''Spike's Peak'' is a PlatformGame by Creator/{{XONOX}}, released in 1983 for the {{Atari 2600}} and UsefulNotes/VIC20 as part of their "double-ender" series of two-game cartridges, and in 1984 for the {{Commodore 64}}. Written by Lawrence Holland, who would go on to create ''VideoGame/XWing''.

You play Spike, out to climb a [[DeathMountain mountain]]. First, you walk through the Meadows, jumping over {{bears|AreBadNews}} and [[GrimyWater muddy waterfalls]], and hiding from [[AirborneMook eagles]] by ducking into caves. Then you climb up the Rocky Ledge, dodging [[HomingBoulders rockslides]] and a [[LedgeBats boulder]] that flies back and forth across the screen. Then you walk or climb through the Ice Cap, dodging avalanches and the [[BigfootSasquatchAndYeti Abominable Snowman]]. Finally, you walk to the peak and plant your flag.

Along the way, you [[ScoringPoints score points]] by reaching higher altitudes, collecting [[FollowTheMoney gold and ice diamonds]], and killing the Snowman with your [[PowerfulPick ice pick]]. Getting hit by rocks or avalanches can take away points. [[EveryTenThousandPoints Every hundred thousand points]], you get an extra [[VideoGameLives life]], for a maximum of three.

!!''Spike's Peak'' provides examples of:

* AirborneMook: Eagles.
* AttractMode
* BearsAreBadNews
* BigfootSasquatchAndYeti
* BottomlessPits: The boulder will knock you down these. One of the earliest examples in video games.
* CheckPoint: The Rocky Ledge and Ice Cap.
* CollisionDamage: Bears, eagles, the boulder, and the Snowman.
* CorridorCubbyholeRun: The Meadows. The path is the corridor, the eagles are the threat, caves are the safe zones, and the bears give you advance warning of the eagles - when they are both in caves, one above the other, eagles are coming.
* CriticalAnnoyance: When you get too cold.
* CrouchAndProne: In the caves in the Meadows.
* DeathMountain
* DifficultyLevels: You can adjust the difficulty with the Atari's difficulty switches.
* EndlessGame: If you reach the summit, Spike lies down for a rest, then walks down the mountain to do it again.
* EveryTenThousandPoints: Or rather, hundred thousand points, an extra life.
* EverythingTryingToKillYou: Bears, birds, waterfalls, a flying boulder, and the Abominable Snowman. You can also freeze to death in caves in the Meadows or by running out of time on the Ice Cap or the peak.
* FakeTrap: Cactus on the Rocky Ledge.
* FollowTheMoney: Gold on the Rocky Ledge, and ice diamonds on the Ice Cap.
* {{Game Level}}s: Five, one screen each: The start of the trail, the Meadows, the Rocky Ledge, the Ice Cap, and the peak.
* GameOver
* TheGoldenAgeOfVideoGames
* GrimyWater: Waterfalls in the Meadows.
* HealThyself: The ice diamonds on the Ice Cap replenish your body heat.
* HitPoints: Your body temperature. It's shown as a LifeMeter, and falls when you hide in a cave in the Meadows, or with time on the Ice Cap and the peak.
* HomingBoulders: Rockslides and avalanches.
* Instant180DegreeTurn
* LedgeBats: The boulder.
* OneHitPointWonder
* PlatformGame
* PowerfulPick: You can kill the Snowman with your ice pick.
* ScoringPoints
* SideView
* SpaceFillingPath: The Meadows, Rocky Ledge, and Ice Cap. On the last two, you can avoid the path and climb straight up.
* SkippableBoss: The Snowman. Just move off the path a little and he walks right past.
* VideoGameLives: Three.