[[quoteright:256:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/spasim_3395.png]]''Spasim'' (short for ''Space Simulation'') is the first [[UsefulNotes/PolygonalGraphics truly 3D]] videogame, as well as the first true 3D online multiplayer game. It was written by Jim Bowery for the [[UsefulNotes/MainframesAndMinicomputers PLATO Network]] in 1974. It was inspired by ''[[VideoGame/PLATOEmpire Empire]]'', and like ''Empire'', used ships and weapons based on ''Franchise/StarTrek''.

''Spasim'' is a FirstPersonShooter for up to 32 players, in four teams of up to 8 players each. The first version was a simple ShootEmUp with [[RayGun phasers]] and torpedoes. The second version added home planets, space stations, and resource management. Teams had to work together in order to reach a distant planet filled with resources, while preventing rebellions on their home planets.

''Spasim'' inspired Silas Warner to write a 3D dogfighting game called ''Airace'', which evolved into Brand Fortner's ''Airfight'' and then into Sublogic's ''Flight Simulator'' (now ''Microsoft Flight Simulator''). It also inspired John Edo Haefeli to write a tank game called ''Panther'', which evolved into Creator/{{Atari}}'s ''VideoGame/{{Battlezone|1980}}''.

!!''Spasim'' provides examples of:
* FirstPersonShooter: Originally a simple multiplayer ShootEmUp, more depth was added later.
* PlayerVersusPlayer: Up to 32 players in four teams of eight players.
* UsefulNotes/PolygonalGraphics: The [[TropeMakers Trope Maker]] for true 3D videogaming, as opposed to the FauxFirstPerson3D of ''VideoGame/MazeWar''. ''Spasim'''s graphics are very simple, wireframe without hidden line removal.
* RayGun: Phasers.
* ShoutOut: Ships and weapons from ''Franchise/StarTrek''.