the Rance series. Most of them, Rance, Sill, Kanami, Shizuka etc, are from their appearances in the "What-if" game Kichikuou Rance, while some of the newer characters, like Kenshin and Senhime, are from the mainline game, Sengoku Rance, which is in a completely different continuity. It all fit's though, since the Idenyon summons from all of the three canon continuities.
* BleachedUnderpants: Unlike the original Mamanyonyo, Widenyo has no H-scenes.
* BloodKnight: Senhime of Sengoku Rance makes an appearance. She isn't as inconvenienced by being summoned as some of the other characters are.
* BoysLoveGenre: A couple of characters from AliceSoft's lesser know Alice Blue games also make an appearance.
* ChainmailBikini: With the sheer amount of female fighters, from an HGame company no less, it is to be expected that some show up, the most prominent examples being Milli and Leila from the Rance series.
* CriticalHit: There's not just one, but ''five'' different kinds of crits in the game with every character having a different percentage for each to activate. The five kinds are:
** The standard critical hit, which just boost damage.
** Dual Action, which gives the unit another turn.
** Relocation, that let's you place the enemy in a new location after the attack.
** Area, which expands the attack to a blast allowing you to hit multiple enemies.
** And lastly there's Counter, which makes the unit counterattack upon being hit and while it isn't technically a crit it's still counted in the same category
* [[CuteMonsterGirl Cute Monster Girls]]: As in most Alicesoft games, Gal Monster are present and are actually recruitable for once.
* EndlessGame: The ride never ends!
* ExcusePlot: While the original plot from Mamatoto gets hinted at, it doesn't really play a large role.
* {{Expy}}: Rick, Stolin, and Patton from Mamatoto are the expies of Rick Addison, Sanada Tourin, and Patton Misnarge from the Rance series, respectively. Stolin's fairly unique in how the Mamatoto version came first.
* ForcedLevelGrinding: The core gameplay element.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: Story wise all characters are summoned during their own respective adventures, yet they all join you at level 1.
* GreenAesop: Tiger Joe joins your company to teach you not to waste your resources. [[GameplayAndStorysegregation Not that he actually does anything about it.]]
* GridInventory: Every character gets a small one.
* HybridMonster: One of the usable characters is a half-Hanny.
* IdiotHair: Rizna shows up again and is immediately afraid that the residents of Mamatoto are tricking her.
* LargeHam: Tiger Joe is outrageously over the top. YouFool
* LeakedExperience: Although every character joins [[GameplayAndStorySegregation at level 1]] it's still present. XP, like in many other Alicesoft games, is an actual thing and [[JustifiedTrope because of a device]] [[TeenGenius the protagonist created]], no matter who defeats the {{Mooks}} all of the experience gets collected and can then be distributed at your leisure. This makes all the grinding a lot more manageable.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: There's 156 unlockable characters, and the primary goal of the game is collecting them.
* MightyGlacier: Characters like Red Death have high health, defense and attack power, but moves slower than most of the other fighters.
* [[{{Mook}} Mooks]]: Haniwa, Alicesoft's iconic mooks, appear as enemies.
* PantheraAwesome: Tiger Joe.
* PurposelyOverpowered: Rance is an absolute beast and is one of the only characters that have a S-rank in Talent. Given that he is the protagonist of {{AliceSoft}}'s flagship series and one of the most popular characters in eroge history, this makes sense.
** Not to mention the fact that this is Rance from the WhatIf continuity where he ''takes over the world''.
* RandomNumberGod
* RedBaron: There're two versions of Rick in the game. One is the alternate Mamatoto version of him and the other is the original Rick from the Rance World with his iconic red armor on, known just as "Red Death" in the game.
* RuleOfCute: Every character, no matter what they looked like in their original game, looks adorable in Widenyo.
* SmallGirlBigGun: Satsu, the heroine of Daiakuji, is a tiny schoolgirl who uses a multishot rocket launcher in battle.
* SuperDeformed: The main art style.
* UnexpectedCharacter: Alice-chan, the mascot of {{Alicesoft}} appears as one of the obtainable characters.
* VerbalTic: Multiple examples, but the most obvious one is Arietta's "Nyo" which the game uses in its title.
* {{Yakuza}}: Characters from Daiakuji too get pulled to Mamatoto by Nanus.