[[caption-width-right:224:Shoot things, and turn your ship into a Phoenix.]]

''Terra Cresta'', or ''The Cresta Series'' is a series of [[ShootEmUp Shoot 'em ups]] by Nichibutsu, that started with ''Moon Cresta'' in 1980.

In each game, you pilot a different ship. The main thing each ship has in common is access to various power-ups that increase your firepower, but often render you more vulnerable due to the increase in the size of your ship's hitbox. However, getting a part hit will not destroy your entire ship - Just destroy that part. The drawback here is that Power-ups have to be acquired in a certain order, which can make things a little frustrating for some.
!!This series provides examples of:

* CombiningMecha: A ''Combining spaceship''. Your power-ups are additional pieces of your ship, more often than not.
* CriticalExistenceFailure: [[AvertedTrope Averted]], if you have power-ups and an enemy shot hits a piece, only that piece will be destroyed.
* EndlessGame: ''Moon Cresta'' and ''Terra Cresta''
* NintendoHard
* SpiritualSequel: ''VideoGame/DangarUFORobo''. They both are by Nichibutsu, run on the same hardware, have the same art style, and involve modular protagonists.
* UnstableEquilibrium: The Power-up system is a bit unforgiving.