[[folder: Constructive Communication and Collaboration ]]

-->-- The Game's Tagline

''Way'' is an sidescrolling experimental game made by Coco & Co ([[FunWithAcronyms hence the tagline]]) about bonding with a complete stranger to complete a series of simple tasks. While this is far from the first time this concept has been tried (VideoGame/{{Portal 2}} famously employing it in co-op campaign), the game takes the concept to a whole new level by removing any form of spoken communication between players.

The game revolves around two players, a red Eskimo and a blue Arab, starting at the far ends of the map. After a brief bit of roaming around, the game splits into two screens, showing both the player and their companion. Using hand motions, simple grunts and facial expressions, players have to instruct their companion to complete tasks otherwise impossible to solve.

The game was famously played by LetsPlay/DeceasedCrab and can be found [[http://www.makeourway.com/ here]]. It is currently in a playable alpha stage and is available for free on PC and Mac.
!!Way provides examples of:
* CraniumRide: Once [[spoiler:both players have reached the center]] this is needed to solve a puzzle.
* EmoteAnimation: One for happiness, confusion and annoyance. Until they are interrupted,
* FeaturelessProtagonist: Averted to the extent that both characters have vague nationalities, but otherwise they are blank slates.
* HeroicMime: Both of them, though grunting is allowed.
* InvisibleBlock
** VisibleInvisibility: When standing on them or in the other player's shrine.
* [[ObviousBeta Obvious Alpha]]: It ''is'' in the testing stages, and while playable, offers little replayablity other than coaching other players. Which is sort of the point, after all...
* RagdollPhysics: The arms and head tend to spaz out when the mouse moves around.
* PressurePlate: Several of them.
* VideoGameCaringPotential: The very purpose.
** VideoGameCrueltyPotential: If you're feeling particularly cruel. You can even [[spoiler:crush your ally with a block!]]