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''Space Harrier'' is a 1985 Creator/{{Sega}} shooting game set in the Fantasy Zone, the part that is the land of dragons.

The player controls a man with blond hair, red jacket, blue pants and a jetpack doubling as a laser cannon, who fights alien creatures while zooming towards the horizon at blisteringly fast speeds over highly colorful landscapes.

The original arcade game was built on a version of the powerful "Super Scaler" hardware Sega had introduced in ''Hang-On'' and would use again in ''AfterBurner'' and ''ThunderBlade''. Considered to contain extremely cutting-edge gameplay for its' time, the game was met with universal critical acclaim, but was criticized by some for its' Main/NintendoHard difficulty. Cited by many as the game that first popularized the third-person and rail shooter genres later adapted by titles up to and including Nintendo's Main/StarFox, Creator/HidekiKamiya of {{Creator/Capcom}} and Creator/PlatinumGames fame has cited it as a major inspiration for going into video game development.

Two console sequels were produced in the late 1980s: ''Space Harrier 3-D'', which used the UsefulNotes/SegaMasterSystem's [=SegaScope=] 3D system, and ''Space Harrier II'', one of the launch titles for the [[UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis Sega Genesis/Mega Drive]].

In 2000, Sega attempted a reboot with ''Planet Harriers'', a ''VideoGame/PanzerDragoon''-like game featuring an all-new cast; this was an UsefulNotes/ArcadeGame that never made it to consoles.

Currently, the game is available for download on the {{Nintendo 3DS}} via the Nintendo [=eShop=], in the form of ''3D Space Harrier''. Unlike ''Space Harrier 3-D'', which requires special glasses for the 3D mode, ''3D Space Harrier'' utilizes the [=3DS=]'s native 3D capabilities to achieve a 3D display without the need for external peripherals.
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* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler: In ''Space Harrier II'', TheHero has defeated his EvilCounterpart and peace is restored on Fantasy Land. However, there is a chance that another evil being like the Dark Harrier will rise to threaten the peace in the galaxy, so our hero resolves to keep fighting]].
* BonusStage: Stages 5 and 12 have you [[DragonRider leap onto a friendly dragon]] and score points by flying into everything in sight.
* BossRush: The eighteenth and final level (Absymbel) is solely a parade of six of the previous bosses, except that [[BossSubtitles now they get names]].
** TrueFinalBoss: Haya Oh, a pair of twin flaming dragons who are about as fast as the incoming obstacles in the tunnel stages, if you clear the stage with no deaths.
*** In the Master System version, once you reach Valda a castle scrolls in from the side of the screen. The instant you beat him, the castle crumbles, the background turns red, and you fight Haya Oh.
*** BonusBoss: In the [=PS2=] remake, this is how Haya Oh is fought instead. If you keep shooting after defeating Valda, you will be transported to Stage 19 and play 4 more stages until Stage 22, where Haya Oh will appear.
** In ''Space Harrier II'', after you complete all 12 stages, you face a rush of the stage bosses, followed by the unexpected appearance of [[spoiler: the Dark Harrier]].
* {{Cyclops}}: One-eyed woolly mammoths.
* DragonRider: You get to ride the good dragon Uriah during the {{bonus stage}}s [[spoiler:and the ending]].
* EenieMeenieMinyMoai: Moai are featured fairly prominently, mostly during level 2 (Geeza).
* EvilCounterpart: [[spoiler: The Dark Harrier from ''Space Harrier II'', who's got the same abilities as TheHero. Bonus points because he's the FinalBoss]].
* {{Expy}}: Trimuller, the first boss from ''Space Harrier II'' is a stand-in for Gamera, right down to looking just like a giant tortoise monster and its spinning movement. There's also the [[MechaMooks Ric Doms]] from ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam'' who appear to harass [[TheHero our hero]].
** Another boss in ''Space Harrier II'' looks similar to eyewitness reports of the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flatwoods_monster Flatwoods Monster]].
* FungusHumongous: Giant psychedelic mushrooms in stages 3 (Amar) & 10 (Minia).
* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere: In ''II'', [[spoiler: the Dark Harrier isn't even mentioned in the manual and comes completely out of nowhere]].
* MadeOfExplodium: The frickin' ''clouds and bushes'' explode when shot, for cryin' out loud!
* MercyMode: In the original, a dipswitch setting grants the player infinite lives for the first 60 seconds of the game.
* OneHitPointWonder: Hit an obstacle or projectile, and you lose a life. (Exception: Some obstacles just slow you down as you plow through them.)
* SharedUniverse: With FantasyZone.
* SegmentedSerpent: The dragons.
* SinisterGeometry: Animated icosahedra called Binzbeans.
* VanityWindow: The UsefulNotes/AtariST and MS-DOS ports of the game have a [[http://www.mobygames.com/game/atari-st/space-harrier/screenshots/gameShotId,182146/ large logo]] taking up the right side of the screen at all times.
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