'''''Stranded''''' is a [[FreewareGames free]] game series from German developer [[http://www.unrealsoftware.de/ Unreal Software]]. It consists of two games, Stranded and Stranded 2. The first game was released in a German Blitz Basic forum on the 8th of June 2003 while the sequel in 2008. Your main objective in this game is to survive the shipwreck that left you [[TitleDrop stranded]] on a deserted island. You can make tools, hunt, forage for food, and build shelters etc. to increase your chance for survival. The ultimate objective is, of course, to build a transport main to escape the island.

In late 2012, the development of [[http://stranded3.com/ Stranded 3]] has started. The game will have a [[LevelEditor map editor]] for the first time in the series. Despite the similar premise, these games are not related to ''VideoGame/StrandedDeep''.

!!This video games provide examples of:
* ArtisticLicensePaleontology: Not-so-extinct Film/JurassicPark velociraptors? Sure why not.
* BottomlessBladder: Despite the presence of various StatMeters within the game mechanic, there is surprisingly no "bladder meter" of any sort.
** However, there is an edible item in the game that can cause your player character to poop on the spot. The resulting "excrement" (the item's name) can be picked up and be used as a poison inducing ammunition for your slingshot. [[{{Squick}} Ew]].
* ColourCodedForYourConvenience: The poisonous mushrooms are colored green to indicate their poisonous property.
* CompanionCube: If you managed to find a volleyball, you'll be able to craft [[Film/CastAway Wilson]]. You can actually use him in your inventory to interact with him and he'll "respond" to you.
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: You can build Monkey School and train them to do chores.
** Subverted with Claw Monkeys.
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs: You can tame a velociraptor and ride on them like a horse.
* EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks
* FishingMinigame: Fish is one of your sources for food.
* GameMod: Massive Mod for 2 that enhance the game but makes the game a bit more difficult.
* HyperactiveMetabolism: Your character can get hungry, thirsty, and/or tired pretty fast. More so if you're pretty active and doing a lot of manual labor.
* ItemCrafting: You can craft a quite lot of items. Even entire buildings and a couple of seafaring crafts.
* ItemFarming: From mining, foraging, hunting, fishing to literal farming.
* MindScrew: At first the game's adventure mode's storyline seems like your average "guy stranded on a deserted island" type stories but then [[spoiler:the pirate with an invisible boat appears... It gets quite screwy from there.]]
* MiniGame: There are two preset scenarios in Stranded 2: One is a [[TowerDefense tower defense]] type of mini-game. The other one is a color game similar to SimonSays.
* MisplacedWildlife: [[PantheraAwesome Lions]] on tropical island?
* MookMaker: There are things in the game that spawn animals. Most of which spawn hostile creatures and usually in the form of nests. If you leave it be, there will be another one of those critters you just killed the next day, maybe even more.
* NobodyPoops: Except when you eat a plum fruit.
* OxygenMeter: Whenever your player character dives underwater.
* PlayerCharacter: The unseen yet vocal protagonist of the series. Otherwise known within the Stranded community and in the game files as "Mr. Stranded".
* PoisonMushroom: There are many kinds of mushrooms within the game. One of which is poisonous.
* RandomlyGeneratedLevels: The game's Random Island mode. Choose an island type (like snow, swamp, desert or the default tropical), map size and difficulty level and you're all set.
* {{Robinsonade}}: The Games.
* ShoutOut: In 2 you can actually craft [[Film/CastAway Wilson]] and name a starfish [[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants Patrick]].
* SimulationGame
* SurvivalSandbox: The UrExample.
* WideOpenSandbox
* WizardNeedsFoodBadly: This is a game about survival. You will need to worry about your hunger, thirst and fatigue/tiredness or else you'll lose health and die.
* VideoGameTime: Everything happens a lot faster. Time stops when you're in the inventory screen and sleep is instant as you will wake up the next day after you've slept for less than a second.