''Tempo'' is a Platform Game series created by Creator/{{Sega}} in cooperation with Creator/{{Red|Entertainment}} (the influence of previous ''Videogame/{{Bonk}}'' titles is noticeable), starring the eponymous cartoony music-loving grasshopper in a Band Land cutesy world, fighting against ants ruled by the evil Major Minor. The main goal is to collect musical notes and some treasures to score enough points to become rich. The series features gorgeous hand-drawn levels and sprites, in the same fashion of ''VideoGame/{{Rayman}}'' games.

However, the first installment, a launch title for the 32X hardware, being essentially a Sega Genesis game with some Mode 7-like BG effects, did not do well. Only the first two titles made it overseas, only to the US, as a consequence.

The series consist of the following titles:
* ''Tempo'' (32X): Released in Japan and US. The very first title. Tempo can GoombaStomp and attack using kicks and stunning projectiles.
* ''Tempo Jr.'' (GameGear): Released in Japan and US. A spinoff of the first game.
* ''Super Tempo'' (SegaSaturn): Japan only. Made by Aspect with some original Red Staff members. The last title of the series, it introduces Katy (Tempo's Girlfriend) as a playable character. Has more advanced level design, and introduces [[UnexpectedGameplayChange some shoot-em up phases, along with Rhythm Heaven-like minigames]].
!!This game provides examples of:
* AmericanKirbyIsHardcore: The US box art for the first game tried to make the main character look like a photo-realistic mutant grasshopper man (which is featured in the game, but only a still ending image), rippling with muscles and using kung-fu.
* AscendedMeme: Super Tempo made it to the third game as a transformation.
* FinalBoss:
** In the third game, you get to battle [[ZergRush 'eight']] [[EvilKnockoff evil clones]] of Tempo and Katy, including two in their Super Forms, named "Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do". Their WeakSpot? Their names floating above their heads.
** You then get to battle the Giant-Eyed Fortress housing the final level, by combining Tempo Super Form with his EvilUpgrade mask, to transform into a giant mecha.
* GoombaStomp: Present in the first game, but not in the Saturn sequel.
* HaveANiceDeath: In the first game, there are various death animations. You also get to hear the crowd laughing at you if you die. And if you lose to a boss, then you'll have watch its victory dance and theme song.
* HubLevel: In the first game only.
* InvincibilityPowerUp: With the silliest song ever for such a powerup (then again, wouldn't you avoid someone blasting yodelling music?). While not invincible, a secondary CD will grant additional flight.
* TheMaze:
** The final level in all three games consist of a big maze-like elevator. However, in the first game, during to a programming oversight, you must grind musical notes a lot to get the beter endings.
** Combined with a BossRush in the third game.
* MediumBlending: Not only are there hand-drawn sprites in this game, but photorealistic and pre-rendered 3D sprites as well.
* MultipleEndings: Depending on your final score in the first game, Tempo and Katy can win a pair of underwear, a frying pan, a guitar, a trip to an island resort, or a house to raise a family in.
** Earlier prototypes gave a lot more points out, balanced enough to make the good ending achievable but still difficult. Unfortunately, when they lowered the point value, they forgot to alter the ending requirements, meaning half of the endings are impossible to get without grinding for up to ''6 hours.''
* ScoringPoints: In the first game, the AWinnerIsYou picture you get depends on how many points you have.
* UnexpectedGameplayChange:
** The third level in the Sega Saturn sequel consists of a shoot-em' up sequence with Caty, where you can choose out of ten levels where you'll play. It is surprisingly NintendoHard. A similar sequence exist in Level 5, with giant pizzas in space and a music quiz.
** Three silly rhythm games are to be found in the Game Center.
* VariableMix: When you rescue Katy, an extra track is added to the background music.
* VictoryPose: Tempo has a little dance he does after beating a boss. It changes if Katy is with him. Bosses also do this.