''Veil of Darkness'' is a horror-action-adventure game for the PC, which was developed by Event Horizon Software and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. in 1993. ''Veil of Darkness'' is a third person, 2D point-and-click adventure game with RPG elements featuring a fixed isometric perspective and a fair share of action-RPG style combat.

The Player assumes the role of a cargo pilot whose plane is shot down by a mysterious force while flying over a remote valley in Romania. A helpful village girl named Deirdre Kristoverikh rescues the Player from the crash and takes the Player to her father Kiril, who informs them that their arrival via plane crash marks them as the chosen one who is prophesized to destroy Kairn.

Kairn is the local vampire lord who long ago murdered his father and brothers so he could inherit control of the valley. Becoming a vampire, he's used his powers to cut off contact with the outside world. The valley rests in perpetual darkness or as the game’s title suggests a “veil of darkness” and the Player moves about the map, learning of new locations from the populace as you assist in various quests.

As Kairn has cut off all ways out of the valley, the only way the Player is going to leave is by fulfilling the Prophecy, an ancient curse put upon Kairn by his original source of power, a tome known as the Agrippa. The Player uses the Prophecy scroll as a guide and after bringing aid to many in the village, finally confronts Kairn at his fortress.

The Player defeats Kairn by performing a number of tasks that weaken the vampire to the point that a stake in the heart will kill him. The tasks are:

* Protecting themself from Kairn's hypnotic powers.
* Finding the sun box and releasing the light.
* Striking Kairn with a vial of holy water.
* Calling Kairn by his real name.
* Nailing his coffin shut.

Upon the destruction of Kairn, the Player and Deidre head for America via steamer ship.

!!This VideoGame contains examples of:
* BigBad: Kairn.
* LetsPlay: [=Spearhead51=] has a set of clips of this game on YouTube.
* SavageWolves: A lot of wolves surround the cargo pilot's plane, which is very unusual and disturbing.