An AncientRome-themed, RP-Enforced MUD, set in the low-magic world of Midlight, particularly in the monotheistic nation of Iridine. The game is supported by a combination of free feature-limited accounts, as well as two tiers of monthly paid accounts with different levels of benefits.

The unique skill system allows infinite customization of characters, from a Gladiator who spends his free time tending the wounds of the poor, to a world-weary Constable, patrolling the streets for criminal activity by day, but secretly runs a cell of the local Thieves Guild by night.

The game is currently managed by Skotos Tech, Inc, but was begun by now-defunct Worlds Apart Entertainment, which was purchased by Sony Online Entertainment in 2006, and became SOE-Denver. Skotos manages a number of other games, including other [=MUDs=], Online Card and Board games, and FourX space strategy.

The game's (admittedly dated, but still active) site is located here:
This game provides examples of:

* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer: Played completely straight, as the room descriptions and echoes explicitly state them to be the standard type of sewer.
* AncientRome: The inspiration for the majority of the playable setting. Exemplified most by Iridine.
* BrokenBase: Happens occasionally over sweeping changes. Largest instances were during the switch to Pay to Play in mid-2001, and during an overhaul to skill point acquisitions.
* CharacterLevel: Averted. Characters advance solely within individual skillsets, and can only increase their StatPoints by use of associated skills, or working on them intentionally at one of several training grounds.
* ControllableHelplessness: Get knocked unconcious by a bandit or other bad guy? You'll still be able to tell some of what's being done to your character.
* FantasyCounterpartCulture: Iridine is a stand-in for AncientRome. Other nations in Midlight are less clear, partially as they aren't available to play in, so it leaves players more wiggle room for backstory of their characters from those nations.
* InUniverseGameClock: Time passes in-game at about a 1:4 ratio, with an in-game hour passing roughly every 15 minutes.
* RepeatableQuest: New players are flagged for simple fetch quests which they can repeat as needed to get used to navigating the gameworld and for some starting cash. Expect to be outed as new when the 15th tired dockworker asks you to carry his crate of weapons for him.
* SwordAndSandal: You can purchase a gladius within sight of a Colosseum, then take a stroll past a few domi on the way to the Hospice, where there may be a wounded member of the Legion.