[[caption-width-right:288: From here, [[OffModel the graphics only get worse]].]]

Released in 1996 for the DOS, ''Timeslaughter'' is a fighting game made by the largely comedic Creator/BloodlustSoftware, made partly to make fun of the surge of violent fighting games that followed ''Franchise/MortalKombat''.

Scientist William Spade is very close to completing a fully functional time machine, but has little time to celebrate when four members of a race of time-worshipping demons known as the Takar pay him a visit. Staine, the Dreg, the Surgeon, and the Butcher torture Spade within an inch of his life after he refuses to surrender the time machine before its completion. After losing both arms and his left eye, Spade manages to activate the time machine with his nose, sending the Takar back to where they came from, but causes a huge rip in the timestream in the process due to prematurely activating the machine.

As a result, combatants from unique time periods are zapped randomly from place to place, each with their own reason to fight - none of them knowing where they will go next. Spade rebuilds his body, renaming himself Portal, and is now more than ready to defend himself from anyone who might be warped to his plane of existence including the Takar.

Under the frankly ugly graphics, the core of ''Timeslaughter'' is surprisingly good if you consider it was made by just two people. A shareware FightingGame offering multiparallax backgrounds, 3D floors, a ton of digitized speech, blood that stayed on the ground, visible damage on the fighters, several levels of difficulty and speed... and was also quite smooth to play, wasn't really something you saw all days on DOS in the mid 1990s, unless you were dealing with the official conversions of ''Super VideoGame/StreetFighterII Turbo'' and the earlier episodes of ''Franchise/MortalKombat''.

A sequel was in the making but, due to RealLife schedules of the authors, [[VaporWare it's unlikely it will ever see the light]].
!!This game provides examples of
* AffectionateParody: Of violent Mortal Kombat clones.
** The characters are parodies of fighting game stereotypes and cliches. Aside from the Ug example below, Spice makes fun of [[MsFanservice busty female characters wearing little amounts of clothing]], and Savage is a meaner version of BoisterousBruiser characters like Zangief. Mojumbo, Pierre, Chi, and Lazarus are parodies of [[CaptainEthnic fighters whose personas and abilities are based on stereotypical views of their ethnicity.]]
* BloodyHilarious: The game tries to be as silly with its gore as possible.
* BonusBoss: If you finish all fights with the Slaughter move, and never use continues, you'll fight Staine before Portal.
* CaptainEthnic: Everyone with an identifiable ethnicity is a ''horrible'' stereotype of said ethnic group.
* ClusterFBomb: The victory quotes are all very heavy on the profanity.
* CreatorCameo: One of the creator's avatars is in the background in Asylum's level.
* {{Dracula}}: Vlad III is a playable character, mixing both his status as "the Impaler" and his identity as Dracula.
* EyeScream: one of the most infamous moments of the game, from the intro: Spade gets an eye removed with a drill. Even with the game's amateurish graphics, it's painful to look as it sounds.
* {{Expy}}: Ug is based on ''VideoGame/TimeKillers''' Thugg. Aside from their similar names, they both discover fire in their backstories.
* {{Fartillery}}: Mojumbo.
* FinishingMove: Slaughter moves, which more likely than not completely dismember the opponent.
* FishOutOfTemporalWater: The entire cast. Most endings show that they are unable to return to their original time, and how they adapt to the new situation. The results are, like the rest of the game, BloodyHilarious.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: Portal's time machine keeps drawing in different people (and... ''things'') during his fight.
* {{Gorn}}
* HandicappedBadass: Jinsoku is blind, but you'd rarely notice considering how well he fights.
** Buddy. Just... Buddy. He's a hidden character, but his Tardwagon charge is easily one of the most powerful moves in the game.
* HeadSwap: Hidden characters Buddy and Ravage are just bad sprite edits of Ug and Savage, with new heads and a few differencies in the moveset.
* HollywoodTourettes: Savage. Or atleast that's what he says.
* IdiotSavant: Ug the caveman isn't very bright. That's why he lets his club do the talking.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Savage.
* OverdrawnAtTheBloodbank: There WILL be a carpet of bloodstains on the floor by the end of any given round.
* OffModel: The drawings in this games are awful, to say the least.
* PowerBornOfMadness: Asylum can't even use his arms, and yet he's capable of killing people far stronger than he would normally be.
* ShoutOut: [[Film/{{Hellraiser}} A group of demons who torture a man so badly he's lost his sanity by the end of it.]]
** The title of the game is a clear nod to ''VideoGame/TimeKillers'', and the story of both games involves fighters taken from several points in time against their will (although the reasons for the happening are different).
* SplitPersonality: One moment Asylum's acting like [[Series/PeeweesPlayhouse Peewee Herman]], the next he's UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler.