''Space Duel'' is an arcade game released in 1982 by Atari Inc.. It is a direct descendant of the original {{Asteroids}}, with asteroids replaced by colorful geometric shapes like cubes, diamonds, and spinning pinwheels. Shoot all objects to complete a level. ''Space Duel'' is the first and only multi-player interactive VectorGame by Creator/{{Atari}}. When ''VideoGame/AsteroidsDeluxe'' was greenlighted, ''Space Duel'' was shelved. When that game did not sell well, this game was taken off the shelf and released to moderate success.

This game is a two-player color version of ''Asteroids''. It has two different modes of play: competitive and team. In competitive mode, each player competes for points. Players can shoot each other for bonus points, but they don't lose a ship. In team mode, the two players are attached together by a tether. Each player's ship can move and shoot independently while still being attached.
!!''Space Duel'' has examples of:

* AsteroidsMonster: Here they're cubes and "fuzzyballs".
* EverythingTryingToKillYou
* NintendoHard
* PaletteSwap
* PlayerVersusPlayer
* ShootEmUp
* VectorGame
* ZergRush