[[caption-width-right:230:[[SarcasmMode Already this game is off to a good start.]] [[BrokenAesop In fact, you might even need to take some drugs just to tolerate this crap.]]]]
An unlicensed UsefulNotes/{{NES}} game from 1992 by American Game Cartridges designed to teach kids the dangers of drugs and alcohol, this stars Wally Bear, a TotallyRadical [[XtremeKoolLetterz sk8r boi]] who goes off to a party planned by his Uncle Gary Grizzly. Along the way he meets up with Toby Turtle, Priscilla Poodle and other FunnyAnimal friends.

This was developed in cooperation with the American Medical Association and the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI). There was even a toll-free phone number, 1-800-HI-WALLY, in which kids could hear a few phrases from their bear hero. Amazingly, it remained active until October 2007, 15 years after the game was released.
!!This game provides examples of:
* TheAggressiveDrugDealer: Ricky Rat and his (crack) rock-throwing minions.
* CrapsackWorld: Bomb ghettos, underground demon fortresses, snake caves, and every other building is half-blown up. And this is just if you want to go to your uncle's house.
* DrugsAreBad: If [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark Mr. Mackey]] designed a game, this would be it.
* EverythingTryingToKillYou: Dogs and birds and drug-pushing rats! [[Film/TheWizardOfOz Oh my!]]
* FreeRangeChildren: Wally Bear and the No Gang are allowed to go to Uncle Gary Grizzly's house alone. Wally's path a least goes through a demilitarized ghetto with people throwing bombs out their windows all day, a snake cave, and an underground demon fortress.
* FunnyAnimal
* HalfDressedCartoonAnimal: Neither Wally's dad nor his uncle [[{{Squick}} wear any pants]]. We wouldn't bring this up normally, but Wally himself does...
** [[WebVideo/JonTron "Ah, hey, Dad, uh, I know you like to live your life on the free-and-easy, but you think you could-uh, do away with the whole "no pants" thing 'til AFTER I leave?"]]
* OneHitPointWonder: Wally can only take one hit unless he carries a frisbee power-up.
* SensoryAbuse: The hideous apple wallpaper in Wally's living room, as seen above (which also has no furniture for some reason).
* SoundtrackDissonance: Everything is out to kill you as sleepy lullaby music plays. [[SarcasmMode Now that's the perfect way to set the mood]].
* TotallyRadical
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: The whole [[AfterTheEnd post-apocalypse]] theory is usually horribly overused, but Wally's trip to his uncle's house involves castles, decrepit ghettos, guys randomly throwing bombs, and a subway system that passes right through an underground snake fortress. Despite all of that, the ''only'' thing observed as weird in this world is substance abuse problems. At the very least, this is some sort of bizarre CrapsackWorld.
* WraparoundBackground: It's as if Creator/HannaBarbera designed the levels.
* WritingAroundTrademarks: The game was originally supposed to be called ''Wally Bear and the Just Say No Gang'', but former first lady Nancy Reagan already trademarked the phrase.
[[{{Tagline}} Stay Smart! Don't Start!]]

[[GratuitousSpanish ¡Dile que no! ¡Piensalo!]]