''Universal Monsters Online'' was a MultiplayerOnlineBattleArena which went live in 2012 and closed down the next year. As its name suggests, it takes place in the Franchise/UniversalHorror universe and puts players into the cloaks/bandages/excess body hair of old-school film monsters. These range from perennial classics to more obscure entries in the genre.

The playable characters include...
* Film/{{Dracula|1931}}
* [[Film/Frankenstein1931 Frankenstein's monster]]
* [[Film/TheWolfMan1941 The Wolf Man]]
* Film/{{The Mummy|1932}}
* Film/CreatureFromTheBlackLagoon
* Film/ThePhantomOfTheOpera
* Film/BrideOfFrankenstein (whose name in life is revealed to have been Madeleine Ernestine, continuity fans!)
* Film/TheInvisibleMan
* Film/DraculasDaughter, Countess Zaleska
* The Metaluna Mutant (from ''Film/ThisIslandEarth'')
* The [[Film/TheMolePeople Mole Man]] King
* Dan [=McCormick=], TheManMadeMonster
* Gwynplaine, Film/{{the Man who Laughs}}
* Film/WeirdWoman
* The Robot (from ''Film/ThePhantomCreeps'')

Some characters who showed up in the concept art...
* Ygor (from ''Film/SonOfFrankenstein'')
* [[Film/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame Quasimodo]]
* [[Literature/TheStrangeCaseOfDrJekyllAndMrHyde Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde]]
* Film/TheBruteMan
* The Lamian Queen (from ''Film/CultOfTheCobra'')
* Female Van Helsing
* Inspector Krogh (from Film/SonOfFrankenstein)
* Fritz, Dr Frankenstein's hunchbacked assistant (who appears to be in some sort of make shift mech suit made out of chains, wood, gates and fences)
!!This game provides examples of:
* AdaptationalBadass: [[Film/SonOfFrankenstein Inspector Krogh]] can be seen in the promo art. Only his [[ArtificialLimbs prosthetic arm]] has been upgraded to [[DropTheHammer a bionic hammer]]!
* AdaptationalVillainy: In their source material, Gwynplaine and the Mole Men were tragic characters. The Mole Men were abused, forcibly mutated, and enslaved, making their anger understandable. Gwynplaine is a completely good character who is one of the most noble characters in his story despite his grotesque appearance. Their bios play them up as more monstrous - Gwynplaine is implied to be murderous while the Mole People's backstory as slaves isn't mentioned.
* MonsterMash
* {{Mooks}}: Zombies and trolls.
* MythologyGag:
** [[http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_super/13/132947/4326274-3611590195-UMO_F.jpg Frankenstein's alternate skin]] bears a heavy resemblance to [[http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130907230001/p__/protagonist/images/3/3d/Frankensten%27s_Monster_%28Van_Helsing%29.jpg the version from]] ''Film/VanHelsing''.
** The Phantom of the Opera's default look combines elements of his traditional appearance with his ''Literature/TheMasqueOfTheRedDeath'' disguise (which is also his alternate costume).
* UnlockableContent: By earning money in the game the player is able to access items, costumes and unlockable monsters.
* YouDontLookLikeYou: Some monster designs are modeled closely around the film versions, while others take far more artistic license: Countess Zaleska looks completely different to her actress Gloria Holden, while the Man Made Monster is much more evil-looking than the unfortunate schmuck played by Creator/LonChaneyJr In some cases, the original designs are available as unlockable costumes.