->''[[TrollingCreator "This game is made by a man who hates videogames."]]''
--> -- Intro text

''Takeshi no Chousenjou'' (Takeshi's Challenge) was a 1986 troll VideoGame on the Famicom, made by Creator/{{Taito}} under the direction of Japanese comedian Creator/TakeshiKitano, known as ''Beat Takeshi''. The player controls a despondent {{salaryman}} that must go through a lot of tribulations to find great riches.

The game does anything it can to annoy the user, such as making him sing with the second controller's microphone, press a button for hours, [[BossInMookClothing hitting the same enemy thousands of times]]... all while being attacked by hard-to-avoid enemies. The player can beat people up, get fired and divorced, [[INeedAFreakingDrink drink until he passes out]], and learn new skills.

The game sold only 800,000 copies in its lifetime and made available in Japan's Virtual Console for the {{Wii}} in 2009. LetsPlay/DeceasedCrab has also done a LetsPlay of the game [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvglwFi_OEU here]]. JonTron has also done [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6MIlJYiJUs a review of it]].
!!This game includes examples of:

* AWinnerIsYou: Naturally. Specifically, it's a picture of Takeshi's face and the lone word "Amazing!", and if you wait long enough for something else to happen, he chastises you for taking the game seriously.
* BlackComedy
* BossInMookClothing
* ClassicVideoGameScrewYous: In the hang-gliding section, you need to hit gusts of wind to increase your altitude. Shooting a gust of wind ''destroys it''.
* ClusterFBomb: There is no attempt at censoring in the game, so you will be cursed out regularly and you can curse out people as well.
-->''[if the player sucks at Karaoke]'' THAT WAS SHIT. GET OUTTA HERE.
-->''[shouting too loudly into the microphone]'' SHUT UP, YOU DICK!
* EverythingTryingToKillYou: For whatever reason, the whole world is conspiring to see Takeshi Kitano dead.
* GuideDangIt: ''The entire game.'' In fact, an official strategy guide was released alongside the game, but it wasn't enough, so another was published not too long after.
* INeedAFreakingDrink: You can drink until you get completely hammered.
* InfantImmortality: Averted. You can beat up your own children in the game and kill them (insofar as any character in the game dies.)
* PressStartToGameOver: Choose the 'punch' option when prompted to enter your name and the game ends before it even starts.
* MagicalAsian: Ruthlessly parodied when one shows up to give you the paper that turns out to be a map to hidden treasure. [[CrossesTheLineTwice The player ends up beating him to death in the middle of the bar]].
** He functions as a KaizoTrap, predating the TropeMaker.
* MoonLogicPuzzle: Tons. Good luck figuring out that you need to dip that piece of paper you get in water when any sane human being would just read it as is.
* NintendoHard: Kinda speaks for itself really. If you die at any time, ''you go straight back to the beginning of the game!'' You will die so many times on the hang-gliding section. The game is ''evil.'' Also, this is a Nintendo game? That's pretty... surprising.
* OneHitPointWonder: You turn into one of these in the hang-gliding segment. One minor graze? Back to the start!
* {{Salaryman}}: The PlayerCharacter at the beginning of the game.
* StealthParody: Granted it's about as stealthy as a grizzly bear armed with chainsaws crashing a jeep into your living room.
* StepfordSmiler: You've got to hand it to the Salaryman for being so upbeat all the time.
* StupidityIsTheOnlyOption: Getting drunk, unemployed, and divorced are needed to progress.
* StylisticSuck: The game is purposely designed to piss off anyone who plays it. It's clear that had the creators genuinely wanted to make a good game, they could have.
* TakeThatAudience: The entire concept of the game is to annoy and piss off the player in every way possible and then have the creator himself in the ending screen tell the player that beat the game to stop taking the game so seriously.
** The game also calls you out if you start yelling or swearing into the microphone, telling you to shut up.
* ThrowTheDogABone: Once you get to the hotel, you can actually restore your hearts. You're gonna need them.
* TrialAndErrorGameplay: Let's put this in perspective. The very first thing you have to do is ignore the very first conversation option in the game (who is right next to your spawn point), walk all the way out of the building, run straight for the bank (dodging Yakuza mooks) and empty your bank account. If you do ''any''thing else, you will probably run out of either money or health.
* VillainProtagonist: While a lot of the more assholish things are done only of the player's volition, the game still requires a lot of outright villainous things to be done (see the WouldHitAGirl example below).
* ViolenceIsTheOnlyOption: You can punch everybody and in many cases, it will help you advance in the game! You can punch your wife and kids! [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids You can end up murdering them if you really want to!]] Yay!
* [[WaitingPuzzle Wait to Dry a Piece of Paper]]
** [[GuideDangIt Unless you]] [[spoiler:yell into the microphone between five to ten minutes after you get the paper wet - too early or too late and you ruin it.]]
* AWinnerIsYou: The ending screen does not give you a real ending so much as it shows Creator/TakeshiKitano's cartoon face, and the words ''Amazing'' and "The End". If the player waits a few minutes afterwards, [[TakeThatAudience he calls you out]] on taking this "crappy game" seriously enough to actually finish it through.
* WouldHitAGirl: Attacking hostesses at one point is also necessary to proceed.
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: You can beat your own wife and children to death in the game. WebVideo/JonTron was suitably horrified when he found out.
--> '''JonTron''': Also I'd just like to point out that there is a licensed Nintendo game WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN IT!!
* {{Yakuza}}: A type of enemy in the game. You can beat them up.