''[[http://www.storyteller-game.com/ Storyteller]]'' is a forthcoming game for PC, Mac and {{iOs| games}} by Daniel Benmergui, the author of ''VideoGame/TodayIDie''. It is an expansion of a [[http://www.kongregate.com/games/danielben/storyteller much simpler proof-of-concept flash game]]. The unfinished demo version received the Nuovo Award at the 2012 Independent Games Festival.

This is a game where you literally grab tropes and build a story out of them.

On each level, you are given several comic panels, with characters and props you can drop in, and a one sentence summary of the plot you must construct. The characters and objects have traits that determine how they interact. For instance, a "faithful" character that falls in love in the first panel cannot betray their beloved later.

As you drop the characters and objects in, a narrative of the overall story is constructed and modified. You must satisfy the requirements of the summary (and sometimes the character traits make this tricky,) but have a wide range of leeway in how the exact details of each plot will go. You can end up with HappilyEverAfter, LoveHurts, DrivenToSuicide, LukeIAmYourFather, AndThenJohnWasAZombie -- sometimes all of these in a single story.