[[caption-width-right:320:So many vectors!]]
''Vector Vendetta'' is a casual ShootEmUp game featuring {{vector|Game}}s. On the first screen, a trio of triangles circle around randomly, until you shoot them. On each subsequent screen, more vectors appear, and a new type of enemy is added. For instance, there's the Snipe, which stays on the edges of the screen and shoots at you, the Aster, which splits in two when hit, and eventually the BFG. Thankfully, some enemies drop little stars when killed, which invoke a ''{{VideoGame/Gradius}}''-like system of powerups that can increase your speed, defense, and firing power, or unleash a powerful one-shot weapon.

A freeware game by Creator/CrystalShard, it [[http://www.crystalshard.net/index.php?g=14 can be downloaded here]]. Perhaps surprisingly, it is created in ''Adventure Game Studio'', despite not containing any adventure game elements or indeed any sprites.

* AsteroidsMonster - the aptly named Aster.
* BackFromTheDead - the Schro.
* BulletHell - Xaos, Chell and Schro are particularly prone to this.
* ChekhovsSkill - the first powerup, Warp, isn't all that useful in normal levels, but is extremely helpful against the boss monster.
* DemonicSpider - the BFG.
* FlyingBrick - literally, the Brick.
* FinalBoss - the UAO.
* ImmuneToBullets - the Surge. Also, as long as a Prime is around, ''every other enemy''.
* InterfaceScrew - the Strobe occasionally blanks out your screen.
* InvincibleMinorMinion - the Brick.
* MookMaker - the Neumann. Also, the UAO creates a bunch of mooks when its eyes are shot.
* MookPromotion - the Wonk 2.0 and the Vulture are both upgrades of the first Wonk. Also, Chell is really an upgraded Snipe.
* MoreDakka - various powerups, particularly the chaingun and spreadfire.
* NoKillLikeOverkill - the Nuke weapon.
* OneHitKill - do ''not'' let the UAO grab you with its claw.
* ShoutOut - the [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} Chell]].
* SyntheticVoiceActor - who names your powerups, in case you're too busy with the enemies to pay attention to your status bar.
* TimedMission - stall too long, and the crosshair of doom will appear, and chase you until you die.
* TractorBeam - the Magnus.
* TurnsRed - when one of the UAO's eyes is shot, its others increase their rate of fire.